Things I Love Thursday: ‘MURICA!!!

My love for this one isn't limited to Thursdays, y'all.

This American girl is crazy 'bout her country as all get out.

Our military.
Olympic team domination.
Gosh. Baseball and apple pie, too.

I'm here for all of it.

And as a warning, if you take me to a sporting event with a national anthem performance and add a fighter jet flyover, there's a strong chance I might have to take a lap.

July 4th is just around the bend, and I can't think of a better birth to celebrate than that of our FREEDOM!
Alright, y'all. Rules are the same. Click the PINK LINKS to purchase.

1. Ripped, White and Blue

Don't show up to the picnic with just some chicken wings and potato salad.

Bring the only guns that errbody can agree on.

2. Big Willie Style

This is a solid 9 out of 10 on the patriotism meter.

3. KimoNO or KimoYES?

I like this.

But I feel like wearing this should be earned.

Like maybe after your team wins the corn hole competition, this gets draped across your shoulders as a symbol of honor and respect.

4. Star Spangled Bander

A boho twist that could also double as hearing protection in case you get a really good seat for the firework display.

5. The U-S-of A Game

Every crowd has a guy who will have this shirt.

He's also the guy who plans the parties, invites you to the parties, and cleans up after the parties.

Keep him around.

Because he's fun.

6. Thighs as White as the Dawn's Early Light

These are a ladies cut, but at the rate that mens' shorts seem to be shrinking these days, I think the fellas could size up and wear some tight undies for the kid-friendly pool party.

Also, globetrotters, anyone?

7. Flags O' Freedom

My home rocks these from every possible outdoor railing from Memorial Day through Independence Day.

I could be wrong but I think I've seen a few neighbors drive by with their hands across their hearts.

8. Born in the UVRays

Zero shade to be thrown at these rims.

9. Ain't No Party Like a Patriot Party

If you're hosting the picnic, this is for you:

10. 'Murica Mesh

An American mesh tank would have been fun as well, but we'll keep it classy with this trucker hat since it's July 4th.

11. O, Say Can You See Me in the Dark?

The 4th is one of those nights that we throw caution to the wind, eat all the pie, and stay up until the fireworks are over.

So while this might look like a fun and cute necklace, this is a safety measure with my crew. It has the same purpose as those kid leash devices but is much less offensive.

Where's Charlie? they ask.
He's one of the blinking ones.

12. The Business Suit

My boys like to play a game where one will name two different animals (and sometimes people), and another will answer "Who wins?" They never define the criteria of what equates to a winner, but I'm fairly certain based on their answers that it's the one with the highest level of perceived badassery.

I was pretty pumped when the five year old chose an eagle over a great white shark the other day.

Probably wrong. But oh so right.

Just like this suit.

13. Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. It's Cookie's Turn.

I just don't have it in me to make fancy cookies, but I'm happy to play a game where we all vote on the best one, and then eat that one for four years.

14. Let Freedom (Ear)Ring

Pair these with an American tank, some cut offs, throw in an eagle, and you're all set. 

15. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

When you're struggling in the bathroom to get in and out of this romper, think about the troops who fought for your freedom, and it probably won't feel as challenging as holding a bayonet while being dropped into enemy territory.

Then again...rompers.

16. Party in the USA

Great for a photo backdrop or hanging decoration. Pairs well with a person who has patience as well as an eye for haphazard spacing.

There are so many things to out there to purchase when celebrating our great nation that it can become overwhelming.

But when in doubt, just wander the aisles of Walmart, play God Bless the USA, and you'll be golden.


How do you celebrate the U-S of A?

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