Things I Love Thursday: It Was Alllll Yellloowwww

It's Thursday, and it's also vacay time. 
But I had to pass on this little blog ray of sunshine before Lake Life took over. 
I don't know what I've had against yellow all these years, but whatever my issue was is now gone. 

I don't care who knows...
And if you do, too...
Click the pink links to purchase. 
Might as well twinsie it with the sun while you're basking in her rays.
Got these at Old Navy. Order a size smaller than you normally wear. 
These would look so cute in the daughter's room that I don't have. 
These are either super cute or super jaundice chic'.
It seems that I'm not the only one holding on tight to yellow's coattails, riding into the Land of Happiness. Lemons, pineapples and bananas (oh my) have entered their ten minutes of fame here as well. They're everywhere. 
Except on my plate. 
That's where donut lives. 
I feel like I'd only remove these retro friendly kicks to lace up my roller skates for a couple's skate to "How Deep Is Your Love".
There are a ton of cute, yellow totes out there, but if you're looking for just a tish...
Have it. Love it. On sale for $20. It's a little farm hand friendly, but it's cute, and you won't look like a table cloth because it's not red. 
Thanks, yellow.
Aerie is winning at life in the swimsuits category. Not just for their variety, but also for the real bod models they use. Take that, photo shop!
I have this in black, but the yellow is a little more fun and less Grim Reaper-ish.
If you're training for menopause like it seems I'm involuntarily doing, these are some good Summer, don't-sweat-all-night jammies for you. 
Wear these and play a game called "See How Long Until an Older Gentleman Tells Me He Used to Play Basketball in Converse All Stars"
It'll be less than one hour if you're in a crowded space. 
Ten minutes tops if you're at one of those letter-named cafeteria eating places.
Just a fun tank. Aerie as well. Long enough to cover your tush if you've been slacking on the squats. 
This yellow is a little more shy, but we're welcoming it into the yellow fold with an extra point for the frayed hem.
I've always wanted a yellow dress since Kate Hudson rocked it one in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days."
Maybe 2019 is my year to prove once and for all that it would look nothing on me like it did on her. 
I'm currently lusting over these shorts that could be out-to-dinner or out-for-the-count.
Athsleepsure wear has a friend in me. 
And just so you know someone didn't kill me and decide to write dumb blogs for me....
It's me. 
And here's the Adidas item. 
Alrighty friends.
Who's your yellow lovin' buddy?
Like and share your favorite yella (as we say here in NC) thangs.

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