Things I Love Thursday: Easy Desserts and Other Fun Stuff

Happy Thursday, y'all. Gosh these Thursdays come in hot. 

I love this little creative and fun space of writing and oversharing that has become a weekly time to check in with folks. The messages and texts from friends and strangers alike are the best. As a SAHM it's a needed check-in with the outside world to me. Just realizing, I guess I could just pick up the phone and say hi. Leave it to me to complicate things. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Thanks for playing along. And thank you for bearing with the Shopify blog snafu of last week. Taking this post to stories wasn't likely ideal for any of us, but it got the job done. 

And the pictures of all y'all getting those dern oranges were LIFE GIVING. All I ask is that if you don't get sick this Winter, please give a shout out to the soar in your Vitamin C levels to the beloved cara cara orange. 

This week's lineup is solid. I think I'm sharing a few things for a second time, but that's not considered cheating/lazy/overkill. 

It's simply a reminder. 

Without further ado....


Click the links in PINK below to be slingshot into cyber shopping and searching to learn more, purchase, share, whatever.


Due to poor planning, I found myself in a dessert pinch last Sunday. 

But one simple Pinterest search later, and I was well on my way to adding this gem to my arsenal of dessert keepsakes. Oddly I had all of the ingredients on hand, which I quickly deemed as the Lord showing favor on me. 

Chocolate Pecan Cobbler, 

You were so good to us.

Give it a try. Church it up with some a la mode (vanilla) and bedazzle with chocolate and caramel dribblers just to show out to your company. And yes, you will want to serve this to company. Otherwise, you're eating the whole thing and will have to lie to your fitness accountability partner. 


This is a reshare. A reminder. A shout out to fellow phone droppers. 

We all have our talents. And dropping phones is mine. 


Purchased 3 times. Four if you count last week just after taking that screenshot. 

Sixteen busted screens. 

Jack shares these, and I think I gave one to a friend, but still. 

I'm a screen protector shatterer of the highest order. 

But at least it's not the screen itself. 

And they're $6. For a 4 pack. 

Almost as good as the 2pack of Boberry biscuits for $Doesn'tMatterIt'sWorthIt.


Strolled into the Tanger outlet with an attitude problem last week trying to find pants for myself, but wound up with this Clearance score for the oldest growing man child at Banana Republic. 

As of last night at approx. 10:30pm, this was in stock in most sizes and is $13.99 when you add to cart. 

Comes in other colors, but the Navy works with the school dress code, so boom. It's a medium weight, quality pullover, and you cannot beat the price. 

Also, for those of you like me who will hear a story and focus on a minor and pointless detail, the answer is no. I didn't find any pants. Feel free to share. I have jeans, leggings and sweatpants. When I'm going to dinner with friends or something, I'm always in a bind. Help me. Send me something good. Preferably black. 


Got influenced on this one from rando IGer, and I don't feel any shame. 

Nor should you. 

Super soft. Other colors. Boxy fit. Front tuck friendly. 

Pairs well early morning swim practice drop offs, sitting in passenger seats while drinking coffee and typing this blog. As I have been doing since 5:30am. I even turned the seat heaters off because this sweater was doing it's sweatering job. 

This is how it should look and will surely look on all of you:


Another repeat reminder, but I believe the last time this was shared it didn't have an app and was just a desktop wonder. But I'm too fatigued to do any research on that, and I'm just going to say I double love it. Hence the reshare. 

Plan to Eat Perks are as follows:

1. You can add recipes manually OR copy a web link and the ingredients, directions, etc. will autofill into the site. If there's a picture associated with it, you can tag that on there as well. 

2. Recipes are categorized as you choose for easy finding. From there you can drag and drop them onto a calendar for simple meal planning. 

3. The grand finale is hitting the "shop" button where the ingredients you're planning for the week are autofilled into a print out sheet, organized into their grocery store location. 

4. Bonus feature. You can follow friends on the app and see their recipes as well. Yay!

I don't know what I was thinking, but for a short time, I let my subscription expire on this. Revived it at Christmas and have been reminding myself how awesome it is ever since. Saves me time and money every week. 

Con: You gotta pay for it. 

Hint: It is always half off on Black Friday if you want to wait that long. 

Another hint: I like to add "School Lunches" to the app like it's a recipe and then just log in what we need for a week's worth of school lunches. Same idea for "Weekly Snacks" and "Weekly Breakfast."


This just came in yesterday and I opened about four bags just to seal them shut. 

Works like a charm. 

Yes, chip clips work well, too. But for whatever reason, my little two are obsessed with them, and take them over as their own. Found one in the lawn the other day. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Enjoy your day, folks!

Make it a good one!

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