Things I Love Thursday: Beach Fun!

Whimsytowners. Hi. It's Thursday. Again.

And Saturday is the start of my family's annual "beach trip."

"The beach" is pretty much like "The lake."

There are specific beaches and lakes that people go to, but we don't even bother mentioning them when people ask where we went for vacation.

Unless it's Lake Como. Always mention that.

But the beach trip is a Summer tradition that my family has had since before I was born. And we love it. And we don't want to hear about your changes or the different place we should visit or the "are you going there agains?".

So after some internet sleuthing for my own beach needs...

Things I Love Thursday: Beach Fun

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The Beach Staple

I've just started taking tennis lessons at the age of shut-up-about-it, and I could be wrong, but this might be my year to shine.

Gone are the days of "lets see how long we can keep a volley going". I might have to bring some mouth guards to showcase my new skill set.

Prokadima With Flair...

IMO, the natural paddle with yellow handle is the way to go. It's the original. It speaks to the respect of the sport.

But for those of you who like some flair, go for the crazy colors. 
Just know that if teams are picked, you're going to be picked last because you're just announced that you're not going to take this seriously.

2. Smart They Didn't Name it Tidal Wave

Got great reviews. 
Looks like most beach games of just throwing things at a target.

3. Play Your Cards Right

Probably not great for a beach game unless you're the type that hauls one of those funeral home sized tents to the beach and sets up an entire tailgate.

Because nothing is more frustrating than a water damaged Uno set and knowing when the misshapen Draw Four is about to land in your face, and you have nary a Reverse to stop it from happening.

4. High as a Kite

Octopus kite would not be my first option. But there were two, and they were cheap. And I have a lot of kids.

5. Probably No Different Than the $5 Walmart Ball

If you've ever been to a fancy toy store, you've probably been sucked into one of the Wave Runner toy brand videos.

You know the ones. With the intense background music that has you believing college scouts will stop mid beach stroll and sign you on the spot.

6. HiBocce. Like the Japanese Restaurant. But Different.

This is probably our favorite game for THE BEACH.

Dinners have been paid for due to nail biting losses.

It really is so fun. 
Until you drop a ball on your foot.

Or a kid moves the white ball, and you have to grow up real quick and not overreact.

7. For the Budding Gardeners

In almost 14 years of parenting and just as many beach trips with children, we've probably purchased and quickly lost at least 100 plastic beach toys.

No matter the age or gender of the child, the watering can is always the favorite.

I'm not sure why as I have seen ZERO interest expressed in the giant watering can that sits next to my dead potted plants.

I bought two of these, and I'm guessing there will still be fights.

8. There's a Game Called Bung Hole

Again. Another game of throwing an object at a target.

But it's called Bung Hole. 
Which makes it better. 
And makes me believe in people.

9. For the Type A Kid

There are drip castle kids.
There are sand castle smashers. 
And there are future engineers. 
This is for you, kiddo.

10. They'll Probably Wash Away With the Tide

The sand toy sets, usually have shovels that break or a lot of those rakes that no one uses. These are sturdy and might justify me getting out of my chair to retrieve them from the rogue waves.

11. For the Weird Kid

This is a trick.
Just to see if you're paying attention. 
Don't get this for any child. Or other aged human.

Because I would assume this would increase their chances of turning into an adult who saunters down the boardwalk with his magic wand and "finders keepers" mentality.

Also, usually in man sandals and socks.

Unless your diamond ring went missing, just stop it.

12. Stacks Like the International House of Pancakes

If you've got a wee one in the group, these things will keep them busy for hours. 
They're bright and colorful and educational.

And also good at distinguishing personality differences among the tots.

The stack-in-a-tower kid? Hard worker with big goals.

The nesting-cup-stacker kid? Organizational Minimalist

The watches-the-water-drip-from-the-bottom-of-the-cup-for-a-little-too-long kid? Either a Thinker or Not a Thinker at all. Could go either way.

The smash a crab between two cups while laughing kid? Serial Killing might be his thing.

13. Bump-Set-Spikeball

Another favorite. 
Another one posted way too many times, but I fear so many of you AREN'T LISTENING.

Great game for the parents and big kids.

14. For the Lazy Kid or the Kid Who Walks Across Your Towel with Their Sandy Feet

Not a toy. 
But seems like a great idea if it works!

Also, the lady in this picture looks too uncomfortable and pale to enjoy her time by the shore. Big towel. Zero company.

15. Essentials

Alright. A set that might be worth getting. 
I see a bucket doubling as storage, a carrying bag and a watering can. 
We'll let the rake slide.

16. Puzzled

Candy! Perfect for the beach!


But this is actually a puzzle.

Which is perfect for sitting around a table with your family after a long day on the beach.

Errbody all glossy like from their aloe applications.

Do you vacation at THE BEACH?

What is your must have toy or fun thing to keep the big and little kiddos occupied?

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