Things I Love Thursday: Extra and Helpful Things


Forgot it was Thursday. 

Or forgot that I usually post a blog on Thursday. 

I can't even remember what I forget. 

Here are some things I really love. I'm sure you've been wondering. 

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Perhaps lame. Perhaps stupid. Perhaps just a very helpful tool that is just here to make a difference in the world. 

Ways you can use a big ol' tarp: 

-art projects that involve glitter or spray paint

-covering your entire kitchen while someone eats one of those crunchy Nature Valley granola bars. 

-being super helpful while hauling limbs from your property the day after you survive an unforeseen "microburst" storm that obliterated your yard.

(true story for me this week. scary as all get out.)

-Last but not least....redneck water slide!!! (use dish soap. pick up rocks before laying tarp.) 

And if you think you don't need a tarp, get 2 tarps. Because paint and glitter and microbursts happen. Especially in the Summer. 


Don't get caught tarpless.



Attended a birthday party last night and got hit in the back with one of these. 

Was mad about it until I saw what a nifty little toy it was. 

Kids love 'em. It's like water balloons without all of the latex shrapnel bits left in the driveway. 


My most favorite gym in all the land, CROSSFIT843issues a challenge every month. 

In addition to almost dying in an amazingly addictive way every time you enter the doors, they still push you to do something a little extra. 

And since my Mama named me Erin Extra Marie Gardner, I usually give these challenges a go. 

This month is to drink 100oz of water a day. 

And I also like cups. 

Picked this gem up at Target. The handle is where it's at. 

Drink ya water, folks! 



I cannot recommend this book enough. 

Quick and easy read. 


Calls you out. 

Makes you think. 

Gives you suggestions on how to act. 

Hoping it will instill whatever I need to not forget what day of the week it is and that I blog on Thursdays. 




Looks like a VR, but it's really just a life saver for folks like me who can't sleep if there's even the tiniest bit of light in the room. 

Ever hear the tale of the lady who hailed from a coastal town in South Carolina, who came very close to launching a charging Apple Watch into the darkness of her lawn during a rather lengthy spell of insomnia?


It's filed in the cautionary genre. Check it out. 

Laugh all you want at this little miracle gadget. I won't even know.

Because I'll be sleeping. 

And also listening to my brown noise app or NPR. 

This thang gots Bluetooth yaaaalllllll.

Side note: the part over your eye is dome shaped so you don't have that uncomfortable heavy eye smash feel or jack your lashes up. 



Shocker to no one, this is the Best Bread Ever. 

You know this. You've bought this. I linked it to Amazon, but that is dumb because someone would probably steal it off of your porch.

You know where to get it BBEf. 

I thought I'd share some ideas of what to do with these now that the ravenous cherubs have been released from school to BORED EAT all the live long day. 


1. Meatball Sliders


Favorite recipe HERE


But sometimes I don't have time or the stomach to roll raw meat in my hands. 


On those days...


Toss some pre-made meatballs from your local grocery store and a jar of your favorite marinara in the crockpot on low for the day. Slice BBE, slap a meatball on the bottom, add some provolone and the bread top. Bake 350 til the cheese melts  and yay!



2. Breakfast sliders (re-share from the past)


Brown a pound of breakfast sausage (Jimmy Dean maple is my jam), scramble 12-18 eggs. 

Layer a baking dish with the bottom halves of best bread, then eggs, sausage, and cheese if you're one of the last standing dairy consumers. Put the tops of the bread on. Bake 350 until cheese melts. Yummy. 


3. Cheeseburger sliders 


4. Tailgate sandwiches. You know...those ham and cheese ones with the poppyseeds? 


5. Grab whatever is in your fridge, and let BBE transform it into GOURMET goodness. 


The luckiest combo I came up with was leftover Honey Baked Ham and some grated havarti this past Christmas. Everyone thought the Pioneer Woman had dropped by and delivered some sammiches.


But it was MEEEE. 

Okay psych. 

Everyone knows it was Best Bread Ever. 





Happy whatever day it is when you read this. 

I'm not proofing it because I'm roughly a 3/10 on the carsick level and we haven't hit the country roads yet. 

Grammar police who love to point out my errors, have some fun! It might take you a while!


Thank y'all for reading and giving me a reason to usually remember Thursday. 


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