Gift Guide for Tween Girls

Tween Girl Gift Guide
Ready? OKAY! (Clap)
Y'all. Up front, this gift guide totally got out of hand. There were so many things it was honestly hard to narrow it to 52, but hopefully it'll help you if you're stuck in the land of I Don't Know What She Wants. Without further ado...
Who said Cinderella couldn't get into the athleisure trend? Be dazzling in these bedazzled slippers.
We can pretend that they're so two years ago, but I don't care who you are...If you wind up with some reverse sequin items in front of you, there's a good chance you're going to write your name in it. This bag would be great to tote to a sleepover or dance practice. 
 Sequin Cinch Bag
If you can sing, this will add some bling to your performance. 
If you can't sing, this will distract everyone from your hideous voice. 
No one loses here.
The 4.8/5 star ratings rave about how amazing this little sticker gadget is. It claims to stickify the back of any small paper images as long as it's 1.5" or narrower. Basically it's like the Ussery house on pancake day. Minus the mess. #syruperrwhere 
I could be wrong, but it looks like the Easy Bake Oven needs to step aside. Gone are the days of waiting five hours to bake a brownie bite with a light bulb.
Bullet journals are big time right now, and your tween needs on the scene if she's not already. This is a great starter set for anyone, but if your girl is a serious journalist, she's likely particular about her pens and journals she likes (grid vs blank vs lined.) Might want to snoop around her pen stash and then find her secret, special pen stash to make sure you're getting what she likes. I've only heard rumors about people being that weird, so whatever. Shut up.
18 different colors of fine line pens. Great price and great reviews. 
So we'll let it slide that they didn't ROYGBIV them as directed in the Handbook of How You're Supposed To Do It.
 Sometimes I wonder why God chose sons for me instead of daughters. And then I hang out with my nieces or my friends' daughters and realize that God didn't give me girls because He knew I would be the next case study on My 600 lb Life. The girls I'm lucky enough to be around just randomly bake stuff. Cookies, brownies, cakes. They'll even tackle fondant!
Meanwhile back at the Usserys, these boys will put jelly on their toast and tell me they made dinner. 
All I'm sayin is that if your beloved tween likes to bake, give her the right tools and get out of her way! 
This blog server makes me label images anytime I load them. I labeled this one: Beautiful Volleyball
Not the wittiest name to their brand, but the reviews are surprisingly good for this Glow City ball. Now that Daylight Savings Time is over and it's dark by lunchtime, the kids can still play with nighttime-friendly toys like this! 
Temporary Unicorn Hair at a moment's notice? Yes ma'am!
These are warm, cute and touchscreen friendly. And also, according to the description, the other features include:


  • UR® Powered conductive technology
  • Radiametric Articulation™ keeps hands in a natural position
  • Girl-specific 5 Dimensional Fit™ provides consistent sizing
  • 100% polyester faux fur with Taslan® nylon contrast

 (All ridiculousness is highlighted in RED because it should be noted that no one knows what these things are, and if these gloves are cute and keep your texting hands warm, then no one cares. We're just trying to send some clever emojis without getting frostbite. Not catch a bullet with our girl-specific hands.)


