Things I Love Thursday: Cute Stuff and Fair Food

Hey y'all. 

Happy Thursday. 

I am feeling 0% witty right now. In atypical fashion, I'm writing on a Wednesday night instead of during a Thursday morning blogging cram sesh because I get to take Jack to his state swim meet instead. Which is great! 

Maybe I'm just not on my A Game during the evening. 

These are the hours when convincing myself that I don't need a bowl of cereal becomes all consuming. No other thoughts have a chance. 


Why is night cereal bomb?

Other than Golden Grahams at 9pm, here are some other things I'm lovin' on this

week-o-Valentine's Day. 


(Rumor has it those sold out. Click HERE for a similar option 

Let's face it. 

I'm not a good blogger. 

A good blogger would get the people interested and hype about Valentine's Day with some cute, heart-shaped earrings a week or so BEFORE the beloved Hallmark holiday. Not week OF.

But honestly...

These Bauble Bar rainbow heart earrings shall not be hidden among the riffraff of conversation heart candy and nonsense what-nots.

Let these babies shine 365. 


Another week, another cute Walmart coffee mug. 

Another thing a good blogger probably wouldn't do. 

But there are exceptions for sequin-filled cups of cheer. 

And it's glass. So you won't have to answer any of those FB posts that ask you what color your coffee most closely matches anymore. 

Everyone will now know. 

Everyone will know you've been lying and erring on the side of darker because it makes you feel better about yourself. 

Suddenly your D5 looks a laaaaaaht like C3. 

Also comes in gold. Like the streets of gold. That you might never walk on because of the coffee lies.


I caved. 

I got so hype about the idea of my protein-crazed son air frying up his own chicken that I just bought the thing. 

It's every bit as easy and amazing as all of the hype. I didn't research brands. Just bought what was on sale. It works. Jump on the bandwagon. 


So remember that time I bought an air fryer for my protein conscious son? 

It would seem, based on the celerity in which I put the Oreos and Crescent rolls into my grocery cart, that perhaps I purchased the air fryer just for this recipe alone. 

It's okay. It will be my new thing. 

"Hey Erin, can you bring the Fried Oreos to the.. picnic / Christmas dinner / birthday party / super spreader / baby dedication / christening / infant baptism  / bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah / quinceañera / fundraiser / school function / fair / realtor open house / covered dish / to my house because I had a bad day / to my house because for no reason at all other than wanting to eat them?"


I'm you're girl. 

Purchase Justification 101


Nothing sexy here. 

Sometimes you need to bust some food up. 

Ground beef. 

Chicken recipes that say "shred chicken". 

$2 at local Walmart this week. Used it twice already. 


I had to return something at Target the other day, which meant I had a credit, so.....

this happened. 

Cute. Cozy. Linen-ish, so it's a tish sheer, but cute with a cami. 

Lots of colors offered. I wouldn't recommend pairing it with sweatshorts all jacked up as seen below, but I'm also 0% knowledgeable in fashion, so there. 

Onward and upward, folks. 

It's Thursday. 

Weekend Eve. 

Don't let the rain and clouds and cold weather ruin your day. 

Get an air fryer and church up some Oreos. 

Wear the bold earrings. 

Bust up some ground beef like you have something to prove. 

Make a Valentine's Day card for someone who lost their Valentine this year.

Share the LUUUUUV.

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