Things I Love Thursday: Jammies, New Skin, Acne Miracles and Tornado Warnings


Hey, folks. 


I'm bloggity, blog, bloggin' again on Wednesday night, because if the forecast for tomorrow is correct, I'll be spending most of Thursday in a bunker trying to ride out this band of storms. 




Just picking my kids up early from school for nothing but eating all the snacks and jumping in rain puddles while I yell things off the porch like "watch out for snakes!!!!!!"


Hoping for the latter. 


Without further ado, here are some things that I love, and maybe you will, too. 


THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS will take you to internet searches where you may peruse at your discretion. 



If we're still having to mask up, then I'm still wearing leisure wear. To bed. To Target. To Baseball. If my face must be covered, then who gives a dern about the rest of me. I don't. 


If there's anything that I'll miss should this whole pandemic subside completely, it will be having an excuse as to why I may or may not look like a train wreck. 


This combo from Gap Outlet that is dubbed pajamas, but if paired with the right top knot and minivan/SUV, could be seen as the mom uniform. 


I snagged this at our local Tanger outlet last week while it was on sale, but as my fortune would have it, it's even more on sale now. 


There are pink and navy options as well, but the pink is more like a mauvey/vomit color that would make me look like megadeath. I love navy, but since pollen is trending, I went yellow. 









So, yeah, I go to a Crossfit gym


And I love it. 


Like, love it, love it. Great workouts, people, instructors, community, and t shirts. 


I feel sucky every day at it, but I'm learning and trying and sometimes that involves ripping the flesh off of my hands. 


Like yesterday. I thought there was a strip of tape on one of the pull up bars. 


It was part of my palm. 


It's probably related to bad form, but for the sake of appearing slightly bad to the bone, let's pretend it's just part of the savage nature of Crossfitting. 


Either way, this stuff helps. 


If you don't Crossfit, have no still cut or burn your skin from time to time  while in a pandemic and require to use hand sanitizer. (OWWWW)


Get this. Your kids will use it too. 





When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to search for new running shoes, sometimes they land on some fashion sneakers instead. 


That are on sale. Big time. 




And then they get all nostalgic about some similar shoes they recall from their childhood when their love of shoes was just beginning...





That's me.


Riding a wooden horse. While sporting a mullet. Wearing some sweet kicks. 


Turns out, we like what we like. 




So check this, I didn't have acne as a teen. Thought I had escaped unscathed from the hormonal battle of teen pizza face. 


Enter stage right: Hormones. 


Turns out, joke was on me!


I've tried all the things the influencers have suggested and it has improved, but nothing has helped more than this topical med my dermatologist prescribed a couple of months ago. 


(Did you notice the word prescribed? Hence the link to information (only) about the med so you can call your health professional. I'm not in the business of prescribing anything other than chill pills.)


Anyhoo, not fun to talk about, but if you have zits that spawn overnight from the depths of your soul and are looking to turn the tide, maybe this will help you, too? 






This weather app is greatly helpful / slightly freaky. 


You'll be going about your day and then "beep!" 


Notification: It's gonna rain in 18 min. 

18 min later: rain

You: Well, golly gee dern if it ain't rainin!

Hoping this will tell me when to exit the tornado bunker tomorrow. 😳





This is why I order my groceries online. 

This right here. 

When I sign into Instacart, there's a column called "Recent Purchases" and I basically go down the list because I am tired of thinking about food for all of these people I have to feed. 

But last week, I actually stepped foot into Sam's Club, and these were there, and I was tired and well, one thing led to another. 

I can't link it to Sam's Club for some reason, but check your local store and forgive me for ruining your summer bod and/or coronary arteries.





The End. 


Happy Thursday Y'all. 


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