Things I Love Thursday: Green Things!

When I started middle school, I was basically separated from my elementary school besties. They went to Northeast, and I was bussed out to McLeansville. The summer before 6th grade it dawned on me that this was my chance to reinvent myself. Should I get that perm? Go all emo and wear black? Finally I landed on a decision. 
I would now be known as Erin: The girl who didn't like pink. 

Sounds like a Lifetime movie and also something dumb, amiright?

God Bless my 6th grade heart thinking anyone would care that I didn't like pink. Geez Eureka.

Anyhoo, fast forward to sometime in the future when I matured enough to not identify as the girl who didn't like a color, I did secretly decide that Green and I were over. Done-zo. I just didn't like it.

Maybe this was during the hunter green/burgundy/navy blue interior design palette days.

Maybe I listened to "Wide Open Spaces" one to many times and was revolting against my hometown of Greensboro?

Most likely, though, is that I probably just didn't like the way green stuff looked on me, and that was that. 

But the tide mysteriously turned for me a couple of years ago, and now I'm Team Green! It's a fun, life-giving color, almost half of the items in my Save For Later Amazon List (which translates to never buy, just look at sometimes) are green, and it just so happens that St. Patty's Day is around the corner. Boom.

Today's TILT post is just some fun green stuff. I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I honed in on apparel that will hopefully land you in a Pinch-Free zone come March 17th.

And as some of you suggested...I finally signed up to be an Amazon Associate! Meaning as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Let's move on to some green pastures.

1. Magical Shirts (links below)

If there's a holiday that gives a nod to the rainbow, you better believe I'll milk that for all it's worth. First up are these magical tees. I'm not sure what exactly makes March 17th magical, but the unicorn can get any day of the year turnt.

Click HERE for the tank, and impress your gym buddies with your themed workout gear. 

and HERE for the baseball tee.

2. Blaze(r) of Glory

Tell Masters Sunday to hold on a dern minute. I think staking a claim on the green blazer wasn't voted on by the rest of the world. Vintage Tee off (golf pun 🤓) this look with a pair of jeans, and call it Spieth chic'.
Or Nicklaus casual.
Faldo Fashion Forward?

Ok, so that's probably a stretch. But the blazer is cute.

3. Jumpsuit (aka Bathroom Cardio)

Before you snub a jumpsuit like 13 year old Erin did anything pink, hear me out.

Yes. Jumpsuits make bathroom time interesting. 
Yes. If you've had kids in the non C-section method there's often no time to spare once you're in the stall. 

Give jumpsuit a point each for each of the following:
Versatility. (Dress up or dress down)

At least try one on sometime. While no one is looking. You might be surprised.

4. Matilda Jane Cardi Be Green

I saw this in person a week ago, and it's every bit as flowy and fun and perfectly green as this image shows. The amazing quality of Matilda Jane is all here and then some. Mix some prints and colors you wouldn't typically wear together, maybe some royal blue or yellow?  Love this.

5. Duh. Adidas.


6. It's Not Easy Being Green. Unless You're This Shoe.

These are so retro and classic, you might confuse me as cool so I can't misrepresent with these. But someone reading this can pull this off big time. Maybe even their son or their man. These are listed in men sizes. Order down two if you're shopping for a lady.

7. International Stack of Bracelets

Erimish was a feature in one of the Christmas gift guide posts, I believe, and I'm still a proud passenger on their stack bracelet train. Fun mixes of materials, color and shine...these bracelets are here to stay.

I like to play a game I call "Mr. T" and see how many I can stack on one arm.

8. Greggings

For the record, I'm so busy trying to breathe to stay alive during exercise that I can't even entertain the thought of having a phone conversation. But, alas, this is 2019, and many people are much better than me and can pull this off. Great reviews and lots of other colors if this sage tone is too light of a color for jump rope days.
And yes, that's the second pee your pants related joke of this post for those of you counting. 
Green earrings aren't something I have ever been on the hunt for. But I also permed my bangs once, so I'm not to be trusted. These beauts can church up any ol' jeans and a tee look.

Okay. I could be wrong, but if I make $0.03 off of Amazon from y'all buying stuff, I'm gonna guess it's not from these green jeans. Not because they aren't amazing. But because few people will look at them and say, "Yeah...I got this."
But why not? YOLO. Get the green jeans.

11. Statement Hat

This is the only item I actually have from this list, and it's as ridiculous IRL as you would imagine.

Wear this when you adult so hard you can't see straight. The days of homemade dinners despite eleventeen kid activities. Paying bills AND showing up to that appointment on time.

You've earned this.

12. Blouse

Don't want to get pinched at work? Wear this.
And then consider a new job if you're honestly concerned about work place pinching.

13. I Have a Waistline Top

Is it just me, or have you been suckered into buying from one of those cheapy online boutiques just to stop seeing the same ad pop up? This top is one of those for me, but so far I have held strong. That tie waist might create a decent illusion waist which means more justified poor eating decisions! YAY!!!

14. Anne of Green Cable (knit sweaters)

Okay. So it's not a cable knit, but the title needed to happen anyway.

Pair this with tomato soup and grilled cheese. Wash it down with an evening of Netflix and sofa-sitting with fuzzy blanket, and you're well on your way to a favorite sweater relationship.

You should probably get two.

15. Baseball Green Tee

I can't pass up a baseball tee. Especially one that looks like it's made out of that super soft, thin material that begs the question, "Why isn't everything made of this?!?"

16. Stripes Tee

I was just Voxer-ing my college roommates yesterday about the list of things to splurge on. Purses and sheets made the list. Cute tee shirts did not.

There are so many budget-friendly top options out there these days, that we don't need to break the bank on a tee shirt. Pit stains have zero mercy no matter what the price tag reads.

I hope these fun items will brighten your day or your closet! And at the very least will spare you the weirdness of grown ups pinching you because you're not wearing green.

But before you get on with your life...

Click HERE to read a very scholarly article about St. Patrick's Day. Then pause to consider how in the world this translates into you arranging Skittles in rainbow order with Rolos symbolizing a pot of gold to give the 1st grade class because

Then watch this video and laugh at we sure know how to escalate a celebration into the weird zone.

Happy Thursday. I love green, and I love y'all.

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