Things I Love Thursday: Baseball Mom Stuff

Tis the Season, ladies. 
I know this is a specific group of folks to target for a TILT post, but it's a group near and dear to my heart. Because somehow God saw fit for one of my sons (so far) to fall in love with baseball. And since I'm his mom, I'm automatically qualify into this pack of mama bears. 
We keep it real in Whimsytown, so let me come forward and spill the beans. 
On my best day, I'm mediocre at baseball mommin.' I'll cheer and holler with the best of 'em, but I definitely need to step my bleacher game up big time. Maybe Spring 2019 is my season to quit being the mom always borrowing from others or relying on the concession stand for between-game lunch. (nachos. because #yolo)
After some research, it's clear that the possibilities are endless here. This list doesn't even touch the surface of baseball mom (and other sport spectators) necessities, but it's a decent start. 
It's a good day to get better, so here we go. Links provided in the numbered product names as always because #loveyameanit
Here's the deal. What you wear to the fields can be quite the conundrum. Not in terms of what you look like because if you're worried about looking good while sitting in small town America while eating nachos, then you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Some of the fields don't even have mirrors in the bathrooms, so just give yourself a free pass on aesthetics.
What you wear has everything to do with the weather. This little raw hem cutie would be fun to throw over the tank top that'll eventually be soaked in your back sweat. Throw it back on to head to "the Mexican restaurant down the street" (every town has one) because the concession stand didn't have the good nacho cheese. 
This is actually not for us, mamas. Well...not directly. This is to check the box of supplying enough water. I'm not sure about you, but I find myself asking my kids about their water intake as if they need to hydrate for a marathon. 
These are the phases of motherhood worry:
Conception and throughout pregnancy = full term, healthy baby worry
Infancy = are they breathing worry
Toddler = are they choking worry
School Age = does that front tooth look a little darker than the others worry. You know...the one he said he hit when he fell last week?
The rest of their lives = Have they had enough water worry.
This thermos removes all dehydration guilt. Fill this puppy up, and if they drink it, they'll be good for at least a few days and if they don't drink it, then you can say something clever about leading a horse to water but not being able to make them drink. 
It also hangs on the fence which just makes it better than the non fence hangers. 
The lowcountry has bugs. It's just how it is. Some of us are targeted more than others for whatever reason. Perfume? Fonk? The cheese? I'm not sure what it is, but a sand gnat will hunt you down and find the millimeter of exposed ankle you have and will obliterate it. 
I'm not even sure these sticks work, but I'm lightin' up at every game just so I don't go down without a fight. 
Another one not technically for us moms.
But maybe it is, and if so, have no fear. Baseball families ("Bamilies" if you're not aware) create a unique circle of trust around each other, and your secret is safe here. I'll take the fact that I saw you pocket your son's antifungal cream with you to the bathroom TO MY GRAVE.
If we're sweating it out in the stands, imagine the heat those polyester uniform pants kick up in the noonday sun.
Friction + Boy Parts + Heat = Potential Swamp Butt
We must be prepared!
This could be the nurse in me. 
It could also be the baseball mom in me that knows sometimes the concession stand with the injury ice (normal ice in a food service plastic glove) is too far to walk to when a kid takes one to the eye. 
Carry a few of these to each game, and soon enough a goose egg scenario hits.
you da real MVP.
This needs zero explanation because no one has ever said, "I wish I didn't bring this sturdy bag that somehow manages to hold all of the crap I brought with me today."
It's a Thirty-One bag, and I love these, and you know it. I've bought the Target version before, and it's not the same. Just get this one already. Preferably in your team colors, because if you didn't know this, even if your team has a less common color scheme, you'll start noticing it everywhere. You'll text all the other team moms stuff like:
"Hey mamas! Target has Waves' Blue tanks on sale for $6."
Colors you've known your entire life will now be called by different names.
Kelly green will be now be Bulldog Green
Neon pink is Vapor Pink.
And Royal blue is anything but duke blue forever and always. 
If you don't have one, make sure you have a friend who does. And stake some claim on the ever-narrowing sliver of shade that it creates. Bring a chair and save your skin a few UV rays while catching up on some emails between games. 
Warning: At some point there will be tent drama involving the other team. They'll place their tent directly in front of you, blocking the view, or they'll perch directly behind the backstop and do distracting things to our pitchers. 
Oh geez. It's too close to the weekend for me to attempt this topic in such a short space, but I'm feeling bold today. 
Baseball mom shirts.
Not the sweatshirt you show up in when the dew is still on the grass. But the shirt you plan on others seeing most of the day. This is your statement shirt, and I'm kind of trying to say that you will be profiled based on what you choose, so make a good choice.
Here we see the classic. AND I LOVE IT. I haven't found one in Waves Blue yet, but my search won't end until I do. This gem was at Old Navy yesterday and was 30% off. Other colors available. 
You can't go wrong with a classic baseball tee. If you wear this you're advertising the following:
-I love America's sport.
-I love America.
-I will not scream profanities at the ump.
-I'm a normal human.
-I will cheer for a good play made by the other team, and if my kid was out by a mile, I'll agree, and life will move on.

