Things I Love Thursday: Car Accessories

I tell you what. Thursdays haven't been this much fun since ER was airing. You remember...before the days of DVR and HULU when you had to finagle your schedule around that 10pm time slot to pledge your allegiance like a real fan should. John, Doug, Carol and Susan didn't wait for nobody!

Maybe grab some popcorn during the commercial break. Or do some crunches like I recall Seventeen magazine suggesting. Pfft. 🙄 Or actually chat with a real human since social media didn't exist. 

I'm old. 

Today's Things I Love Thursday theme is not glam. At all. It doesn't even collage well. Going from last week's fanciful earring post to this blah sesh is like heading to Target on December 30th to find Rubbermaid bins have infiltrated what used to be the Christmas decor wonderland. 

But the thing is, we NEED the Rubbermaid, don't we?

I took a poll from the people and even though I didn't actually count, it felt like there were more votes for practical than fun. Don't worry, cool kids, the fun post will come next week. 

Here we go: 

Things I Love Thursdays: Car Accessories


1. Organizer

My car is basically my office.

And if my car is in shambles, then my brain and all of my dependents' wellbeing is at risk. It's no secret that if I'm having a day less than or equal to a 6 out of 10 kind of day, there's a good chance you'll find me cashing in on my monthly unlimited Ultimate Carwash pass. 

Here's a little SAT throwback for you:

Complementary Vacuum Station : Erin :: Wilson the Volleyball : Tom Hanks in CastAway

CVS and I have shared some frustrations and worked through some of life's toughest situations. (Read: dairy spills)

The point is: Keep Your Car Clean

Even if you're not a fellow Enneagram Type 1 compadre, I promise no one gets mad about a clean car.

An organizer like this is a great first step. Not having one of these is like haphazardly throwing paper clips all over a work desk, and even serial killers don't do that.  

Things I keep in mine: First Aid kit, change of clothes for the little kids, reusable grocery bags, bug spray, sunscreen, a Sharpie, books, an umbrella, snacks, water bottles (likely have heated up to the cancer-causing temperature at this point...this is my reminder to discard)

2. Organizer with Bonus Cooler

This organizer is basically the same as above except it's larger and has a cooler. 

It is the organizer for the important people. These folks have tons of loot and CAINT EVEN think about going home for the hours soon after their grocery run. 

Also useful for:

-taking a temperature-regulated, non food-poison laced meal to that friend who had surgery or a baby and happens to live an hour's drive or more away

-Uber drivers who like mayo on their sandwiches

-organ donation transports.

Wait. Nah. There's probably a Yeti for that. 


3. Thing That Will Neutralize Bad Odors

Ionizer sounds very technical, so this must be for some serious FONK. I'm thinking...Milkshakes that are spilled underneath third row floor mats but are not reported to management and left unattended to during Summer days in the lowcountry. 

Did you notice that example was too specific to be contrived?

I'm thinking the UssBus needs several ionizers.

Oh, and there are some USB ports thrown in for good measure. So you can charge your phone while you wait for this thing to unstink your ride. 



4. Tyler Candle Diva Scented Car Fresheners

These are a nod to one of the 2018 Christmas Gift Guides. Remember the Tyler Candle Diva scent laundry detergent? Step aside, pine tree air freshener! Your reign is over.

Stash these aboard your swagger wagon and maybe even rub them on your bod like we used to do with those Elizabeth Arden perfume ads in granny's Redbook magazine. 

 That's a rash that's worth it. 


5. Seat Massager

 My Bestie just got a new whip that came with built-in seat massagers!!! FOMO sufferers will understand that it took me all of one day to search for these after learning that this was a thing. 

I think for the first few tries, my brain would be so confused that I'd take my shoes off and wonder where my pedicure water was. 

But once that issue got settled, I'd likely volunteer to drive all of the car pools to all of the away tournaments and the other parents would love me almost as much as I love Kneading Mode.

Also, they're heated. 


6. Magnetic Phone Holder AND Charger

This is not for Netflixing on the interstate, so don't lose your mind. 

This does exist, however, for you to keep your hands at ten and two while you're trying to figure why your Google Maps app is saying you've arrived at the baseball complex when all you see in front of you is a corn field. 

And it's phone case friendly. Not sure about those pop sockets though. 


7. Cup Holder Expander

Another repeat from the gift guides, but now I can confess my love for it.  John got this as a Christmas gift, and I quickly hijacked it because I spill coffee on the regular. (get it?🤓)

This thing WERRRKS!

The bottom of this gadget twists to change size to fit any cup holder, and that little slot on the side allows for all of the handles to my all of my differently sized unicorn themed mugs to fit. 

I feel like this cup holder expander sometimes. Trying to be all the things for all the people. 

Except I fail. This thing wins! 


8. Everything You Need For When Disaster Strikes

First Aid kit, jumper cables, probably some things you'd never use, and one of those hand tools that will smash your window should you ever find yourself in a  car-in-water pickle. 

The only thing missing here is Bear Grylls himself. 

And maybe some snacks, and some hair ties.

And a theme song as you drive away after helping someone jump their car.

Ladies and gents, know how to jump a car. It's an easy Save the Day move. 

