Things I Love Thursday: Football Season

The temperatures might still be screaming Summer, but once school is in, it's pretty much game over.

Summer has died, our tans are fading, and the next season is upon us.

Pumpkin Spice, hold your dern horses. You'll weasel your way into every flavored and scented item this side of heaven in due time.

But today we're talking bout:

Things I Love Thursday: FOOTBALL SEASON

The rules are the same. Click the PINK LINKS to purchase.

You'll notice the items aren't numbered.

Long story short: School started for 3/4 of our kids this week. I'm not quite sure where everyone is supposed to be, what time the things start or end, or who has eaten. I couldn't be trusted with numbers today.

But you're better than me. You'll figure things out.

I Saw the Sign

Let's just call a spade, a spade with this decorative display of football passion.

Everyone reading this right now can think of someone who needs this sign.

It's the person who has multiple TVs on with all the games playing and has rubbed the letters off of the Picture in Picture button on their remote.

This person has been here before, and they're chompin at the bit for open season.

Get the sign for them, and say farewell until February.

On the Rocks

In my hood, we football like this:

Hop on your bike or golf cart.

Drive around until you hear screaming.

Pull in that driveway.

Stay and eat their food, drink their drinks, and cheer for their team.

Maybe start the mooching off on a good note this year.

Bring this ice raft for party food, and no one will suffer the ills of room temperature, mayo-based delicacies.

For When the Cops are Called for Noise Ordinance Violations

This is the house the golf cart pulls into.

These are the spirited fans, and we love watching with them.

There is no shortage of high fives when their team is winning or extremely dramatic statements about the obvious doom that awaits them at the first flag on the play.

Stay Thirsty Friends
(Lots of team options)

Adult sippy cups. Basically.

Smedium T for Men
(Many teams offered)

Stock up on team gear. These look good, but the reviews rave most about their comfort. This is key.

You never know when your team is gonna hit a hot streak.

It'd be a real shame to be stuck week after week with a lucky tee shirt that feels like burlap and velcro.

When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

This is the warmer cousin to the ice raft above.

It's such a bummer when your team is tanking in the second half and all hope is shattered when you get momentary excitement over that pig in a blanket only to reach in and grab a cold one.

The image below makes it difficult to picture it's use during game day Saturday because the chosen food screams more Thanksgiving than football. But, much like I did at the end of the one yoga class I took where they asked you to go to your happy place...just close your eyes, muster up some dips and wings, and you'll be there.

You've Been Served

If you're the football host home, you're failing at football if you don't have some sort of kitschy serving pieces like this.

Embrace the theme.

Jock Jr.

There's something about seasonal sports that gets the kids thinking that this is the sport for them. Even if they can't catch and are afraid of grass.

My theory is that if you can't play like you've been here before, why not look the part!?!

If you are just bad, but you look good, there will at least be a few games delay until everyone realizes that this may not be your thing.

But if you are bad AND you don't have the gear, then secret's out. You've been busted.

Get those kids hype about the sport that's hijacking all of their weekend tv for the next six months!

Basic. But Necessary.

This will be the shirt your daughter steals from you and takes to college with her.

Love your baby girl by breaking this in for her starting neeeow.

Hey. Everyone Look at My LipGloss.

Due to our dumb, scary world and the horrifying things that can happen among large groups of people, stadiums have wisely imposed a clear bags only rule.

Surprisingly, I stumbled upon a cute option!

Because maintaining cuteness in sweltering heat for the first half of the season and in polar vortex conditions for the second half of the season is everyone's goal. 😜

Hey Everyone Look at My Dollah Dollah Billionsss

These are for the ladies who paid for the stadium with their alumni donations.

Hey. Everyone Look at My Tampons and Old Receipts.

And this one's probably for us.

The keepers of the husband's wallet and kids' retainers.

Make sure you wave it your nearby, lovely sorority girl, and mouth the words,
"you'll get yours one day."


Love a hat.

Especially this gray one with a simple design.

It's Saturday, afterall. No need for hair care outside of dry shampoo or a hat.

Old is In

Two snaps for Aerie on the next few listings.

They continue to crush it in all things vintage-looking team spirit wear.

Click the link to find your team, and scroll through the pages of fanhood.

They See Me Rollin'

A little nod to the 80's with this rolled sleeve look. All of these would look cute with some white jeans. Assuming you're willing to roll the dice on sitting on ketchup-laced bleachers.

I'm Just Here for the Snacks Tee

The owner of this tee may or may not ask which team is on defense.
In the middle of a play.

Just embrace them for showing up and for bringing the Frito Scoops. 
They're here, and they're trying.

And their blood pressure is the lowest in the land.

Wearer of above shirt is nothing like wearer of the shirt below.

Shirt above is here for the sport. They just don't have a team they're aligned with.

Shirt below is the kid who received gifts on their siblings birthdays and wasn't taught how to handle things like life. Or The Bachelor. Or anything where someone walks away upset that they didn't win.

And the only thing their own kid play are songs they made up so that no one can tell them they played the wrong note.

Because life is short, please consider purchasing this for the most competitive person you can think of. Like the dad who screams on the sidelines. 

For the One with Several Teams Playing on the Same Day

Nuf sed.

If Football is your favorite season, what are your Must Haves?

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