Things I Love Thursday: $10 and Under!

I could only take a few "My husband wants to kill you because I'm spending too much money" comments before this type of post hit.

Let's get to it.

Today's TILT post is all things $10 and under.

That's right. Not here to break anyone's bank as I've claimed since day one that I'm an oversharer of the highest order. Just trying to pass along some fun and not-so-fun-but-useful things with my fraaaaands.

So, not to be dramatic, is in an effort to spare my life.

1. Stainless Steel Rainbow Straws

Not sure where you hail from, but our town took part in strawless Summer. Which is great. Long live the sea turtle! But I realized quickly my water consumption was el crapo once PETA took my straws away. So I did what any normal human would do: bought a pack of these, stashed them in my center console and lived by the BYOS(traw) rule. Drinking out of the side of the cup is for savages.

2. Make Up Remover Cloth

Step aside, Ponds cold cream. This classy wash cloth claims to clean your make up riddled face using only water. I will believe it during the Summer months after seventeen applications of sunscreen or when it removes the mascara I wear to Nicolas Sparks movies.

3. Laptop Sleeve

Don't nobody want a busted laptop.
4. Satin Pillowcases are Very Romantic

Alrighty. Stop right here for a sec.

Landyn (of @livingwithlandyn on IG - follow her) preaches about these things. I just assumed that anything with the word satin in it would be in the "save for later" budget zone, but nerp.

I think it's worth a shot if it claims that you won't wake up with hair knots. Bamboo pillowcase is about to get a pink-slip.
5. So...Soo...NOT Funkdafied

Remember that laundry detergent I threatened to drink on the off chance my pores would leak out its heavenly fragrance?

Well, looky here! Guess whose car isn't going to smell like soggy baseball socks left in the bottom of a baseball bag that had an old banana mashed into the side of it?

6. Dry Shampoo

When it comes to dry shampoo, I treat this very differently than my love for God and country. I don't pledge allegiance to any of them. I'm just so grateful that this stuff exists at all. That somewhere, some genius thought enough of those of us with jank hair and busy schedules to say, "I got you, girl."

This just so happens to be the one I currently have in my glove box for after-the-gym meetings where I have to mask the fonk.

7. Spoon/Shovel/Strainer Thingie

This is a tool worth keeping in the tool holder next to the stove. Not in the drawer with the apple corer, egg slicer, and walnut cracker. Those are the riff raff tools you get as wedding presents because you went somewhat psycho with that scanner gun during wedding registry day.

This guy below is a "where have you been all my life" type of instrument. This is hamburger out of the grease. The perfect scoop of noodles for the kid who doesn't eat the sauce. This is a real life tool.

You thought you had it figured out with the power that scanner gun and engagement ring gave you, but you really knew nothing at all.

8. Shake Shaker

It's called Bottled Joy.

It doesn't even matter if it ended up being the world's worst protein drink mixer. You can trick your brain while you're chugging that whey smoothie down the shoot that you're actually drinking JOY instead of the fart-producing milkshake that it actually is.

9. Somewhere Over the Table

This table runner will pair so nicely with the pollen that is blanketing our lives and nasal cavities right now. Or bring this beaut inside for a little intro to Spring. Tell Winter to go somewhere already, and eat a bag of mini Cadbury eggs because none of us are promised tomorrow.

10. Scarf It Down

Remember the movie, "Overboard?" Goldie Hawn went rich to redneck after falling from her yacht and suffered a bout of amnesia which temporarily placed her in the closet carpenter's keep? (big time alliteration win)

What I remember most from that movie, though, was Goldie's closet!!! Those shoe racks that she could crank in and and out to reveal a new layer of neatly arranged shoes?!?!

Sign me up. Neatly organized closets are my jam, and this little scarf organizer would be a welcomed addition to my strategically arranged closet. 

11. Strappy Things Organizer

Along the same lines is this space saver for tanks and camis! Not sure about you, but tanks are just kind of weird to fold. And even if you figure it out, they just don't stay folded well, and then they're wrinkled. And then I say forget it, and just throw them in bucket now labeled Tank Bucket.

I think this product is a step in a better direction. 

12. These are NOT Face Shavers for Women

These are micro blades for dermaplaning! COMPLETELY different than shaving your face, y'all. This tool is used to manually scrape all of the dead skin cells off of your mug to improve your complexion and skin health. So...while you might just happen to remove enough few stray chin hairs, upper lip follicular thickness (NOT a stache for goodness sake) and general peach fuzziness to knit a baby sweater,

13. Wraps of Wonder

There are 9 different uses shown on the image below as to how you can use this product. I use it in only one way and thats to keep my hair back while I wash (NOT SHAVE) my face at night. Even with this one use, it's worth the purchase.

If you are super fit and don't mind walking around half naked, you could buy one of these and go as a reality show cast member from Survivor. Those folks really know how to get creative with a head wrap. I probably would have tried to eat mine after Day 2 of insect dinners and/or no food at all.

14. Reusable Bags

Perhaps the only other items our town has banished other than the straw are plastic bags. And I think its great! The huge paper ones the stores now use make great book covers!

Haha! Psych! I mean I'm sure they do transition into a killer book cover, but I'm past the phase of Go Getter Mom and have settled nicely into Trying Her Best Mom.

These are fun and packable and hopefully memorable enough that when I use them once, I'll actually remember to put them back in my car again and then additionally remember to take them into the grocery store the next time.

Be a bandaid and Neosporin mom. Because it's baseball season. Which means little siblings are running around the concrete paths of ball parks, all hyped up on Ring Pops. They will fall and scrape their knees no less than three times a week from here til the end of May. You don't want to keep running to the concession stand for bandaids because you can't risk aggravating the person in charge of your nacho cheese to chip ratio.
16. Popcorn Holder so No One is Eating Their Brother's Slobbery Popcorn

Unless it's their germs, opinions, or poop testimonies, my boys just aren't big into sharing. We still teach sharing, we still speak about the heart issues that keep us so selfish. But we no longer ruin movie night because these kids are greedy with their popcorn. These containers have single handedly redeemed movie night at our home, and the same can be done for you. The boys actually watch the movie instead of counting each kernel that the others take.

Sad. But true. 

As a side note, throw some M&Ms into a hot bag of buttery popcorn and treat yoself.

That's a wrap folks!

What's your favorite or most used $10 or less product?

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