Things I Love Thursday: Tunes, Hats and Lovin Like Jesus Does

Happy Thursday, party people. 


It's not even noon, and already I've shoveled up some unidentifiable innards of an animal that the barn kitty demolished and tossed them into the woods. 


Suffice it to say, things get weird around here quickly. 


Let's turn this Thursday ship around, shall we? 


If you're new to TILT posts, here's the rundown: 


I share some stuff that makes my life either more fun or more convenient. Usually with some drama thrown in the mix. 
Links to these lovelies can be found when you click the BOLD PINK FONT LABEL above each product. 


There are thousands of speakers out there, so I'm not sure if this one is THE BEST EVER EHRMERGERRRSH. But it happens to be the one that I have and love. 

Technically Jack bought this a while ago with his own money, and I'm just on a long term rental agreement. He's also at that age where airbuds are life because listening to Mom and little brothers is death. 

This little guy is my painting table companion, beach buddy, lake lounging bestie that drops the fresh beats for hours and hours hours. 

Color options. Waterproof. Great sound. Long lasting battery. 


Okay. This one might not hit the same as other TILT goodies, but if you're looking to get fitter, get a jump rope. 


It sounds a little grade school, but you can elevate your heart rate and wet those pants in a matter of seconds with this. 


But don't get all motivated because you have some pounds to drop and remember being good at jump rope in the third grade, blitz it to Target and get some janky rope. 


Get this rope. 

Lightweight. Great spin. Grippy handles. Makes a cool whirling sound. 
If you think I'm just one of those weirdo cult members of Crossfit, you're right. 


But also, READ THIS



When my little boys screamed, "I only want to wear Under Armour FORRREVVVVERRRRR!", Walmart was listening and made these polos in a similar fabric that makes dressing for school each morning at least 2% more pleasant that normal. 

I'm going to move along to the next item before I remember school is slated to happen, but might not happen, and might shouldn't happen, and if it does happen will happen with masks and social distancing and dumb and yuck and pleasemakeitstop. 



If you haven't read any Bob Goff books, you're honestly missing out. I was convinced after Everybody Always that he was, indeed, a real life unicorn. 

Step aside, Eric Church. There's no fluff here. Bob Goff loves like Jesus does. 

And his writings will inspire you to do the same.


Get a daily dose with this.



Bling Flops

You've seen before if you're a regular here. But I felt like they deserved a medal of honor.


These glitter flops have carried me through at least two years of life, and they haven't lost their luster.


Read: A miracle has happened. 



Glitter has been in the house and has not secured itself to any surface other than that which it was intended.


Read: I haven't gotten glitter on my face in a way that I can see it while talking to someone and awkwardly crossing my eyes to try and locate it and unsuccessfully remove it.  


Also, they're cute. 







Busted. I'm a hat girl. And a HUGE fan of these custom hats. 


They're just the right weight and size to where you don't look like Elmer Fudd. 

Different size options. Colors Galore. Design ideas or create your own. Bulk orders. Individual ones, too. 

Check her out on IG @ariebdesigns and her sale page @ariebdesignssale



Stock up on those polos in hopes of school happening. 

Get your jump rope on with some good tunes. 

Love like Jesus and Bob Goff do while wearing a cool trucker hat and glitter flops. 

Sounds like #lifegoals to me!

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