Things I Love Thursday: Fabric Paints and Fajitas

Thursday's here. 

And my computer keeps shutting down. 

Hey, Geek Squad? You might be a feature on this post next week if you play your cards right. 

Before I consider throwing my laptop in the dumpster again, let's talk about 


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I will never be a beauty blogger. Because I know nothing. And because I'm sitting on my porch in a Savannah Bananas t shirt, which I have deemed one of my "good" t shirts. 


So, take this with a grain of salt, but this hair thickening spray is pretty great. 


My hair type is fine with no volume. This takes things up a notch, and it smells amazing. 


Locals, I found it at Target. Re-bought some yesterday. 




My swimsuit shopping method looks like this:


-Walk past swimwear section at Target while en route for something else. 
-Grab a cute suit.
-Buy and Try
-Return if necessary


I'd say there's about a 40% success rate. 


Somehow I stumbled upon Maaji swimwear before my family vacation a few weeks ago and thought a 4-in-1 option justified the price tag of this top. 


You can wear it with the laces in the back or front and you can flip that thang and reverse it. 


Lots of design and color options. Comfy fabric. Supports but doesn't dig or create a back butt. Probably wouldn't Google that, but let your imagination run wild, and you'll figure it out. I believe in you. 




This is likely a dumb one to add because maybe only 0.1% of the population will be interested in this, but THISISMYBLOGANDILOVEIT. 


As we all know, Covid has sucked. But also, Covid has allowed some of us to do things we've wanted to do but didn't have or make the time for. 


I've been painting on stuff. Rando stuff. 


Canvases, scrap wood, oyster baskets, tiki masks, surf boards, and as of this week...


trucker hats. 


No reason. Just wanted to. 

And after a tish of research I found that all of my acrylic paints can become fabric paint when you add this little magic sauce to it. 


Here was the first hat attempt. 



And a few others...


I call this one "Three's Company."



And this one is "Saved by the Bell." 


Although it reminds me of the parts of a cell. Not the phone. But the basic building block of biology. Mitochondria and a nucleus and all that. 


Oh my poor kids with me being in charge of their learning soon. Bless.




I have this in white, but the white romper on the white background looked more like a ghost romper, so here it is in blue which is also cute. 


I've never bought anything from Abercrombie and Fitch in my adult years, but they have some good stuff! And I've almost forgotten I was supposed to hate them for their promotion of padded bras for young girls way back when. Ewww.




Moe's has meal kits for $34.99-$39.99 that will feed an army. Order online, walk in the store, and pick up your meal kit off the shelf. 


Dinner is served. 


Sanity is preserved. 


Bellies are fed. 


Wallets are not emptied. 


Dishes are not dirtied.


Lives are changed. 


We've tried the fajita kit, but they also have nacho and taco kits. 



Looks like this on the app:




I used to get my nails done. But #covidcrappedonthattoo


I've added quite a few polishes to my collection lately, and this is my favorite, which is apropos as it happens to come from one of my new favorite online shops: Favor


This color is called Gumball. It's glitter on lockdown.


It's also non toxic which is reassuring when I chew it off six hours after applying it. 


Again, not a beauty blogger. But the polish is fun. 



Happy Thursday, y'all. 


Whatchu lovin' today? 

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