 It doesn't matter if she has a drawer full of these, you get her a fresh set this Christmas. She'll love them. Again.
Paper Mate Flair Pens
Win or lose, doesn't really matter. It's going to be pretty either way. 
Rainbow Jenga
 Hey ladies, remember writing "Mrs. (insert celebrity crush's last name)" on your pink loose leaf notebook paper? Well, nothing has changed. Except they now have books to teach you how to write it prettier. 
Hand Lettering Book 
Please get this for your tween so they know the horror of our youth: filterless photos. No puppy ears or pretty filters here, baby girl. If you think you blinked for the picture, it was a good week before you'd find out.  
Instax Camera
 Perfect weekender size in all kinds of colors and patterns. The bonus here is the separate storage for those stanky shoes. 
Cute Duffel Bags 
 If the duffel bag above isn't big enough for her travel needs, upgrade to this adorable rolling suitcase. I'm asking Santa for one of these myself. It'll be fun to watch the envy spread among my baggage claim compadres as I snatch this beauty off the conveyor belt! 
 Suitcase and cosmetic bag
Cute and trenty shades that you don't have to throw shade on for breaking your budget wide open. 
 Gift this as-is or Fill'r up with some goodies and take your gift giving up a notch. Candy, playing cards, a chore list...The possibilities are endless.
 My love affair with Adidas is nowhere close to being over so just hang on for the ride, folks. This scrubs green is perfection IMO, but it comes in other awesome colors as well. 
 These pants are an athleisure MUST, and according to how quickly these sell out, I'm not the only one who thinks they're the best. 
Every year when I pull the Christmas lights out of the storage bins, I'm reminded that everything in life looks better with the glow of some string lights. Your lil' lady will love these lights, and as suggested in the Gift Guide for Tween Boys post, you should consider using these light colors as a communication system. 
Green = come on in
Yellow = Best.Day.EVERRRR.
Red = It's shark week. Just nope.
Brown = I want chocolate.
It would have made sense to list these just under the Adidas hoodie and pants for the 1-2-3 fashion fist bump, but to be honest...I had already numbered the collage and I'm just to lazy to change it. Adidas fashion sneakers are a happy place for teens these days and for good reason. This is just one of a ton of cute styles. If you really want to impress your tween, search the heavens for the "Flashback" shoe. And as a hint...If you live near an Adidas Outlet, they sometimes have them for a crazy discount compared to online prices. 
Adidas Shoe
If your girl likes to dance, then don't even think about this. Just Buy with 1-Click, and move on with life. These remote control, sound activated lights will guarantee some in-home dance partying.
Am I alone in thinking water is a cure all? It seems that I'm constantly asking the boys to make sure they drink water. And then drink some more. And then I throw out a made up statistic about chronic dehydration. Maybe a cool cup like this will result in some serious hydratin'.
 The more I'm around girls, the more I'm aware that they tend to think through situations a little more thoroughly than my sons. So while I do think a lot of tween girls could handle a curling or flat iron, these non heated curling rods just make me feel safer. Especially if your tween girl has a brother. 
Curling Rods
American Eagle and Aerie have stepped up their game over the past couple of years, and there's no need for your girl (or YOU) to miss out on it. This winter hat is one of many that are currently on sale for $9.57. Also comes in maroon. 
Winter Hat
Another good one from American Eagle. It has rained here all weekend and if I had been wearing this, all of my laziness and Oreo-eating would have looked a lot better.

