Things I Love Thursday: BAGS!!!

Hey, Y'all.

Whoa. That's pink. Forgot to change the font and am too lazy to highlight it and make the correction.

Ok. Better.

Let's get to it, y'all.

Things I Love Thursday: BAGS!!!!

Ladies. We are fooling no one. We all need another bag as much as we need love handles.

We just happen to want and like bags. And it's okay. It could be worse. It could be meth.

There could be a separate TILT post for each of the different bag categories, but for today I'm considering these as a starting point for genuinely useful bags.

Here we go. Click the PINK LINKS to purchase.

1. Who Put the Bogg in the Bag Shu Bag Shu Bag

Ever sit your cute pool bag on the pool deck only for some half crazed little swimmers to scream "ROCK THE POOOOOOL!!!" and tidal wave your bag into a complete soggy mess?

If not, then you have not attended an afternoon poolside with the Usserys.

I needed a waterproof pool bag, and my shopping buddy, Tiffany, pointed me to the Bogg.

It's basically a Croc sandal in pool bag form.

Except owning one won't reap a hefty portion of shame upon you, your children or your children's children.

They're lightweight, rubbery, and you can hose the crap out of them when the Goldfish crackers go from a solid state of matter to a plasmic state.

2. Cotapaxi Day Pack

This is what I carry my "work" in. Laptop, folders, notepads and what nots for the nonprofit work and this bloggeroo.

I carried this to the gym one day and a girl said, "Oh, you must be outdoorsy! Look at your Cotapaxi!" I just smiled, nodded, decided against telling her I ask the 4 year old to kill the bugs, and went with it. She went on and on about how awesome the brand is and all the times she has backpacked and slept outdoors and done other things I don't do with their products.

Here's the point. They're good bags. For the real deal.

And for the laptop girls, too.

3. Bags for Wet Stuff

I've noticed that I purchase things based on unrealistic dreamt up scenarios.

.....Oh, I can't wait to wear this white sweater if we're ever on a boat without wind, and the temperature is hovering around perfect, and I'm heading to a fun restaurant that doesn't serve anything that requires ketchup or BBQ sauce.

....I'll pay a little more for these well made kids' shoes because they can pass down to all the boys.


These bags are no different. I bought one thinking I'd someday change clothes in a nice locker room that has towels provided and use this for the wet swimsuit that fit me like a glove but not too much like a glove that anything bulged out.

Nerp. These are the peed on clothes bags.

But they're the cute peed on clothes bags.

4. The Trusty Traveler

My normal purse is too big and bulky, so a smaller bag like this is great for airports and general travel. Just big enough for the essentials like lip gloss and gummy bears.
Passports are still the exact size of back pockets, so don't mess with your system if you have one.

5. Sturdy Scout Cooler Bag

I pick one of these up every time I'm at Palmetto Moon and put it back down because I don't like spending money (says the lady who likes to write about shopping).

But something tells me a Scout bag and I would have a good run.

They're sturdy, and I do need a good cooler bag. You safekeep the Goldfish crackers that will be smashed into the Bogg bag at Item #1.

6. Not Feelin Cute, But I'll Be Your Favorite Bag if Puke Happens

If you even think I'm kidding about this, then you didn't see me hosing yogurt vomit out of son #3's eyelashes, off his comforter, and off the bedroom walls at 1:30am and roughly 5:00am two mornings ago.

These will be stashed in the behind-the-seat pockets in my cars and every nightstand in my home from Amazon's delivery time tomorrow until kingdom come.

Because I am not a quitter at combating the phenomena of every stomach bug first puke incident landing in a car or a bed.

I'd give a kid $50 if they landed a first puke in one of these neatly contained bags.

In fact, I just texted the kids. Family meeting at 7pm to announce that there's a new world order in the way we are puking from now on.

7. Kiss and Make Up Bag

Nothing too crazy about this, I just liked the pink.

8. Beach Toy Bag That Won't Hold the Water Hose Line Up

We've all been there.

At the public beach access water hose. Where pure evil bores a hole in the back of your head. The eyes of all the ones behind you, willing you to HURRY THE CRAP UP OLD LADY IN THE SHOE! It's not our fault you have too many kids, let alone the one who now has the hose down his swim trunks.

These situations are NOT the time to start rinsing off the beach toys, one by one and stacking the sand buckets like nesting dolls.

Just get this bag and spray the whole thing down like a crazed firefighter.

9. The Only 12 Pack You Need

I'm not sure I actually need these, but I have a lot of ideas how they could be used.

-sorting all of my pens (gel in pink bag, glitter in yellow, sharpies in orange, etc.)
-sursies for my Top 12 Favorite Humans 
-travel bags for sunscreen, medicines, etc.

10. Summer Staple

This is the bag that would make me feel like I had something together in my life.

Like I'm the girl who thought ahead about where she was going and what she was wearing and chose a purse to actually go with both.

I'm not that girl, but some of you are, and you should SHINE this Summer with this cutie.

11. Thirty One Reasons To Love This Tote

We've been here before.

This is when I confess my love for Thirty One Large Utility Totes.

Sturdy. Stackable (when there's enough stuff in them). Customizable (you can add images and monograms, pockets and inserts).

They're just the best. And worth mentioning again.

12. The Token Rainbow Item on This Post

I mean...🤷🏼‍♀️

Walmart happens to be crushing it right now with happy little surprises.

This being one of them.

13. Lap Top of the Line Bag

When I don't want to pose as a mountaineer/outdoorsy/Subaru-driving nature lover with my Cotapaxi daypack, I haul this professional tote to the local coffee shop and pretend that I'm an important person doing important things.

Like writing blogs about bags and materialism.

14. Bags for Bluffton Folks

I believe I've mentioned this before, but our town is giving tree hugging a whirl and has ditched all plastic bags at all the stores.

And, honestly, I think it's great.

But, remembering to bring these cuties to the store would have me thinking it's amazing.

15. Practice Safe Selfies

Summer months are comin in hot.

We must be ready.

This thing might look like a security clearance badge to the Pentagon, but who cares if it saves you $800 during a selfie gone wrong by the seashore

16. The Bag that Means You're Goin' Places

The fact that this size bag is called a Weekender is either a joke or the work of an optimist. Like who could pack everything for a two-night stay in this?

So, let's get real and call it a Nighter.

No matter what it's called, pulling this puppy off the closet shelf is enough to elicit a moderate level of travel anticipation anxiety from my dog and an extreme level of travel anticipation excitement from me!

Bon voyage, y'all. Mama out.

Probably to a baseball tournament, but still. Continental breakfast. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What's your favorite bag? Is there one you can't live without? Let us know!

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  • I am addicted to Spartina bags!! You can take the girl out of the low country but can’t take the low country out of the girl!! Southern staple!

    Jessica Johnson

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