Things I Love Thursday: Mamacita, I Feel For You

Hey friends. Happy Thursday. 

Just sitting on my porch drinking coffee out of my Mamacita mug.
Perhaps singing "Mamacita...I feel for you. You deal with things that you don't have to."
It's a little joke between JT and me. 

It's also just how my brain works.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement of the Big TILT Revival last week!
It was nice to unwrap my fresh July 2020-June 2021 yesterday and have something to write down for Thursdays now! This was after I asked the elders to come pray over the calendar, specifically pleading to the Lord for next month's page include the word "SCHOOL" all. up. on. it. 

Without further ado, here's this week's line up. Links are in pink


Random. Useful. Fun. Tasty. Let's go.




My phone and the ground have an attraction to each other. 
So I go through a lot of these. Usually keeping them on there until the tiny glass shards start stabbing my fingers. 

Typically, my Apple Watch reminds me to breathe when I'm applying screen protectors. The whole lining the thing up with the camera lens, even distribution of where the protector covers the lit portion of the screen. UGH. It's like I'm on one of those baking shows and have to transport the fifteen layer cake to the wedding kind of stress. 

But not with these. 

This kit includes a frame to guide your placement, multiple wipes, cleaners, stickers and all kinds of things to help you not royally mess it up.

And there are 4 screens. For $6.99

I thought it was another 2020 hoax, but these are legit. 



Dick's Sporting Good's Running Shorts

I'm a leggings girl. No two ways about it. 

But sometimes it's hotter than twenty hells outside, and you must adapt. 

These are DSG's brand and they're great. They have the built-in running undies (which my brain just notified me shall be called runnderwear hence forth.)


Lots of colors. Inexpensive. Muffin Top Friendly. Stretchy fabric. 

Other than cellulite eraser, I'd say the gang's all here!






No Nonsense Tank


Due to recent weather conditions and exercising outdoors, some of my shirts have notified me and everyone who passes my ten foot social distancing square that they are officially retired from further use. 

One quick tag check of my favorite workout tankand I was well on my way to purchasing these. 

Nothing super life changing here. Just a good tank that won't cling to you when you're sweating to the oldies. And once it dies of nastiness, NBD. $7




Jeni's Savannah Buttermint Ice Cream


Ice cream isn't my jam.

And when it comes to mint, I'm thinking more toothpaste and mouthwash. Not dessert. 


But when this was set in front of me at my mother in law's the other day, I did what I usually do, and just ate it anyway. 

And then bought some the next day. 

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, and from deaths to weddings to post-cantata celebrations, Lois Pickard's butter mints were gonna be there to carry us through. This is basically the ice cream version. 

More sweet than minty. More pricey than most. But worth the nostalgia and flav-o-flav.






Liquid I.V.

This could be a whole placebo effect thing, but I don't care. I add one sleeve-o-powder to my water pre-workout and chug away. So far I feel like it's helped me get through these hot workouts with only a handful of near fainting episodes and morning vitamin barfings. 


This is a win. 

I've tried passion fruit, and just got a shipment of açaí berry yesterday. Either way they'll probably all taste like my morning vitamin. But yay for hydration and some B12 thrown in the mix. 




Weightless Face Sunscreen




I'm a Beauty Counter and Blue Lizard fan, too, but sometimes you have to grab what's on the shelf at CVS on the way to the beach, and just go with it.


Turns out, I didn't get burned, acne, or that yucky feeling that thick sunscreens give you. Like the Banana Boat spf 4 my mom slathered on my uncooperative body circa 1988.




Tomorrow's Friday. Smile. Be happy. Choose joy. 

See ya next week. 


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