Things I Love Thursday: Being 40 and Other Cool Things, Too

Let's cut to the chase. 

Today's my 40th birthday. 

And because my brain is special, I just had a flashback to Casey Kasem's Top 40 countdown for some reason and really wish I had gotten it together to write a Top 40 themed post or something cool like that for y'all. 

Here's a quick run down of today's THINGS I LOVE. Making it a fast one so the cake eating can commence. 


Links are in PINK.


Love a good Mama tee. 

It's great to wear as an explanation. 

Like when you're in the self check out at Target and have to make three different transactions because you keep forgetting something in your cart. Look up to see the person next to you giving you the "Are you alright" look. 

They read the tee. Realize you're a Mama. Understand now why you don't have it together, and carry on with their day. 

It's also just a cute tee shirt with a lil' edge. 


Sometimes you clean your closet out and find these awesome kicks wedged behind some other not so awesome kicks. Been wearing almost daily.

Love love love. 


With four kiddos, mom jewelry can become too much. Not with this nifty lil necklace my brother and sister in law gifted me for Christmas. 

I have it in gold. 

Looks cool with just one initial as well. Like your first name letter. Last name initial. Or just a random letter to really throw folks off. That could be fun. 


I don't want to speak out of birthday euphoria and be dramatic but this tool has changed my hair life tremendously. It has single handedly bought me two extra days of not shampooing. That sounds gross and may very well be, but my hair stylist told me to wash less, condition more. 


I want to do a story on how to use it but can't unsee those YouTube videos of girls who burn their hair off. 


Like THIS 








Nothing is linked here, so don't DM me saying it doesn't work. I'm busy all day eating birthday things and liking FB happy birthday messages. 


Here's a week night game changer recipe for you: 


1 pork tenderloin

1 jar of this mango salsa


Slow cooker on low 8 hours. 


Serve it on tacos, on a salad, eat it cold out of the fridge when you come home in a hunger rage. 


Also, can we all agree the word "loin" is just gross? 

Adding tender to the front of it didn't soften the blow. Still gross. Gag a thousand maggots nasty.


Uh oh. My Special brain powers just triggered memory of THIS VIDEO


Please watch it. 




Got these at Aerie this week. They don't carry them in the store, but someone made a return from an online purchase. 

Read: It was meant to be. 

These are my birthday pants today. Thought they would pair well with the midlife crisis I'm now allowed to have. 



Happy day, y'all! It's a great day to have a great day.


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