Thing I Love Thursday: Father's Day Gifts!



Alrighty, y'all! Let's Hear it for the Boys!!!!

Specifically the ones who are dads.

In both the conventional sense, and for those who fill in the gap. 

Things I Love Thursday: Father's Day Gifts 

because there are FO SHO some papas who deserve to be celebrated. 

As we often say in Whimsytown, it's comin' in hot, and we must be ready!

Click the pink links to purchase!

1. Charged and Ready To Go

I've noticed a time or two when looking around at the ballfields, that there seems to be a decent number of dads watching from the stands.

While on their cell phones.

Have no fear. This isn't a lecture about being present with your kids. These dudes are still working. Still getting the deal done. Still conference calling their faces off hoping their mute button was safely ON while questioning the call at home or cheering their child on. Possibly ordering a pizza because they took one look at weary mom in the bleachers and knew better than to ask, “What’s for dinner?”

So it makes sense that a lot of times their cell phone batteries are done-zo by the end of the day. 

This guy keeps your apple phone or watched juiced for hours on end. 


2. Dad Jokes or Rad Jokes? 🤓

There's nothing quite like a dad joke. Usually they resort in more eye rolls than laughter, but we know we love them.



3. Pretty Free Fly for a Dad Guy

Not sure what these things are made of (bamboo? maybe?) but I'm pretty sure it's the fabric that is most like unicorn hair. 

Yes, it's a fly fishing company. 

No, they don't ask for your fly fishing card at checkout.


4. You Lookin' Good, Shorty

Free Fly has figured out shorts as well. These are nice for the dads who fly by the seat of their pants and may or may not jump in the pool on a whim. 

Be that kind of dad. 

Like dad jokes, you might elicit some eye rolls, but everyone loves you.

5. Make It Brief

 For the worker dad who carries the papers to the place where he does the things for his job to help pay for the kids and all of their orthodontist appointments.

6. Grill Pieces


If you're like us, you're not even sure if the propane tank has anything in it, but you do grill enough to leave the tools outside and let them become all rusty and crusty. 

Or you use the heck out of them, and Father's Day is a good time to refresh the tool set. 

These are shown in the best team, but they come in all the teams. 

 7. Fit'n'ess Bar Up On Yo Wall

For the Dad Bod.

 8. S'More of That Where It Came From

There's nothing like time with dad around a fire. 

Life lessons, maybe some ghost stories, and that point when we're all just staring awkwardly at the fire not saying anything. 

Oh...and S'mores. 

These are also great for hotdogs!

 9. The Book of Dad

Dads are kind of like the kids in school with Summer birthdays. 

It does kind of get swept up in the mix of vacations and dying of heat exhaustion. 

The saddest of all is that there are no teachers overseeing the Father's Day fill in the blank worksheets for the dads. There's no one to tell him he's 25 and that his favorite thing to do is go to Target alone. (all answers from Weston's Mother's Day sheet:)

This little book will make up for it. 

 10. New Rims

Splurge on the good glasses for the dad in your life. 

These Smith glasses have some sort of mystic lens technology that allows you to everything a little more clearly. It's like polarized plus. 

And I believe they're lifetime guaranteed. But click the link to make sure because I was shopping with kids in tow the other day when I heard the sales pitch. 

11. Swimwear Competition

 Links below

Shorty Shorts

You can't ignore it. Even the NBA has jumped aboard the shawty shawt train. 

This is for the fashion forward and unashamed-of-his-upper-thighs man.

Great brand to give it a whirl with if you're not willing to drop coin on that popular Chubbies brand. 

Boardy Shorts

And for the guys who disguise their thighs, the never unpopular board short. 

Love this print. 🌈


12. Stepped on a Pop Top Flops

The MacGuyver of flip flops.

This Reef sandal will get you out of any "I-cant-find-my-bottle-opener" situation. 

Click the link to see all of the color options. 


 13. You Wanna Pizza This Action?

A repeat from Christmas gift guides because it's a good'n. 




14. Pressure!...Pressing Down On You

 Other than thinking that the creepy/murderer husband from Sleeping With the Enemy surely had one of these, I think they're a great addition to any garage collection.  


15. Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About

If your man has Dadded so hard lately and needs time away from the kids to remember what your name is, buy a set of these!

Remember, one day the kids are gone and then you can either be the fun, laughing couple in the restaurant or the people that slurp their noodles and stare at the fun couple. 

 16. Raise Your Glass

When you can’t take him out to the ball game, bring the ball game home. 

And politely fire up the grill and ask if he'll cook up a steak for you with the new grill tools (#6) you got for him, also. This bonus gift might take the selfish edge off. 


Too Late to Make it To the Collage But Still a Cool Gift

Sometimes I make the collage because I get excited about reaching 16 items (Enneagram #1s, where you at?!?!)

But then I find a gem of a gift that I just gotta include.

You know I will purchase a Walmart version of a Yeti in a hot minute, but it seems that Yeti has gone a step above with these custom cups.

Check it: 


Hey Dads? The few of you that stumbled accidentally onto this blog?

We love you.

You and your role in our families are so important. From shoulder rides and helping with that history paper to the college drop offs and walking her down the aisle, you are irreplaceable in many ways. 

And to my own Daddy, thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for gifting me with juuuust enough saltiness to stand firm in my convictions, enough competition to play hard or don't play at all, and enough compassion to try and help when someone is in need. You're the acts of service champion of the highest order, and there's not a school lunch I don't make now thinking about the thousands that you made for me. 

Dad, I love you as much as we hate duke. Combined. 



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