Things I Love Thursday: Cake for Breakfast and Seasonal Coffee Mugs

Happy Friday Eve, y'all. 

It's a chilly day here in the South, but the sun in shinin', I've got my good sweats on, and they played MMM'Bop at the gym this morning. 

No complaints here, folks. 

On with the things I Lurrrrrrrrrve...

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If you're a Whimsytown veteran, this isn't new to you. I have sung the praises of Kodiak Cakes before. 

(sing, sang, sung, swim, swam, swum, slappy, Swenson, Swanson, SAMSONITE!...I always second guess this) #sidenote I do, I overkilled it. Kids got tired of it, and Kodiak Cakes landed itself out of the rotation of breakfasts. 

Until today. 

And it was all, "YAY! We LOVE those things. We're so glad you're our Mom. And also, take the weekend to yourself and just chill out and we'll do the laundry."

Sometimes I lie. 

Look. These are supposed to be healthier than normal pancakes, so don't expect it to be IHOP level awesome on the flavor spectrum, but these do check the following boxes:

✅ no unhealthy breakfast mom guilt

✅ cake before noon

✅ protein


Here's how we Kodiak:

1/2 Cup Kodiak Cakes mix (dark chocolate for us)

1/2 Cup milk (or water if you're a purist)

Mix it up and Microwave for 2.5 min. 

Add toppings if you wanna. 

PB and Banana

Strawberries and Redi Whip (if your kids haven't downed the can already)

Ice Cream (if you don't give a dern and/or are on your period and see ice cream as a better option than ripping people's faces off)






Amazon would have you believe that this is an "elegant denim satchel." 

Enough of that. 

This is a basic denim bag, and there's just nothing wrong with that. 

I ordered this after I realized my confetti lined laptop bag was leaving a trail of glitter errrwhere I went. 

Like a Gretel with flair, I was bedazzling the streets and coffee shops of Bluffton.

This bag is great as she is, but I have of course envisioned embroidering something inspiring on it like "Nash's mom" or "elegant denim satchel." 

This just in....No lie. A trendy girl (verrrry trendy) at the coffee shop just sat next to me. Says "Oh my gosh, I love your bag."  You should see the skinny spikes on her boots. They could double as a scalpel or even successfully spear a Capri Sun. She is one to be trusted, folks. 

Get the bag. Call it a satchel. Pair it with your sweats. Impress the girl in her surgical boots. Win the day. 




Charlie walked into the kitchen the other day, and I politely informed him that he was wearing Weston's jacket, as evidenced by the sleeves being 3/4 style. 

He informed me he's been wearing this coat all winter. 

I reminded him of the epidural free birth I gave to him. 

He reminded me that was Finn and Weston. 

I got online and purchased a coat in his size. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Primary brand. Think Boden level quality. Old Navy price point. Basic looks without the random phrases, logos, etc. Great for school uniform dress codes. On sale for $22.50! 


Ever heard of Roolee? I caved one time to the InstaPressure and bought a few things. Don't regret it at all. Love their look, quality is on point, and their look is unique without being weird. 
Currently their sale items are an additional 40% off with code WINTERSALE40
 This coat is $33.05 with the code. I'm like winter will be over soon enough, but the groundhog has spoken, and it looks like you probably should buy the coat. 

$30.51 with WINTERSALE40 code 👇

$33.05 👇

Lots of cute new arrivals as well! Check them out. 


Ever act out and send your kids to school worried they spend the whole day hating you, or worse, tell their teacher that you're a big dummy?

Send a cover up note! 😜

Or just a note to say, "Hey, I think you're pretty great." 

They'll love it. Even if they're in high school and are upset with you because you PFFFFT!!! when they told you they can only see themselves driving a car with a back up camera. 

They're tiny in size but a huge game changer for your kids.

Your words matter so much. And it will matter so much to you when you find one that they saved, tucked away in their nightstand. Next to the moldy granola bar. SWOON!


Is it me or does it seem that the Valentine's Day theme has gone off the charts this year? Maybe we're all just needing something to look forward to. I know for me as soon as the Christmas tree is down, my very next thought is: 

Thin Mint Season

Found this mug at our local Walmart. Not overly V-day but enough to feel the love. 

Fill it with some Dove chocolates for teacher gifts? 

Fill it with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk and eat it? 

Fill it with coffee and drink it? 

The possibilities are endless. 

Happy Day, Y'all! 

What are you loving today? 

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