Things I Love Thursday: Dupes, Balloons, and...Walmart Stuff.

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The following post was initiated in April. So long ago, in fact, that I'm not even sure I still like these things. But the collage was made, and what the actual heck would be my problem if I let a completed collage go to waste? 


Click the PINK LINKS below to do your own research and purchase if you feel a gentle nudge in your spirit. 







Roy G Bra


Rainbows are for me. Big fan. Huge actually.

There's color and bright and fun and yeehaw, but also a strong undertone of order and no nonsense.

Orange knows better than to try and line up between green and blue.

Make it pretty, but stay in your lane. 


This Walmart bralette was a fun snag while getting groceries one day. In April.

The one downside is you can totally see it through a light colored shirt, but if you get in a cut-your-clothes-off-level-of-bad car accident, I bet all the EMS ladies will totally ask you about it once you come through just fine. 





Eye Wipes for Doggo Eye Boogies


The best Ussery by far is our dog, Steve "Nash."

He's perfect in every way, but especially in eye booger production.


Most of the time, I do a hasty Mom dig with ye ol' finger to get the nastiness out of his lil human-like eye. 

He hates it. 

I also hate it.


He doesn't like these pads much better. 



With these pads, you don't have to flick a dog eye booger off of your finger. 

There are more reasons the pads are better.

But that should suffice.



I Liked This More When It Was Cooler Outside


You've seen this set a thousand times. 

Every IG influencer has shared it. 

It is honestly really cute and slouchy-chíc, but it's too hot for me to even think about right now. 

The other day my legs were sweating while just sitting at a swim meet. 

Now is not the time to wrap anything in sweater material.


When I purchased this set, I pictured wearing it to the airport en route to a girl's weekend. Purse in crook of arm. Starbucks in hand. Straw hat in other hand.

That hasn't happened, but Ima be ready when it does. 



My Favorite Workout Tank To Date


I love a good bargain but am not afraid to splurge in the name of quality. 


No splurge needed with this Lululemon dupe by CRZ on Amazon. 


Perfect amount of hugging you without squeezing you(r back fat over your bra). 

Perfect length somewhere between crop top and nightgown. 


I have this in white, black, and the color below.



Reusable Water Balloons


Probably a little too late for some, but we're still swimming here and calling it bath night. 


These reusable water balloons have no clean up like the OG water balloons, are environmentally friendly, and are excellent for pegging your brother in the face with. 


Ask me how I know. 



Walmart Jammies




Don't sleep on Walmart. 

These pajamas are cozy, cute, and will make you feel more put together than the old church softball t shirt you've been sporting between the sheets. 


I have these.




And these.



But those got ruined when I washed a new navy hoodie, so it's back to rotating between cute and old softball tee.


Can't win 'em all. 


But we sure can try by sharing things we LUH or like a lot. 


Happy Thursday, you.

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