Here are some other good options (click names for the links):
This mom is an encourager. She's here for the team and will share her ice packs. Even if it's her last one and even if it's not her child who got hurt. 
She's not a regular mom. She's a cool Mom. Who also knows Drake lyrics.
This mom is clever. She's learned that while white attracts dirt, it's your best option for those sweltering days in the sun.
Also, sun's out, guns out.
Cute shirt. It says Mama instead of Mom. This is likely a mom with Southern roots, so we like her already.
Now we enter the No-No shirt category.
Links not provided because I don't want to be held responsible.
Top Left Tank: This mom's kid is a winner, and your kid is a loser. And she wants the world to know. Be afraid of this one. 
Top Right Tee: I'm not even as concerned about content of the words as much as I am the quantity of them. And also the hideous graphic design work. No one even has the eyesight or time to read this. But if you do, just look at the ground when you pass her. 
Bottom Left Tee: This mom scales the backstop if her kid gets injured. And then calls a seven year old on the other team a "dirty player". And then whips out the disposable ice pack she keeps stuffed in back pocket. Just in case. She also cries if he strikes out.
Bottom Right Tee: Make no mistake, she will get ejected at some point this season and everyone else will be using phrases like "those were adult words" to their children on the ride home. 
You know how Subaru owners are often outdoorsy?
Well, No-No baseball shirt wearing moms often have this hair style. I'm not sure how or why this is.
There's nothing wrong with this 'do. This lady has lovely hair.
But she also might cut you. 
Music is a must. The kids seem more relaxed when their tunes are going. There's ample time to Fortnite dance in the dugout when the coaches aren't looking, and occasionally a call might go your way if the ump is into your playlist. 
We're super lucky that Finn's team is all about the music. It's fun to know kids by their walk up songs and also helpful when you can't see where the team is warming up, but you can hear them. 
Also, #sweetcaroline.
This is for the person who buys the tent. Or the poor mom who has the little siblings to bring, along with a day's worth of toys, food, and bedding to transition this wagon into a good napping spot later on.
This has nothing to do with game days and everything to do with a fun girls night out on a rare weekend of no baseball, but you don't even know who you are without having something baseball themed on your person. 
It happens. 
I don't think too many tumblers is actually a thing. So you might as well have one devoted for your weekends. 
This one is nice and opaque so that no one can judge your Diet Coke drinking at 7am.
As seen during one of the Christmas gift posts. This is a must if you're a bleacher dweller such as myself. It takes at least 4 times as long for your butt to go numb, which is pretty amazing. 
Baseball moms not only hand over their weekends when we sign our kids up for another season, but we also lose our dignity. 
If this is actually a real product and not some sort of hoax, this is the first thing I'm putting into my cart. Water and wind resistant, this product could very well save your life on those dreaded occasions when you have a lenient ump on an already poorly maintained field when it rains in the early weeks of the season.
This is for a two day tournament when a few teams dropped out and suddenly you're looking at a Saturday only event. Half the loot as usual. Half the bag size. 
And it's cute.
Best Gum Ever. 
Even the grape is good. 
Bring this with you so you can save a few bucks, but also to avoid the concession stand which is where the crazy moms tend to flock in their ill-intentioned t shirts. 
So many things left off of this list:
bug spray
The list is endless. 
Just like the FUN of this sport.
And the FUN your fellow weekend warrior bamily members bring to your life.
Check these dudes out. They ready. First tournament this weekend! 
Go Waves!!!

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