Things I Love Thursday: Sisterhood and Traveling Pants

The temperature has dipped twice this week below 75 degrees, which got me prematurely hype about Fall.

Today was supposed to be about Fall fashion.

But then I saw this:

And then I couldn't unsee it.

If this plastered hair/Little House on the Prairie combo is what we have coming at us this Fall, then we need to rally the troops and stand firm. 
But, coming off the heels of an amazing girls' trip and jumping with both feet back into reality, I just didn't have a fashion battle in me.

So you're getting the post I worked on while en route to said girls trip but had some internet issues that halted the post.
(I opted to watch lots of 30Rock instead. Liz Lemon trumps all. Sorrynotsorry.)

So here are things I was happy I didn't leave home without. As well as some things I wish I had packed.

Things I Love Thursday: Sisterhood and Traveling Pants

The Traveling Pants (Jumpsuit)
I'm not sure what distinguishes the differences between rompers, playsuits and jumpsuits, but all I know is that I didn't have to pick out a top or a bottom. It's just one decision.

And once you get into a mile high restroom, you might consider it a poor decision. 
But..still. It's cozy and cute.

Tuck Everlasting
I'm not sure what fed this thought pattern, but I always saw bodysuits as something only worn by the girls who made out with boys under the bleachers and had Skateland USA memberships.

It never dawned on me that maybe it's just nice not to have to tuck your tank in every time you move, and it decides to shimmy up your entire torso.

Needless to say, Bodysuit and I might just couples' skate off into the horizon together.


Black Tee

I always pack a long sleeve something or other for flight travel just in case.

This seemingly overpriced long sleeve black tee is a go-to because:
turbulence + Coke = real life

I got mine at Off-Sacks on the cheap(er). I'm several years in of no stretch, no piling, no regrets.

Sadly, my preparations with black tee were not enough. Apparently the Charlotte Douglass International Airport is ahead of flu season by keeping the thermostat at meat locker level, killing every viral and bacterial bug possible.

Thankfully everywhere I turned all my Carolina teams were represented, so I picked up a little Save Yourself from Frostbite Sursy and repped the Tarheels all the way to Mexico.

I can't for the dern life of me find a link to this glorious sweatshirt, so I'll heap shame upon myself with this dumb photo.

It's a 47Brand sweatshirt. Brand page linked above. Lots of fun hats, too. 
Maybe my body was preparing me to be grateful for the extreme Mexico heat I was about to land in, but even long sleeve tee plus sweatshirt was not cutting it.

This is what my phone told me I needed after my fingers typed adult body blanket:

But this is what I ordered when I saw a friend of mine's post soon after returning home:

What I Ordered When I Got Home:

You know those fabrics that bring out the, "I wish they made these in adult size" comments? I can't be sure yet if this is that fabric because my adult swaddle blanket hasn't arrived, but my soul KNOWS.

And yes, before someone comments about asking for a blanket on a plane, I know they offer them. But I also know that when I finally get to exit the aircraft, the only blankets I see are the discarded waste of first class. And the 60Minutes episode that messed me up for good might have been about the fecal bacteria that lives in the finger-holes of bowling balls, but I have a feeling the same might be true of airplane blankets.

BYOB from now on.

The Ugly Tevas

These were posted to an Instagram story a few weeks ago, and you would have thought that I posted a picture of a Popeye's chicken sandwich.

So here they are.

The ugly Tevas as my children have referred to them. 
Pretty accurate.

But they slid off and on like champs through TSA check in like a good travel shoe should.

No one wants to hear about the cold airport again, but these were an on spot purchase to keep me from losing my toes to frostbite.

Just picture it.

Black jumpsuit. Black tee. Navy UNC sweatshirt. Ugly Tevas. These socks. 
It's a wonder Mexico accepted me into their country. 
It's zero wonder why no one tried to abduct me.

Travel must have.

New playlist? Yes. 
Podcast you've been excited to start? Yeppers.
Back to back episodes of 30Rock? Uh-huh.
Crying baby? Yeah, you're doomed.

Letting loose and relaxing sound like fun, but for some reason it's not always easy for me to do. Thankfully I went against my instinct and brought fiction along for the ride.

Nonfiction and parenting books will be on my nightstand for me to ignore when I return.

Recall a few sentences ago when I said it's hard for me to relax? 
Here's proof.

I brought this brand new calendar along with big plans of getting my life in order while in Mexico.

Turns out I was better at relaxing than I remembered, and I didn't crack this puppy open until the last leg home. 
But it's pretty, and I wanted to brag that I own it.

These are the pens I used to write "Return from Mexico :(" on our return date slot.

Just before I watched another 30Rock episode. 
The one where Kenneth loses Mr. Donoughey's tux pants.

Glitter pen/cosmetic pouches can make their way into just about any TILT post, so no need to justify. BUT...I did realize the zipper to my current pen pouch is broken, so....

I'm super lucky to travel, let alone travel with people who agree that late afternoon is the best time of day at the beach.

We lounge, order food, and wait until the last minute to crawl back to our rooms to shower before dinner.

Sometimes the French fry/club sandwich/quesadilla/cheesecake beach snack time cuts into hair washing time, and we have to rely on life saving techniques to look presentable enough for a pre dinner group photo.

There are many I love, but sharing this one because you don't have to go to Ulta to find it. 
Here's the story.

I always bring a hat. When I packed, I picked up the top three hats on the hat stack and this one had the most matching colors of my swimsuit selections.

Side note: Colorado has branded the crud out of their state. And it's amazing. I've never even been to Colorado and have zero ties with it, but that didn't stop me from having a friend hunt this beaut down for me on a family trip.

Now I just need a trip to go with the hat.

I'm a believer in just going with the resort toiletries because #whocares.

But this stuff is amazing and I think results in less shaving.

I can't remember, but I believe the active ingredient in it is butter. 
Which is much healthier than leg margarine.

I want to say manna was described as white and flaky, but I bet upon further review we'd discover that it's actually just a holy version of Biscoff.

Seriously, why are these things so good?
ARE they actually so good?

Or do early wake ups and poor breakfasts just fool our stomachs into thinking they're next level?

And if you want to be special, go to Pinterest and search for the cheesecake with the Biscoff crust.

What's better than a 2 pack?
A gazillion pack! Thanks, Amazon!

Your FRAAAAAANDS. The Sisterhood.

Last and certainly not least, are these ladies right here. 
Some I've known for years.
Others I met the day we arrived.

The point is...just grab some fun people and get the heck out of dodge for a minute. It's good and healthy and well earned.

This is Kim. If you know her, you love her. And somehow she puts up with me. A lot.
She's my roomie for the ages.

And it helps that we agree on the following:

Pitch black room
Wake up when you wake up
Sound machine? Sure.
Pre dinner pizza room service? It's the only way. 
Bath robes are a must.
Sit in the wicker love swing for a photo op? 
You bet.

Girls, when are we going again????

What's your Sisterhood Traveling Must Have???

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