Things I Love Thursday: Balloons N' Stuff

I really don't want to love THIS VIDEO as much as I do, but if I'm being honest, it's my favorite thing right now, and this post could end right here. 


Simply put. Boys have ruined me. 


It's pretty much all downhill from here, so let's get started with this week's 




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Balloon Arch


Weston talks about his birthday 365 days of the year. That's not an exaggeration.

Needless to say, when it became clear that he would be among the Covid birthdays, I knew I had to up my game. A drive by car parade was too much for my brain to coordinate, so...

Enter Stage Right: This balloon arch.

Easy to assemble. Perfectly lovely in its rainbow glory. 

The only problem was that I hung it from an awning with some exposed nails, so it doubled as decor and a party thrill when occasionally a balloon would pop, and everyone would scream. 

I used a hand pump for the balloons which took quite some time, but my sister in law sent a link to this balloon pump yesterday saying it's a must-have. She's pretty much a balloon arch aficionado, so let's trust her and all get one. 


Balloon Pump Link



I'm a five year card carrying member of the Oakley Feedback aviators.


But let's face it. They're not cheap. And I'm not a quick learner. I keep doing this cute thing where I hook my shades on the neckline of my shirt, clumsily drop something and then double down on the clumsiness by letting my sunglasses fall off of my shirt, lens down. 


Anyone else perfected this move? 

But time and time again, I've come back to the Oakleys because they heard the cries of the long haired girls who were sick of having their hair pulled out by open nosepieces, and they closed those suckers right up. 


That's right. They don't pull your hair out!! They'll slide up on your head and back down to your face, nary a hair out of line. 

But then #covid, and I reflected on my grocery bill and decided Oakleys weren't happening again. 


A simple search of aviators with closed nosepiece brought me to these. Two weeks in now and zero complaints. I'm digging' 'em. And I'm super into their affordability compared to the Oakleys. 




Purple Shampoo 

This shampoo (and conditioner, not shown) makes my hair feel great. Soft and silky and gives my bottle blond hue a tish of a pop. 

I'm not sure what the purple has to do with it. It's likely the hair product version of Red40 and I'm lathering myself straight into the path of hair cancer. But if silky, fragrant hair is your goal, look no further. 


Lemonade Spritzer from Chick Fil A 

(no link provided because if you don't know how to find a Chick Fil A, I'm not sure why you're even here.)


I've Pinterested enough to come across the "Secret Starbucks Menu" posts. I'm always intrigued but never bold enough to give it a whirl. I envision the barista eye rolling me like "just order a dang Americana so I can go ahead and spell your name like this: Aaron."

But, I have a trusted friend (Dana, it's you.) who told me about this amazing
Chick Fil A trick, and if I had to give a ribbon to the one thing helping me survive these hot summer days, it would be this Lemonade Spritzer. 


Don't look for it on your app. It aint there. You have to order a lemonade (I choose Large), and request 3/4 soda water, 1/4 lemonade. 


Boom. Tasty and only 1/4 the calories of a regular, boring, fizz-less lemonade.



Here's how I order it on my app:



Fill out the special instructions like this:




Running Belt 



I used to wear those strappy, armband, phone holder thingies when I ran, but I couldn't find the right tightness to keep it from falling while not cutting my circulation off. 

This thing is boss. 

I just use it for my phone, but there are enough hideaways to tuck your lipgloss, keys, pepper spray, Cheese Its, gummy bears, ID (in case you fall out) and any other running essentials. 

It also doubles as a girdle. But judging by this model's photoshopped thigh gap, she wouldn't even know what a girdle is. 







Glitter Tumbler 

No one needs another cup. 


We just buy them anyway. 


This was a self-sursy during Covid, and I've since bought several more for friends.


Perfect size. El cheapo price. Glitter. A straw. Fits the car cup holder. 




That's a wrap, folks!

Go get that Lemonade Spritzer and report back. 


  • Ah, I just fought summer traffic to make it to Chick-fil-A BEFORE reading this blog. Dana is a genius because this lemonade spritzer sounds perfect, so next time I’m crazy enough to head towards Destin, I’m ordering this!

  • Say whaaaat?!? That’s awesome you know the owner! Please pass along how much I have the heart eyes for these new rims of mine!

  • I love your blog this week! I can’t wait to try the spritzer! I am friends with the owner of JiMarti sunglasses so just know that by buying from him you’re getting a great product AND you are supporting a local business.

    Donna Kay Koon

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