Things I Hate Thursday: Hurricanes

Other than the beauty of the colorful hurricane maps and the ever-exciting #hurricanesnacks topic, there's pretty much nothing redemptive or likable about hurricanes.

Four years. Four evacuations turned into hurrications. Zero damage to my people or my property.

Total. Hurricane. BRAT. 🙋🏼‍♀️

I think it's safe to say that I have no room to speak about hating hurricanes.

But then I see images like this:

photo cred HERE
And before and afters like this:

photo cred: HERE

This Summer my family and I had the opportunity of joining some friends in the Bahamas. The Abacos. Marsh Harbour. Hope Town.

These names might sound a little more familiar now that historically strong Hurricane Dorian decided to set up camp on top of these tiny islands for almost two full days.

Beautiful doesn't begin to describe the land, water, and people of this special place. And if you've seen a screen in the past 72 hours, you've seen what Dorian left behind. Beautiful people, yes. But devastation everywhere else.

And in the typical way that I selfishly do, I relate more to things when I can somehow make it about me. Seeing this footage and remembering the shop owners' names and faces has made this devastation more real to me than normal.

Things I Love Thursday is typically fluff n' stuff. Silliness to the extreme. 
But I just don't have it in me today, folks.

Not when so many are hurting and need our help.

If you're looking for ways to pitch in with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, please CLICK HERE.

Charity Navigator does a great job explaining the mission of various charities as well as the efficiency of them. It's always nice to know how your donations are spent.

One charity on their list that I can speak personally about is Samaritan's Purse.

I had the honor of volunteering with them in Bluffton and on Hilton Head after Hurricane Matthew passed through three years ago. They were incredibly organized and effective in a short period of time, and their volunteer numbers are quite large making their overhead much smaller than it could be. Read: Your dollar goes a longer way.

There are tons of awesome organizations listed on the Charity Navigator Hurricane Dorian Relief page. Check it out, and get involved!

Obviously this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the relief efforts out there.

They're everywhere if you're looking for them.

Like this t shirt by HiHo...

All proceeds going to the Abacos and Grand Bahama. Pretty cool.

Hoping and praying your people and your places withstood the storm.

Let's stand in the gap for those less fortunate.

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