Gift Guide for Little Kids (Ages 4-8ish)

Tis the season, y'all. Gift giving is upon us, and we must be ready!

Today begins a series of Gift Guides at WhimsyTown that I hope will make your life a little easier this holiday season. Remember: Nothing says "Thank you, God, for the gift of your one and only Son" like throat punching somebody over a dern doorbuster. I don't want to hear nary a word about any one of you duking it out this Friday over a Must-Have. I can promise you that I'll assist in your going- viral campaign once the footage hits the internet.

Yep. There she is again. Get them deals, baby girl!

A few rules before we get started:

  1. Don't be an idiot. (see above) This is typically the first rule of anything, but for gift giving, this includes (but is not limited to): not sticking to a budget and waiting until the last minute. We've all experienced both of these, and there's ZERO Joy to the World in either of them. Set a budget, and start now. If you end up broke and crazy, it's your own fault. Also, check your Amazon arrival times. #itsnotalwaystwodays
  2. Links are provided (click on the name of the gift) for the gift ideas below and while I did loosely search for the lowest price, I did NOT spend hours scouring the Black Friday ads to see if there's a cheaper option. Feel free to comment with great deals you find!
  3. Shop LOCAL when you can! Yes, I'm linking to items easily found online, and you could do all of your shopping while in your jammies catching up on some episodes. But give a nod to the local stores when you can! If you ever run out of gas, I'm pretty sure Amazon won't stop to help, but that lil' boutique down the street owner just might. Local doesn't always work, but use them when you can. 

 Without further ado...

2018 WhimsyTown Gift Guide for Little Kids
We are all for the great outdoors around here. This is good for the little ones still relying on training wheels to make the no-training-wheels transition, but even Charlie (7) still scoots around on ours from time to time. 
Up front: These aint cheap. But you're guaranteed HOURS of uninterrupted play from kids of all ages. Heck, I've even been known to fashion a tower here and there. Other bonuses: Durability, they're COLORFUL, and they'll help you identify who does and does not have a future in engineering. Smaller sets are available as well.
We had one similar to this for years but eventually lost the drill. This new and improved version comes with storage for the nails and screws. So...yes please. 
And it may or may not come in a rainbow version !!!!!
This is at the top of the Charlie's list this year. The first round of sons had a season of Bey Blades and it was a good run. Odds are favorable for Santa to deliver on this one. 
Bey Blade Burst Revolution 
Crate Kids (formerly known as Land of Nod) had the corner on the market on cute kid teepees for years. But there are many cute and affordable options out there now. 
Definitely geared towards younger kiddos, but errbody can get in the mix with this one. 
 Yeti in my Spaghetti
This is a great gift from the grandparents. Perhaps with a few Sleepover coupons to cash in. Not sure if that would qualify more as gift for the grands or their parents. (read: it's for the parents)
 Sleeping Bag Set
Love that this set has boy and girl options. Even though we are Team Testosterone, we have a lot of little ladies who join us for play. 
This is an investment. But worth every penny. All you up north folks who have a basement? Get this NOW. You won't have to worry if you'll go all "Here's Johnny" this winter. Bounce house = Sanity saver. 
 Bounce House
An oldie but a goodie. We've been through several sets of these. Because we lose them. But we keep buying them because they're fun. 
Walkie Talkies
Educational AND it makes fun sounds. And sometimes when you need to tip the pizza guy, you'll get lucky and find some real dough in this thing.
Cash Register
This is known as the lone survivor in our house. We've had this toy since Jack was three. Let's give it up for mailbox!!!!
Replenish the uncapped crusty marker and broken crayon supply with a fresh set! 
Color Caddy
Im fairly certain this is the jolap version of Kinetic Sand. But I'm a sucker for something that comes with accessories and it's own storage case. 
Motion Sand
I'm not proud of it, but we are excellent at Hansel and Greteling. You know...the game where you leave your neighbors house and leave at least one hat, three socks and a coat behind. Maybe a sled dog hat will be memorable enough to keep up with. 
Sled Dog Hat
Basically light up lego sets. Also doubled as a night light for us for a few nights the actual night light broke. 
Laser Pegs
Recently saw a commercial about this game and it looked like something I could win, so we'll probably be getting it. 
 Quick Cups
Let's be real. Does anyone actually play dominoes by the rules? Dominoes live their best life when strategically lined up only to be knocked down. (I feel like there's a parenting metaphor in there somewhere.) These dominoes are just being true to themselves. #soextra
Wooden Dominoes
Nerf guns are a no brainer, so I didn't bother putting them on the guide, but these vests take it up a notch. The protective eye wear nerd factor is completely lost when you add in the skeleton mask. 
Nerf Gun Vest
 Rain, Rain, Go Away? PSYCH! Come back so lil' miss can rock these boots all the way to preschool. (Comes in purple, pink and white)
Glitter Light Up Rain Boots
Star Light Up Boots
If you have to bathe them anyway, might as well make it a party.
Bath Bombs
Okay. This is probably my favorite toy our boys have ever had. Super sturdy and has a good battery life. Other than the times I lost, they were fairy accurate with targeting. 
Laser Tag Guns
Another good option when you have more players. 
Laser Tag for 4
Stocking Stuffer Ideas 
Confession: My stocking stuffer philosophy is to buy bulky things that make the stocking look full. Candy, underwear, socks. Those sorts of things. Also, the excitement of Christmas morning usually results in the stockings being dumped into the floor. Something expensive and tiny would undoubtedly be lost or broken and then Christmas gets ruined because there I am yelling in my Christmas pajamas. Bottom line: cut corners on the stockings!
Stocking Stuffers
Gifts to Avoid
These toys be like "Hold mah beer, water boarding. Watch this!" 
Seriously. Grandparents...Just don't. You may never see your grandkids again.
At least not alive. 

Here goes nothing! Christmas 2018 Shopping Season is here. Let's SHINE!

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