Things I Love Thursday: Kids' Shirts

It's no secret that we've got a few boys up in this house.

Enough to warrant several people sending me the following photo of a doormat with a note that says, "You need this."

(Link HERE if you need it, too.)

This whole boy mom thing is my gig. It's the plan God had for me, and I'm not mad at it. If you know me, you know my passion runs deep for this litter of critters and all the crazy that comes with them.

But sometimes, there's an ache in my bones over missing out on all the girl stuff.
A small amount of jelly rolls in when I hear about prom dress shopping, because unless I'm a tagalong (and you better believe I will be) to my nieces' events or a friend's daughter's try-on sesh, there are no prom or wedding dress sprees in my future. 
 No chalkboard signs announcing someone said Yes! to the dress.
But just when the wave of "I'll never have a daughter" crashes in, we take a trip with our nieces or our friends who have daughters.

And that daughterless wave feels bigger because #girlsrule. They just do.

But...then I happen to walk by one of the girl bedrooms and see their suitcases exploding into accessory and matching top/bottom oblivion, and I quickly hop back over the fence into Boy Land:


All boys need is a good shirt.

Unfortunately, "good" is defined differently depending on the individual.

For instance, "Good" can mean:
-plain. Little to no design. Long and slim-fit. (Jack)
-sports related or humorous (Finn)
-soft and tagless (Charlie)
-whatever Mama likes (Weston)

And thanks to the interwebs, good shirts are not hard to come by.


(**And yes, shirts are obviously for everyone...this is just another way I can be dramatic about not having a daughter, and securing my spot on the Say Yes to the Dress sofa with your lil' miss thang on her big retail reality debut.)

If you're new to TILT posts, click the PINK LINKS below to purchase.


Hype for Stripes

If you haven't discovered Amazon Fashion yet, then I'm going to skip straight past "My Love" and head straight to "Cry Me a River" on my nightly JT playlist tonight. 
Good quality, great prices. 
This long sleeve cutie is no exception. 

Perfection Hoodie

By the looks of this hoodie, Mini Boden attended the Rob Them Blind Conference this year. Again.
I bet they sat next to Target.

Local Favorite

Rivet Apparel Co. is my latest obsession in shirt purchases.
Fun phrases, retro designs, cozy fabrics. 
(The Forever Young SHIRT WESTON IS WEARING IN TODAY'S POST PHOTO is also Rivet Apparel)
And in researching for this post, I may or may not have purchased one for myself. 
Yes. Adult sized. They have it all.

For Boo Thang

Seasonal always wins. 
Order a size up for two years of wear!

This One Time at Space Camp...

We don't have a Kohl's here, so I forget about it. 
But this shirt might jog my memory in the future. 
It also jogged my memory of THIS MOVIE.

Nintendo for Dinosaurs

I dread taking Weston along to his brother's orthodontist appointments because I can't ever figure out the Nintendo Switch they have in the waiting room. 
Gone are the days of Duck Hunt, y'all. 
But maybe this shirt will help keep the memory alive.
Except without the 4th of July shirts with Old Navy plastered on the front.
Because #Europe.

The Classics

The timeless two-toned baseball shirt. You can never go wrong. 
Unless you buy one for your son to actually wear to baseball practice.
Learned that one the hard way. 

The Sport Makes No Sense to Me, But This Shirt Sure Does

Another sport shirt to not be worn in the sport. 
Gosh, we're a confusing people, aren't we?!?
In my home, this would be nice enough to qualify as a "church shirt."

When You Want to Buy Their Love

Character shirts are my least favorite on the planet, but I, too, have my weaknesses. Winning my kids' love around the holidays and their birthdays is one of them. 
This 4 pack might be the gift this year that pushes me over the edge as the BEST.MOM.EVERRRRRRR.

Until I tell them they can't eat the gummy bears Santa left in their stockings.


Not sure if your kids have Coat Aversion like mine seem to, but for some reason we tend to have more successes with the sweatshirt. 

A Message for the People

Tonight I was behind a lady in a Subaru in the Jim N' Nicks drive thru, and I watched her pound her fists on the dashboard when she learned that there were no burgers being served tonight. 
It would have been very gratifying for the Jim N' Nicks drive thru attendant to have popped her head out the window, cuckoo-clock style wearing this tee.

Even better if she had found the last burger, after all, and just threw it in her face. 

What They Actually Want to Wear

And when all else fails, this works ALLDAYERRDAY.
This right here is all they actually want to wear. 
Unless it's mismatched Under Armour. 
Then that's what they want to wear 100% of the time. 

Alright, folks. This Mama needs some new tricks.

What are your favorite Go-To places for your kiddos' tees? 
Share your secrets. A fresh look never hurt anybody. Especially little brother beneficiaries of hand-me-downs.

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