Things I Love Thursday: Calendars!

We did it. 
We survived and thrived through the holiday shenanigans, and here we are! Living to tell the tales of matching PJs, jello salads and a scooter speed vs. brick paver miscalculation that ended in a driveway face plant. (guess which Ussery kid)
I'm honestly not entirely sure what transpired from December 20th-ish to December 25th, but I feel like it was mostly great and moderately gluttonous. Then there were days 26th-30th where we were confused, slightly diabetic and genuinely concerned a few vagabonds mistook our cardboard box riddled side yard as a pop-up tent city. I'm sure it's happened somewhere.
Then the ball drops, and January 1st is here. And out of nowhere we shed our sloth suits of laziness and step into a new year ready to be amazing at all of the everythings.
"ITSJANUARYFIRSTANDIMINCREDIBLE" we think, and if you say otherwise Rachel Hollis herself will show up on your doorstep with some soap and a loofah and tell you to wash your dream crushing self from face to foot. 
The baton that passes from December to January is a volatile rollercoaster that I'm not sure I want to be tall enough to ride.
I need balance between complete loser and completely insane. Anybody with me out there? 
Which brings me to this:
Things I Love Thursday
Somewhere between eating handful #17 of Chex Mix (home made, so go ahead and bump me down a few notches on your judgement meter, k?) and organizing the repacked Christmas decor by the Pantone book, I landed on a more reasonable idea of "Things I Love Thursday". 
or TILT as I just realized it acronyms into! 
The Christmas Gift Guides were helpful and fun for us all. (Thanks for the tags and posts and shares on Christmas morning of all the happy recipients BTW!!! Made. My. Day.) , so why not keep the candle burnin with a weekly lil' mini sesh of goodies?
"Things I Love Thursdays" will vary in theme but will include links to cool stuff when I can find them, and giveaways when I can get 'em. It'll be like a pre party to the weekend. A lil' somethin' somethin' to get excited about, and maybe a source to go to when you need a birthday gift or a little reward because you made a school lunch that included a vegetable.
Why not get this party started like...NOW? 
It IS Thursday, and I just so happen to be an over-sharer who has a never ending list of things she loves. 
First up: CALENDARS!!!
Nerd alerts have easily sounded off at the word alone and the unorganized folk are already side-eyeing me. We're a whole three days into this new year. Let's at least pretend we want to keep it together. 
It's 2019, so it would be humiliating to start with anything other than a good calendar App. 
Meet Cozi.
I'm sad to report that my Cozi app is basically my life's work. It answers all of the important questions:
Where is mom?
When do the Tarheels/Panthers play?
You can assign a color for each family member so that your hectic schedule will at least appear to be lovely even when it is not.
And you can easily visualize that you have surrendered your Saturdays to basketball for the foreseeable future. 
These are for the people with serious plans. The folks who attend conferences and allot time for the bathroom just so they can cross it off the list.
Just look at how this person is cradling it with an air of superiority and also a hint of I Dare You to Touch My Agenda.


3. Rainbow Desk Calendar

This is a calendar of beauty. Usually placed in public areas of the home to convey to the entire family that they, too, should be taking note of what's happening around here. 

And if it says "Baseball Game at 6 on Monday" you best get your uniform in the wash on Sunday or you're ridin' dirty to the game. 


4. The Doodler's Calendar

(as seen on Gift Guide for the Lady Folk)

Calling all girls who ran for Secretary of BETA Club or Student Council and listed "Good handwriting" as reason to cast a vote in her direction!

This is more whimsical than Serious Agenda (#2) and requires the use of good pens. (Read: PaperMate Flair/InkJoy or those non bleed thru Sharpies)

Also, stickers included.


5. Dry Erase WEEKLY Calendar

Admittedly, I'm not a #1 foam finger holder of Team Dry Erase. One brother shoving another brother into the fridge where this hangs and you have no clue what you're doing on Thursday afternoon. There's too much room for error here. 

However, if you find the right spot for this, then it's a gem. 

But only in the weekly form. Monthly dry erase makes zero sense because who nears the end of a month and just shrugs their shoulders when having to wait until the last day to plan again for the next 30/31 days? These must be for the folks who are strong starters but have given up by the 15th. And also for the folks who enjoy writing numbers 1-30 twelve different times a year. No thanks.

Get the weekly one. Hang it where no one will bump into it.


6. Bubble Wrap Calendar

I'm most excited about this one. 

Each Day is a bubble to pop, and Weston's arrived in the mail today, and I can't wait to give it to him. He got so into his Advent calendar this year and has shown continued confusion about the months of the year that I thought this could be a good tool for him to have. 

There's a zero percent chance that he won't go Buddy the Elf in the elevator scene on this thing within the first week, but we'll at least have something to look at and remember that time I tried. 

Stickers are included to place over important bubble dates you're anticipating like Disney trips. Or trips to Parker's gas station for a $0.79 slushy like we get hype about. Because YOLO and slushy flavor mixing is life. When lemon lime-blue raspberry Coke becomes a new thing, just thank the Ussery boys.

Oh, and did I mention THIS IS THE GIVEAWAY ITEM?!? Go to @whimsytown on IG for the info to enter.


7. Bare Minimum Calendar

This calendar is for two different groups of people:

1. The non morning person who can't handle a lot of info right when they wake up. Let's just start them with what day it is, and after they yell at everyone for turning on too many lights and for breathing, maybe they can handle glancing at their Apple Watch to see what time they have to be at that stupid meeting run by all the coffee-hating idiots who love sunrises and water with lemon.


2. People who don't give a dern what day it is. This just serves as something to put on their desk. 

Either way, it's kinda cute in its simple design, and the large numbers might keep me from having an overdue bill or missing an important birthday of a birthday diva who would unfriend me for forgetting. Again.


8. Everyday's a Holiday

Let's get real. No one really wants this calendar for any other reason than to laugh at how ridiculous it is.

But maybe you give it to your friend who enjoys giving gifts, and ya never know what could happen. 

An impromptu lunch date to Bojangles on July 6th?

Happy Hour at Ben and Jerry's on March 6th? 

Stay at home in your doomsday bunker on May 3rd? 

2019 could quickly become your best year EVER!


Alright, peeps. Share your stories. Share your tricks. What's the calendar/planner/agenda of wonder keeping you together in 2019? Or are you still in your matching jammies sitting by your fire hazard of a Christmas tree crying about not hearing Christmas Shoes again for a whole ten months? 

It's ok. There's room for you, too, in Whimsytown. But get on over to @whimsytown on Instagram and follow the steps for the bubble calendar for Step #1 of the intervention plan we have set in place for you.









  • Emily, thank you! I am crushing on Thursdays, too.
    Amy, EC and I go way back. I am a massive fan but I kept smashing all of the wire binders that kept them together which sent my inner and outer perfectionist into warp speed of lunacy. So I’m mostly online now! GASP!
    Laura, I guess this is what you get for having a weak bladder! Don’t blame meeeee! (haha)

    Thanks for reading, y’all!

    Erin of WhimsyTown
  • You are just so creative and gifted! Thursday’s will now be fun!

  • My fave go to calendar for years has been the Erin Condren Life Planner and all the accessories she has that comes with! Check it out!

    Amy Flanagan
  • I promised to go on a budget in 2019, I woke up to go pee, got on Instagram and now I’m reading you blog, and I have 3 items in my amazon cart!!! 🌈


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