Things I Love Thursday 6.26.2020

I've missed writing. 
And fluff
And having something on my schedule. 
Like Things I Love Thursdays

So, for today at least, WE'RE BACK, BABY!!

Yep. I know it's Friday. But there's also a haze in the sky due to a Saharan dust cloud that made its way across the entire Atlantic Ocean. The hits just keep coming, and we're not promised next week. I thought we were done when the murder hornets showed up, but turns out, I'm a complete fool. 

Way back when in 2019, before a bat head eating incident caused us to flee indoors and try to not die, Things I Love Thursday consisted of 16 different items all neatly collaged (can I verb that?) under a fun theme.

Rainbow stuff. Yellow stuff. Car Accessory stuff. So on and so forth. 

Why 16?

  • Because it fit in the collage app all neat and tidy like. My Enneagram 1 little heart just soared every week plugging those images into that grid of consumerism.
  • I'm an over sharer. 
  • Thirdly, kids went to school back in the days of blogging yore and there was this thing called "me time." Now we're on Day WHATEVER of social distancing where you don't bat an eye when Jack notes, "Hmm...Weston hasn't had his morning poop yet." And he's right. 
So, basically, no great reason at all for 16 items. Which is why I'm not hanging on to it.
You might get 6. 
If there's a theme among the Things I Love, then happenstance is to blame. 
Homeschooling by force and mask straps have tugged on my brain's ability to categorize, and subsequently ruined it. 
The final difference is that these will be things I actually love. Not just things I want. Things I have tried and can speak for. 
(Until we get to holiday gift guides. Assuming the holidays are still on for this year.)


So...back to the Fluff. Cause 2020 hasn't given a dern. 

Click the PINK LINKS if you wanna getchusome.

Pairs well with big emotions and fat pants. 

My sursy war friend, Tiffany, introduced these to me during quarantine. I wasn't sure if she was just trying to put a smile on my face or turn Quarantine Ten into Quarantine Fifteen, but either way she was, on the spot, declared sursy war victor of the universe. 

Carried at Sam's club. Pop them in the freezer for a little pizazz. 




These are Teva's on crack. Enough lift to feel like your calves are lookin' good, but enough comfort to run from the car to the house in an unforeseen rain shower. 

Currently on sale for $44.99 🙋🏼‍♀️



Fun graphic tee with a message about the weather
a warning to 2020: ENOUGH ALREADY! 


Fun color options. Cozy fabric. Lil' nod to the retro with the white neck and sleeve detail. 




My high school buddy, Melissa, tagged me on IG in an ad for this stuff, and I wish I could go back in time and sign her yearbook's crack with a thank you in advance. 

If you follow @whimsytown you'll know that blog stuff has been replaced with Nash stuff. Because he's way better than anything ever in the whole entire world. 

You'll also know the tragic grooming incident he experienced several weeks ago because I'm a long haired dog newbie and let my poor baby get matted all to heck. 

They did salvage some long hair on his tail and ears which quickly can become tangled, but thanks to this product PFFFT! Be gone. 

Thank you, Melissa! KIT! LYLAS!





Presto Electric Griddle

Approximately seventeen minutes into Quarantine Life, it became clear that all my sons would be doing was eating. 

This griddle allowed me to sling grilled cheese to the masses hibachi style for nine straight weeks of virtual hell. No onion ring volcanos. But there was this one day I used the sharp edge of the pancake spatula to cut rectangles instead of triangles. 


Since Covid killed sports and the entire nation was hanging on by a thread with the Jordan documentary, this seemed a very apropos "art class" requirement.
If you like pumped up kicks, then this is for you. 



That's a wrap, y'all. 

Thanks for playing along! 


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