Or if you don't feel comfortable trying to locate the hood release button, at least buy some jumper cables and take partial credit.




9. Essential Oil Car Fresheners

Disclaimer: I'm not an oil freak. Nor am I hater. I'd describe myself as a dabbler. There is enough personal experience to say they work, but not enough space in my schedule to figure out which oil is best for which scenario. Which is why I frequently hit up my DoTerra and Young Living girls. Yes, I have used both. I'm an unashamed equal opportunist when it comes to sharing the love with my friends who pimp products. I'm looking at you LimeLife, R+F, and Beauty Counter. Please don't hate me. I just honestly love all of the things and all of the people.

My bathroom drawers are a direct reflection of this love. 

If for no other reason than an awesome smelling car, purchase these little doo dads and maybe conquer a headache, overcome some anxiety or ward off the stomach bug at all costs. 

(👆reasons I dabble)

10. A Trash Can for Your Car

Children were put here on this earth to make our hearts burst from love overload and to completely trash our cars. I'm convinced of this. 

Perks with this trash can:

It comes with a hook so you don't spill your trash and have to clean it up AGAIN.

It also features a front mesh pocket for organizing so that you can store more trash but in a tidy way. 🤷🏼‍♀️



11. All The Chargers and Outlets

Next item up is for all Duggar sized families and for the disciplined parents who only let their kids use electronics on long road trips. (lie)

Your kids won't have to worry when the battery life turns red and they're midway through the Minecraft thing in the portal that does the stuff and the block head folks are there.


12. Car Vacuum

If you have experienced a Ziplock bag of goldfish hitting the deck before the kids with the huge clumsy feet who are also blind exit the vehicle, then your brain used up zero percent of your Dopamine stores to determine why this gadget made the must have list. 

I don't have one of these, so I can't speak to it's suction power, but if you're in the midst of a dry-matter spill scenario, this right here will be #therealmvp. No question. 


13. Hooked on You

Ever pump the brakes to either teach your kid to stay buckled up or to avoid an accident and your purse goes flying into the floorboard only to shatter the new tube of lip gloss YOU JUST BOUGHT!?!

Well, quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

Hook it up already, and get back to the days of doing the mom arm handlebar rescue maneuver across your child instead of your purse. 

Other scenarios these might be useful in:

-Hanging up the backpacks and lunch boxes so your crew stops looking like a cluster of newborn giraffes trying to step over all the crud on their exit from the vehicle.

-Securing the dry cleaning bundle you just picked up instead of throwing it in the seat like a fool who likes to spend money on things they immediately ruin. 


14. Kiddie Cubical for Cruisin'

If there's a twinge of you wanting to get this next item up for show, then there's no doubt about it:

You are a helicopter mom. 

And you need to own it. 

I'm about sick of that phrase mustering up all the negativity. 


To bake the cupcakes, confiscate the gluten, volunteer for the field trips, proctor the standardized tests and eavesdrop conversations while cutting out the laminated things so that you can report to us if our kid is being bullied or is bullying others. 

Because of this new purchase, your child will also get into all of the colleges you've selected for him or her because the rest of us are idiot-training our brains with devices being charged by item #11.

You are winning, and we all know it.


15. The Black Hole Life Saver

There's got to be an ugly word for this half inch space that leads to misplaced paychecks, rogue French fries and shards of smart phone screen shrapnel.

Show this space who's boss with this gem of an item and quit holding up drive thru line trying to cram your man hands down there to retrieve your debit card. The black hole always wins, and your hand will look like you tried to friend a feral cat. Just pull forward, and pray that the car in front of you is in the middle of one of those pay it forward sermon series at church. 


16. Funny Things that are Car Related

(links below)

Funny Socks

Teens learning to drive a stick shift need these. Because teens love being made fun of almost as much as they love you yelling at them to EASE OFF THE CLUUUUTCH.

Following Jesus Sticker

Well. ARE you? 

Side Mirror Losing Sticker

I'm not one to frequently check what a side view mirror reads, but if I came across this little funny, I'm pretty sure it would make my day. 

TLTL (The Little Things (in) Life) isn't following the rules of acronyms, but can we try to make it a thing? This sticker will be the first post. 

Qualifying criteria for TLTL: 

1. Not serious

2. Funny

3. Makes you laugh.

(This is where one of my kids would say "What? Your FACE?" and I'd have to pretend that it angered me, but really all I'd be thinking is SOLID BURN.)

Auto Bingo

 Remember these things?!?!?!

I hope the makers of Auto Bingo removed "payphones" as an option behind the sliding, red doors. Otherwise nobody's ever winning again. 


Alrighty! That wraps up another week of #TILT.

What keeps you alive on your daily commute? What's your favorite car hack?

TELL US! Because today is no different than any other day in Whimsytown.

We need all the help we can get.

































  • Same, Heather. Same. Let us know how seat massagers work out later this year. I have a feeling I’d be the mom who shows up in the car rider line an hour before school gets out. For the first time in ever.

    Erin of Whimsytown
  • My car is a constant disaster thanks to my precious children! Definitely ordering some of these items, and throwing that seat massager on next year’s list for Santa ha! Love your blog ❤️


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