Things I Love Thursday:



Thursday's here. 


I'm heading out of town on a road trip. Gotta pack and stuff, so let's GOOOOOO....


In no particular order of love or like, here are six things I'm

bada-ba-ba-baaaa...lovin' (it.) 


Dork award goes to me for throwing in a McDonald's ad, but it is actually fitting, because on road trips I award myself a McDonald's Coke at some point. 


Because McDonald's Coke magical. 

Because McDonald's Coke in superior to all the coke-a cola in all the land. 

Fight me if I'm wrong. 


Only 'bout 7 sentences in, and I've digressed. 


Click the PINK LINKS below if you're a'lookin' and you're a'likin'. 








Yepper do. Flops were on last week's blog. 

But not these flops. 


Sometimes (like last Friday), you're heading out for a staycation with your bestie, and you just need a lil' sursy for the 15 minute trip down the road. 


My ET feet actually made a premature debut on Saturday when the temps rose to approximately whatever the thermostat is set to in heaven. 


These flops distracted from the hideousness. 


And they were like $4, tops. 


Lil' bling. Lil' black. 


It's like if David Rose was a Flip Flop. IYKYK.

$5 TANK 


It's a $5 tank from Target. 


Nuf sed.





My face is in a 3-4 year long battle of thinking it's 15 and likes to resemble braille from time to time. 


Not sure if this scrub helps or hurts, but I will say, there's enough grit to this cleanser that you just feel like something good is happening. 


Smells good without smelling perfumey. 

Smells therapeutic without smelling medicinal. 


Unclogs the pores. 


Has enough ingredients that double as essential oils, so I don't think I'll get more than five emails about it potentially killing me. 







Ever want to get rid of dry lips AND corpse face? 


Well, here ya go:






Sorry, folks who don't live near us. Guess you'll just have to come visit!


Pizza Co has been around for over a year but just opened a new location in Bluffton. 


I have 99 problems, and to be honest, ordering at pizza places has actually been one of them. Yes, First World Problem Police. I know keep you employed. 


But hear me out. 


Pizza sounds easy because it's life changing, and everyone loves it. 

But then lug your children with their immature palettes to a pizza place and freeze on the spot when the server comes to take your order. 


You're going to order a large cheese and then some Half and half nonsense order that no one loves but just sounds better than cheese. 


Enter Pizza Co. 


Get what you want. And love it. The end. 


This week I built my own personal size 10":




Fresh Mozzarella


Mike's Hot Honey drizzle. 


Sweet. Savory. Special order. Mine. Forget you, large cheese. 


Cauliflower crust to justify the toppings, but ended up liking it, foreal. 


Lots of salad options. Quick. Easy. Call ahead. Pick it up. Eat there. And they have whoopie pies.


Check it out. 


Not mine. But soooooooon.







My super cute and trendy sis in law gave this to me for my birthday and 



Fits just enough without weighing down your hips while wearing it in fanny pack mode. 


Also comes with a chain strap to use when in purse mode. 







Whatcha lovin' today? 


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We need all the help we can get. 


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