Things I Love Thursday: March Madness!!!

When Christmas is over I have dramatic thoughts like this:

There's nothing to look forward to.
It's going to be gray every day for three months.

Come the end of February, I'm believing these post-Christmas musings are fairly spot on.

But just when I've decided my only option is to fake a bout of the flu and hibernate until Spring comes....

March Madness arrives and all is well with the world again!

Competition. Fanhood. Brackets. Cinderella Stories. Themed clothing.

I'm here for all of it, but we must be ready.

1. Blanket of Champions
You're going to be spending some time on the sofa, so you might as well hunker down for a night. Grab a highlighter to update your paper bracket(s) and watch the scores roll in.

It's basically like election night but much less horrifying.

Unless your team loses to Lehigh.

2. Bracketology

Probably a little too late for this one, but save this post for next year. This is great for an in house competition or workplace bracket posting.

Also, it's Dry erase, so just cut the 2019 part off and use this thing til the end of time.

3. Cup o' Cheer

Late nights are in our future, so why not pregame with a cup of Joe and a splash of team spirit?

Other teams are available but this just happened to be the best one.

4. Personal Attack T Shirts

Sometimes the Madness of March is referring to actual madness. 
Old grudges. 27 year old grudges.

But good thing basketball grudges don't expire and t shirts are still reminding us to be angry.

Because it's how we do.

5. A New Ball

Not sure about your household, but around here, we tend to develop a diehard passion for whatever sport season is in it's prime.

Our love affair with The Dance doesn't end with simple spectating. No ma'am.

We have to give it a try ourselves. From H-O-R-S-E to lowering the goal to practice dunking/smashing our wrists into the rim, we're ready to advance our skills.

Might as well invest in a new ball.

6. The Classics

For the historian who may or may not enjoy basketball but loves a good story:

7. Non-Committal Fan Wear

This is for the person who really doesn't care and is just at the party for the buffalo chicken dip. They don't get what it's about. They didn't even fill out a bracket.

We all have these friends, and we embrace them because they let us come to their Wimbledon parties and eat their buffalo chicken dip.

8. The Football Fan Dabbling in Basketball

This is for the extreme tailgater who wants to use their team crockpot for the fifth time to justify the purchase they made back in the Fall when the football ether was kicking strong.

But if that Rotel/Velveeta concoction is in this, we look past our friend's fanatical ways and eat our weight in fake cheese goodness.

9. Team Tee

You can't have too many.

Whenever I visit Chapel Hill, I say, "I have too many."

But then the three shirts I leave with prove otherwise.

10. Team Hat

See above.

11. Team Socks

Not everyone has the pleasure of their life coming to a halt during the tourney. Some of us still have to show up at work and keep our brackets and the game scores minimized on our browsers for 8-9 hours a day.

These do the trick for the working fan.

Did your team beat your cubicle neighbor's team? Just slide that pant leg up and show 'em who's boss, baby!

12. Trendy Team Tee

Sometimes you have to bedazzle and add some flair to the spirit wear.
There are zero things wrong with a simple crew neck short sleeve with your team's mascot, but throw some 3/4 sleeves and stars in the mix and you'll be humming the fight song in your sleep. did this photo get in here?

13. Just Cheering For The Team Because You Live In That City Tee

These are for the happenstance fans.They happen to live in Tennessee, so they happen to be Vols fans.

But they might not be sure of the outcome of the game. 
And that's okay. 
Because #rainbow.

If you're having friends over to catch the games, don't bother with china and silverware. The last thing you want is to miss a buzzer beater Cinderella story because you were too busy being Cinderella (before the ball) in the kitchen!

Go for the generic paper basketball plates, and be done with it.

15. Team Zip Up Hoodie

I think I claimed a tish of adoration for American Eagle's Tailgate line during the holidays. Well...nothing has changed. These hoodies are awesome quality and are simple design to sport your team's colors. Go Hoos (and other teams available)!

16. Best Plays Coasters

Some people know where they were when the they learned of some really terrible news.

And some people can recall the year, the player, the score and the time clock of the game that ended in some partial hearing loss and a crazed run across campus that might have ended in lighting some stuff on fire.

Get that friend these coasters.

And YES, there are other teams represented. It just so happened that a lot of these items selected UNC as their main image because #imageiseverything

I'm hype just writing about this stuff. It's so so so so so so fun.

At least after the first round when you don't lose to a 16th seed team.

P.S. If that happens, next week's TILT post will be about which trash can I love barfing in, which Kleenex I love sobbing in and which match I love lighting my bracket on fire with.


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  • The vineyard vines shirt is so me – tell me what color to wear and I’ll support you 100%. Try to explain a sport to me and my eyes glaze over. Now the coasters are a perfect gift for my son-in-law!

    Patriia Lavery

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