Things I Love Thursday: Beaches N' Beads

Things I Love Thursday: Vacation!


And we're lucky enough to be on vacation at the beach with my parents, brother, sis in law, and nieces. 


Those boogie boards aint gonna boogie themselves, so let's get started. 


Things I Love Thursday...


Click the PINK LINKS below to find these beloved thingies on the world wide web. 




Can't survive the beach without a good tumbler. Might as well have one that shines like a diamond in the sky. While keeping your ice frozen all the live long day. 

I've shared these RTIC cups before on gift guides because I'm a fan. I lose things easily and that rules the Yeti price tag OUT for this girl. 

Affordable. Fun colors. Cold draaaaanky dranks. 




This can go in the tumbler. 👆


I'm unsure of the health benefits of this as there are likely zero, but the whole V8 thing at least makes me think I'm better than a Red Bull consumer. 


Refreshing. Gives a little boost to the ol' energy tank. 



Hey, ladies? Ever shave your legs just before a dip in the ocean and think, "Hmm...since when did I have a million paper cuts on my legs and the ocean really just a huge vat of lemon juice?"


Here's your solution to that age old conundrum.


Shave. Slather. Swim. Shred the waves. Shed no tears.





Outside of my sister in law's "Earthquake Cake", these are, hands down, the win of this vacation. 


We don't have a total count, but there have been at least 40 bracelets made and 17 bracelet drops before the knots were tied and all the beads errwhere. 


Cute. Fun for all ages. No tears if a rain shower pops up because 




Also have these for customizing.




These, too. 



Seriously. If you have kids between 4-15, this is a winner. 



I talk about my gym enough that it should come as no surprise that I sorely miss it while I'm away. 


The people. The burn. The someone telling me what to do. 


This App takes care of the latter two. 


You can choose what equipment you have available, and it generates workout options for you. 


And then you're mid workout and sweating and already wondering if that's enough to justify your vacation eating habits. 




Cute necklace and bracelet to go with just about anything. Fun to layer. Might turn green one day, but so far, so good with this one.



Happy Thursday, y'all. 


I'm suitin' up to join my peeps at the shore. 

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