Gift Guide for Teen Boys

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Teen boys are next level difficult to shop for.

I have one who lays out a numbered gift list within minutes of asking and another who says he doesn't care yet is the pickiest of the bunch. 

If you're aboard the Teen/Tween Boy shopping struggle steam engine this Christmas, hopefully this will serve as some guidance. 


Nothing below is linked. Just some notes so you know what you're looking at. 

Happy Shopping! May the odds be ever in your favor. 


1. Frisbee Golf Target - Fun for everyone. And it sounds cool when you actually hit the target and the chains rattle. It's not as cool as squeaky basketball shoes but close.


2. Zephyr Frisbees - According to Jack these are the best, but they're no longer making them. However, surprise to no one, Amazon saves the day and still has a few out there. Get 'em while they last!

 3. Grilled Cheese Maker - Yes and Amen. 


4. Electric Skateboard - Something I'd likely give a whirl while under the influence of Christmas morning magic and shatter a hip bone. But the kids'll love it and get it first try. 


5. Tortilla Blanket. Why not. 

6. Not Parent Approved Game. Pretty much being shoved down my throat via ads, but the reviews are amazing, so let's see for ourselves. 

7. Sony Noice Cancelling Headphones. I was sick of pimping Beats, so here's something different. About the same price point. Great reviews.

8. Sony Extra Bass Speaker. You know...Cuz it's all about that bass, bout that bass.

9. Dopp Kit Made out of Sails. As boys turn into teens, they need products for the face, the shaving, the acne, the hair. Let's keep it tidy on those bathroom counters, y'all.

10. Got'Eeem Socks. If you know, you know. 

11. Hydroflask. Not sure if I'm alone here, but my kids whine when we make them order water at restaurants, but they JUSTGOTTAHAVEAHYDROFLAAAAAAASK. 

12. FreeStyle Watch. Retro look. Lots of color options. 


13. Fusball. For the family who wants the house where all the teens congregate. This will pair well with Doritos.

14. Adidas Joggers. 

15. Adidas Zip Up. 

16. Flannel Jammy Pants. My crew won't wear pants to school for anything, but I'll be dern if they don't want some cozy pants when they get home. #weird

17. Swiss Army Knife. To replace the ones they've lost.

18. Adidas Ultraboost. All the rave.

19. Flashlight with some Juice. For camp, taking the trash out before the sun rises, and to look at the decapitated snake the cat killed. (all have happened in our home and required the use of a flashlight)

20. Bean Bag Chair. 

21. Yes..More Headphones. But these are for the kid who won't complain about brands and for the parent who is grateful for that kid. Good quality that won't break the bank. 

22. Goofy socks. 

23. Beanie for Boo.

24. Spider Prank. Might as well beat them to it. Arm them with a prank you're aware of. This will be a great thing to take to the family dinners throughout the day and surprise their old relatives with. 

25. Laser Tag Guns. The. BEST. We had two of these for years and I may or may not be hoping we get some more. Get multiple sets so they can play with friends. Or parents. 

26. Fart Machine (Updated). 15 louder sounds. I mean. Come on!

27. Ceiling Hoops Game. When I picture my brother as a teen, I picture him either eating or laying on the ground or his bed throwing a ball in the air. This game is capitalizing on teen boyhood. 

28. Glam Ball. If your skills need some tweaking, might as well train in style. Indoor/Outdoor ball.


29. BucketBall. Hopefully is just a fun game and not beer pong training. 

30. Taco vs. Burrito Game. Great reviews. Teens love tacos. 

31. Scoreboard Alarm Clock. 

32. Polaroid Camera. Wouldn't think my boys would be into this, but my Instax camera is always without film, and I'm not the one using it. Give it a whirl. 

33. Go Pro Dupe. Great reviews at a fraction of the cost. Go Pros are great, but what isn't great is spending a fortune on something they rarely use. 

34. Hoverboard. So 2016 but still fun and still a hot item. 

35. Rubiks Cube. For the fiddler.

36. Nintendo Switch. They have this at our orthodontist office and they're pretty fun. Plus, Mario. 

37. Patagonia Duffel Backpack. Sturdy and awesome. Not cheap, but it'll last forever. 

38. Drone with Return Home Feature. We have lost no less than 3 drones, but the return home feature makes me won't to say fourth time's a charm? 

39. Under Armour Quarter Zip. For Sporty Spice.

40. Vineyard Vines Quarter Zip. For Sporty Spice when he tryna be cute.

41. Skim Board. Christmas is a great time to restock the Summer fun.

42. AirPods. Another music listening device, but it seems they're not listening to us anyway, so...

43. A Wallet! Nothing fancy here, but these are the days of Chipotle gift cards and licenses. 

44. Dart Board with Magnets. Because ain't nobody got time to yank a dart out of their temple on Christmas. 


45. Snowflake Multi-Tool. 

46. Money Maze. Name a teen who doesn't like some cash. I can't think of one. But don't make it easy on them! Make 'em earn it with this game that locks in the dough until they figure it out. 

47. Remote Control Boat. If you live near a pond with a gator, this could be interesting. 

48. Bubble Wrap 2020 Calendar. One pop a day. 


49. Pull Up Bar. These boys are going to jump to touch the door frames anyway, so they might as well practice their pull ups while they're there. 

50. Adidas slides. The original. 

51. Phone case + Wallet. 

52. House Slippers. I asked my boys if they wanted any of these. They said no. But they both routinely wear mine. One even forgot he had them on and in a rush ended up wearing them to youth group. 


 Alright. What'd I miss? What's your teen boy asking for this year? 


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  • I declare you the Queen of Christmas for Teen Boys. Excellent suggestions.

    Amanda Keefer

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