Things I Love Thursday: Fall Decor

If you know me, you're laughing at the notion that I'd even attempt a post about decorating.

Because me + decorating = stress and lack of confidence.

When we bought our current house, I couldn't even buy a pillow at Home Goods without phoning a friend.

But seasonal decor is somewhat of a safe zone for me.

If it's ugly, I just say the kids wanted me to do it.

Lots o' links today, Fall fanatics, so get those fingers ready to scroll.

The PINK LINKS will take you to the land of consumerism if you see something you JUSTGOTTAHAAAAAAVE.

 Where the Buffalo Roams


Let's just go ahead and get this one out of the way.

Black and white buffalo check just seems like a safe play.

But so did that chevron dress I wore to Weston's baby shower when I was 120 months pregnant.


I guess what I'm saying is I have zero clue if it's "IN" anymore, but it's easily accessible and seems to Autumn-ize most any space pretty effortlessly.

Walmart for the win on these. $1.98 in the Bluffton store for you locals.

Also Walmart...


And if the Buffalo want to roam to the sofa, snatch up a pair of these beauts from Amazon.

For you lazies out there with no home decor sense like me, just switch out the orange for some red and ride the buffalo train all the way through to the new year. 
Confession of an oddity: I have a thing with some words. Like a dislike kind of thing.

My loving mom, brother and husband just luuuuuuuv to get their laughs in at my expense. Their favorite passtime is a game called "Let's See How Many of Erin's Most Hated Words We Can Use in a Sentence."

And they're all really good at it.

You want a list of the words, don't you? 
 But I'm no idiot!

However, for the sake of finishing the dumb story, I'll tell you one of the dumdum words is:



But for the sake of my home's Fallscape, I'm looking past the name and seeing straight through to the cuteness of these low maintenance little beauties!


I haven't had a near death experience, but I would like to poll those who have to see if they noticed any felt garland draped along the pearly gates.

This comes as zero surprise, but we're starting with my favorite:

For those with muted taste:

For the nuts out there:

And those who ❤️ the 🌈 but want a Fall spin...

First impressions are everything.

I bet if we greet the "Primazon Man" (Amazon Prime delivery person per Weston) with this little intro, then our packages just might always arrive before their 8pm deadline.

An Etsy printable with a cheap frame is an insecure decorator's dream. 
If it's a fail, you're usually only out a couple of bucks.

But this is a no brainer win.

1 can of salted peanuts
1 bag of candy corn

You won't be sorry. 
Neither will your dentist. But someone's gotta drive the nice cars.

Dead Looking Flowers Because #Fall

Stop what you're doing and WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW

And then buy some dead looking flowers to make your home look better.

Gosh, we're a weird people.

Shove the dead flowers into this brown vase of death.

Because it's FAAAAALLLLLLL!!!

Hello Pumpkin Sign

Simple but cute.

Crafty Pumpkin

We did this as a MOPS craft back in the days of yore when Jack and Finn were little. Still have them in fact!

Well...3 of the original 4 are still around.

One died an untimely death during a child-related poop incident a few years back because....

They're made of toilet paper! We happened to have just used our last roll...or so we thought.

Fall decor/craft to the rescue!

Another item made of dead things, yet somehow pretty.

And completely Fall.
Just another way to showcase your candy corn.

These acorns are cute but in my house they'd quickly become slingshot ammo.

Obviously, with the interchangeable letters, this could go for any season. But it just looks more Fall-y than Spring-y.

Fall Phrase ideas:

You're Bootiful
Happy Fall
It's Fall, Y'all
Everytime you go...You take a Reese Piece with you.🎼
Take out the trash or you're not getting your chore money.

(Parenting never stops.)

As Seen on Insta...

Saw this on Instagram and was sad it wasn't for sale, because there's about a snowball's chance in hell that I would fashion one of these myself.

But if you're better than me, here are some craft pumpkins. Let me know what I owe you.

Craft Punkins

Could also be fun for the color haters of the world to just pile these in a white bowl on top of the white counter next to the other white things.

Fall Blankie

It's really not even a seasonal change over until a different blanket replaces the dog hair riddled current blanket.

Another fun printable from Etsy. 
Bonus: This one can be personalized!

More Etsy prints.

These are Edgar Allen Poe as all get out.

Another one for the good people of the world who do the things and don't sit on their toilets looking at their phones.

Check the link above to learn how to ruin a perfectly good box of Crayola.

But I gotta say, the outcome is quite lovely.

Weston was home with a fever on Monday and requested that we make the house look "cweepy."

$4 on spiderwebs, about $20 on the Walmart buffalo check, some old stuff we've had for years and here's what we've got so far:

Kitchen nook:

Dining room:

The pumpkin and ghost jars were a craft our friend made with the boys years ago, but they're still holding strong.

Mason Jar + tissue paper + paper mâché + googly eyes and what nots

Weston added this thing.

Okie Dokie.

What's you churchin' up your house with this season?

Dead stuff? 
Orange pumpkins? 
Cweepy stuff?
White things shaped in symbols of Fall?

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