Things I Love Thursday: Biscuits, Billie, and Back Fixes

Hey..Thursday..blah blah blah..What the actual what is up with the weather? 

Texas is the new Alaska, and torrential rain is the new partly cloudy.

It has rained so much that I've settled into this unhealthy pattern of canceling everything. 

Baseball practice? Canceled due to rain. Makes sense. 

Tennis? Courts are wet. No go. Understood. 

Soccer? Don't even think about it. They'll tear up the fields.

Laundry? Wouldn't want to prematurely fold clothes we won't wear since we aren't going anywhere. 

Dinner? Shouldn't we support local business and the delivery drivers tonight? You know. Cause the rain and all? 

Summary: Rain brings out my inner loser. Sunshine wanted. 

Blue skies ahead though!

Like right neeeow. 

With these six little wonders of the Whimsytown world. 

PINK LINKS below will transport you to internet searching delight. Give them a try. 


I feel like this would be my answer to one of those things that floats around Facebook titled "What's your rap name?"

(How your hormones make you feel + what you last ate)

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit is a must if you're ever in Charleston. There are a few locations. All of them serve up the best lil' sweet and/or savory biscuits you've ever had. 

Bummer, tho. Charleston isn't home to most of us. 

Unbummer alert: Publix carries them in the freezer section!!!

(gif of Oprah giving cars away, except biscuits) 

Judge me all you want when you see the sticker price. 

But then eat one. And lets be besties again. 

Our local Publix has the cinnamon flav-o-flav (as seen below) and the butter biscuit as well. Add a slather of apple butter and all the southern grannies will rejoice together in glory.

(Glory = Heaven. Not Cracker Barrel. Good grief.)

These pair well with lazy weekend mornings, company you want to impress, fat pants, fat shirt and rain. 


So y'all know I'm orty-fay. 

Oof. Fail. I thought it would sound better in pig Latin, but it actually landed worse. 

Look. I'm forty. Big freakin deal. I like to exercise and ignore when my body is saying, "Please stop. I hate you." I'm not great at stretching and my form is mediocre at best. 

But...endorphins and gym friends are a real life magic potion to me, and I can't stop, won't stop.

Hence, occasional lower back pain. 

Thankfully one of my gym girls is an awesome physical therapist, and she's in the process of working my jank back (and hip and IT band and all the things) back to the land of the pain-free living! 

She didn't ask me to share this, but it's my blog and IDOWHATIWANT!!!

With just two sessions under my belt, Ashley has identified the problem, dry needled some extra problematic tight spots (pretty instant relief), given me daily exercises to strengthen weak areas and stretch the tight places. 

Locals, if you're feeling hindered in your activities by your own dern body, give her a call! 


I'm a sucker for color blocking. And a sale. 

✅ and ✅ 

Pairs well with Callie's Hot lil' Biscuits, fat pants, casual indoor events, theoretical outdoor events, and rain. 


Every Instagrammer with a decent following seems to promote these razors. So of course I went through the Stages of Being Influenced:

1. Cynicism

2. Curiosity

3. Purchasing

4. Rationalizing

5. Telling no one if it's bad.


Telling everyone how AHHMAZING it is if it ranges between somewhat decent and spectacular. 

But foreal. Just a good razor. Despite the ads with lots of armpit hair pics. I'm a fan. 

Monthly shipment. Frequency based on your hair shavin' needs. Comes with some sort of protective surface around the razor that lathers when wet, so it's like a 2-in-1 deal. Magnetic shower holder. 

I could say a few more things about the razor to make it sound glam, but let's not go crazy. It's just a really good razor.

If you've been locked in at Stage 2: Curiosity for a while, here's an honest opinion because you know I don't have enough followers to get a paid ad. 


This with a splash of Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer. 

On the rocks. 

Pairs well with late nights, canceled laundry, air-fryer reheated Callie's Hot Lil' Biscuits, Netflix binges, fatigue, being orty-fay, and caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Also, rain.


Remember pre-Covid when parties were those things where people showed up and had fun? 

Turns out, those are still a thing! Host a PRIVATE movie party!

Many theaters across the country are doing this, including the Cinemark here in our very own lil' Bluffton. 

$99 for 20 people for an older movie

$150 for a new release

Great for a kids' party, girls' night out, teacher work days, etc. 

And if you don't know what to see, I recommend this 👇 movie. Legit funny movie. Took the kids on Monday while they were all out of school, and I paid attention the entire time. Miracle. 

And movies just so happen to pair well with.....

Not mentioning rain anymore, because really, it's not that big of a deal. 

Get your rain boots out, jump in some puddles, knock out a few indoor projects, eat some biscuits, watch a movie, throw your back out, let Ashley fix it...

And enjoy your Thursday!

Sunshine is comin' back. She always does. 


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