Pink Sweater
Super popular right now. Target has tons of these gifts sets as well. I've never used a bath bomb because my bath tub currently serves as Weston's Paw Patrol vehicle washing station.
Bath Bombs
Perfect sized bag for your tween and her things. Other colors available.
Messenger Bag
I don't like saying these words, but here goes. I WAS WRONG. For years I received invites to Matilda Jane parties and my response was similar to my response when I receive the American Girl catalogs. Wrong house, dawg. But then I discovered their adult line and Game. Set. Match. I'm a HUGE fan. MJ has the corner on the market for mixed patterns, quality, comfort and cuteness, and now an entire line for Tweens! This cardigan needs to happen. My friend, Robyn, is a Matilda Jane rep, so the link takes you to her page, but you can have this beaut shipped right to your door. 
Matilda Jane Cardigan 
This is a big'n. Perhaps one to ask the grandparents about. But so fun with it's retro design. Can't you just see her scooting down the street, ten times a week. I meant it, I said it, I stole my mama's credit. I'm cool, I'm hot. Sock you in the stomach three more times. 
And since we're now thinking about the movie, Big, I'll save you the search:
Click HERE for the video and then go watch Big and start jonesing for a cool apartment with a trampoline in it. 
Retro Scooter
Another throw back to the good old days when our watches didn't tell us to stand up and to breathe and that we didn't close all of our activity rings today. Swatch is always cool and funky. So many styles and designs offered.
Swatch Watch
 Old design meets new function. This lil' guy works with any smart phone or tablet AND has a AM/FM tuner for the tweens with sadistic parents who haven't allowed phones yet. 
Sunnylife Radio
Rainbow + Tomboy = basically my life
Comes in several colors and fits!
Tomboy Shirt
Got a budding photographer on your hands? A selfie sistah? These gadgets are everywhere this season and might actually get some of these photos on our phones to print for once! 
Photo Printer
This is a hijack from the Tween Boy post, but it's a good one. And, again, I ain't ashamed to say it, American Eagle for the WIN. Their Tailgate brand has hit a homerun with team spirit. 
Spirit Wear
If you have not discovered the online gem of Next, then this is my Christmas gift to you. Next is a British based shopping wonderland of unique and brilliant things for errbody on your list. If you don't have at least a hour, don't bother clicking on the bloody link until you do. And then speak in a British accent because you'll sound much more clever.
(Head's up: A lot of their girls sizes go through size 16. Refer to size charts because Euro sizing can be a little different.)
Polka Dot Coat
This is happiness in shoe form. Rose gold, shimmer, and WINGS?!? It really can't get any better. Also comes in Silver. 
Next Shoes
 This time of year brings Christmas performances, family photos, parties and ample opportunities to look at your child's wardrobe and wonder where all of the non-hobo looking clothes went. This sweater is a great tween grab. Not so little girl looking, but also something her elderly, thirty or forty-something year old mother wouldn't wear either.
(Raise your hand if you would wear it. 🙋🏼‍♀️)
Sequin Sweater
 Cute. Good message. Happy. Colorful. Get it.
Be Awesome Hoodie
43. Wellies
Anyone else feel that British words are so much better? "Rainboots" sounds so redneck up against "wellie" amiright? Did you know they call diapers "nappies"? It almost sounds cute! And speaking of cute...
Another site to get lost in love with is Mochi Things. They pretty much clean house in all things stationery and organization. If your tween loves her stuff neat and tidy, check it out. If your tween is super messy and her backpack is oftentimes confused with the trash can, then it might be time for an overhaul. 
Mochi Organizer
Stars seem to be having their five minutes of fame right now, and these Boden jammies are taking advantage of it. 
Boden Jammies
This is a great one for the tween who has it all. They can now roll their loot all over the house. Craft supplies, books, a sibling down the stairs, perhaps?
Rolling Cart
If tweens love one thing, it's talking about themselves. This journal is an all about me, one question a day style of journal designed to be answered over a five year period. There's probably a zero percent chance anyone on the planet has this level of daily dedication, but it'll be a fun thing for us parents to discover that on September 27th, 2018 she answered "What is your favorite dessert?" with MY PARENTS ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!  
5 year journal
This brand is all things color and positivity. Aint nobody receiving too much of those things these days. Spread the love.
Life is Good
 Get a lot of these in different colors so she can stack 'em like a boho Wonder Woman.
Pura Vida
It is not lost on me that this is the third hoodie on this gift guide. But #unicorns.
Unicorn Hoodie
 Boots with the fur. A sneaker-esque sole. These boots were made for walkin'.
Next Boots
This is Sudoku but with colored balls. Of all the items on here, this might be my favorite. Just keep away from little kids because they will think it's a toy and might lose their life if they tip it over in the middle of a heated game.
And, just for kicks and giggles, here are a few Stocking Stuffer ideas! No links provided, but they were all found Amazon with the exception of the Tarheel Trucker hat which was found on my camera roll/Christmas Wish List. 
Stocking Stuffer
And that's a wrap! Happy Hunting, y'all! Feel free to comment with your Tween girl's favorite things. As always, we need all the help we can get.


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