Things I Love Thursday Comeback (For today anyway)

I used to write a weekly blog post. 

On Thursdays.

About Things I Loved.


Then I stopped. 

Can't remember exactly why, but I feel like it had to do with Ukraine being attacked and feeling stupid while everyone was sharing Go Fund Me pages to be like: "hey, here's a link to my favorite kettle corn." 


Ukraine is still being attacked. 

Sharing these lovable things is still frivolous.


But I still like to write. Still love nonsense. 

And maybe silly can coexist among the crap.

YOLO, babies.

Let's go. 


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A couple of weeks ago, I survived a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR JV baseball game. 


I know, I know. 

Hero status. 🙋‍♀️ 


The game lasted so long that when someone complimented Finn's pitching from the first and second innings, I didn't even remember he'd taken the mound. 


One of the other, better, more prepared moms noticed me trying to eat my blanket during an extra inning and offered some of these lemon almonds to me.


(Technically she had the Sam's Club version but told me about this brand that you can find at Target.)


Sit down, peanuts and cracker jacks. 


Almonds and what tastes like the inside of a lemon Oreo is where it's at. 


Side note: I promptly and proudly failed the Almond Mom (IYKYK) test by eating the entire bag before my car reversed out of the parking lot. #humblebrag


Also...Finn's team WON. Good guys finished on top 15-14 after being down 1-10. 






In addition to pumping the brakes on blogging, I decided ENOUGH with getting my nails done. 

Nothing to do with Ukraine. 

Just my nail girl being so rude to her husband/coworker that I thought, "This is awful. This is the last time I'm doing this." 


Naked nails are for me now. 


Except on the days I wake up and think "Sure hope no one looks at my hands."


I got Insta-influenced by @things.i.bought.and.liked a while back on this nail concealer, and I'm a fan. 

It actually conceals how crappy my nails are. 

Goes on thick and smoothes the ridges. Dries quickly. Somehow even hides my botched paint jobs. 

Not cheap, but has some strengthening benefits that justify the cost. 

("It's good for your nail health, Erin.") 

Also only comes in two colors. This  is helpful to my indecision as much as my inner twelve year old soul who would surely choose teal or blue over the white and pale pink options available. 







Nerd alert.


Great podcast for anyone who enjoys learning the science behind our bodies, how they work, and why they may not be working we well as we hope. 


One minute I'm folding laundry. One hundred and thirty-seven minutes later I've finished an episode entirely devoted to sleep cycles and how to become better at sleeping again. 


Dr. Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology at Stanford.


He doesn't gots the dumb. 






News flash: I joined a tennis team and survived my first actual match. 

The highlight was when I dove for a ball like winning that point was more important that my knees. Or my pride.

My partner looked at me and said, "You know you don't have to do that."

Well, I do now.


Quickly realized that tennis is EXTRA.

The scoring. The attire.

My Crossfit leggings and tank weren't going to cut it on the courts. 


This Vuori skirt has done the trick. 

Stays put without digging into my lemon almond handles. 

Soft fabric. 


A forgiving ruffle across the butt. 



Also comes in black. 


Linked to Palmetto Running Company, which is where I purchased mine. They ship if you're not local!




Got this for my sister in law for Christmas. 

Almost as a joke because I like to treat her with an iced coffee (because I love her, but also because it justifies myself one.)

One day we were hanging out. She made an iced coffee for me. 

The next day I got my own. 

I'm sure there are ways to make iced coffee without a specific iced coffee maker. 

But I do this thing when I think a kitchen gadget will change my life. 

I go out, and get me summmmm. 






Saved the best for last. 

This is for anyone who has a dog who sometimes stinks but often goes by any of the following names:


Lil Baby

My Baby

Baby Dog

Lil Baby Doggy

Sweet Precious

Perfect Angel


A dog owner who abandons good grammar would also be a prime candidate for purchase.

(i.e."Hims loves hims mommmmmyyyyy!!!")

Also perfect for any dog that looks identical to this:




and it's the icing on the cake if you have a lil furry love you must snuggle but don't have the time to bathe like a responsible dog owner should. 


It claims to be natural, but I didn't question it. 

Nash is still alive and smelling amazing, so 🤷‍♀️.







That's it. 

Here's to silly, and here's to comebacks!

Even if it's just for today. 


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