Things I Love Thursday: Nash and More Sweatpants

The littles are in school again today, so we're gonna roll out with the good stuff so that I can get coffee and go see if there's anything new in the Target Dollar Spot. 




Happy Thursday. 


Unless otherwise noted, the PINK LINKS below will take you to purchase options if you're so inclined.





A few weeks ago I sung the praises of THESE PANTS and I meant every word of honor and reverence. Don't see a new post about cozy pants as me cheating on perfect joggers from a few weeks ago. There are categories of comfort, and these sweatpants easily fit the criteria for the following: 

-softest ever


-what I want to be buried in just in case my heavenly body isn't what I envisioned 


-movie night chic


-Zoom meeting homeschool appropriate


If you're a Whimsytown alumni you'll know I love some Aerie. They have yet to let me down. Especially in vanity sizing. So size down, ladies, and eat that extra slice of key lime. In these, it won't matter. 



(I have these in black regular length and in gray short. I'm 5'5" and I'd choose the short again if I opted for a third color.)






I registered for flatware when everything was just silver. No problem. I've always been more concerned with what's on my fork instead of what my fork look likes. 


Until I found these. 


It's dumb, but color makes me happy. Sometimes my night cereal needs to be a little more extra, and this is all it takes. 


Walmart carries something similar in-store, and they also have some fun serving utensils. 

If loving iridescent stuff is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 







Warning: I didn't link this to any webpage because they were all bulk options, and I couldn't live with myself if I coaxed one of you into being a bulk marinade purchaser. We need our Amazon Prime deliverers thinking better of us than that. They do so much for our mental health. 



Nothing fancy to see here. Just a really good marinade with an Asian flare. Can I say Asian anymore? I'm not sure what's allowed. But trust that it's a compliment because if you blindfold me in any mall food court and spin me around, I'll still march like Frankenstein to the Tokyo Express. Sbarro? No. Random Sub place? Bye. Give me the chicken and the sauces and the sodium.




I get 3-6lbs of chicken tenderloin (weird word alert) most Sundays to fix for the week and this is a go-to. I'll tell you about my other one next week. 










The other day I happened to notice that my hands look like an 80 year old set of paws. Or a corpse's hands. Sorry. That's a raw thing to say, but I'm a good ol' Southern girl, and I've seen plenty of dead folk. All dressed up in outfits they chose twenty years before. They almost seemed to look forward to the idea of everyone parading past their dressed up, dead selves when they'd speak about their pre-planned funeral arrangements. I always remember the hands. Folded neatly at their waistline. Wrinkly as all get out. 



Gosh. I should clear up that I had a superb childhood. Writing about that just felt very strange. But only because it never really felt strange at all. We do what we do here in the South, and if it ain't for you, then get ya stuff n' get gone. 



Back to the point. My hands looked dry, and I bought this hand cream. And it smells so yummy I'm not sure if I should use it on my hands or eat it. 





My hair is as straight as it comes. 


But I have this tendency to shower at night and fall asleep while it's still wet. So oftentimes I wake up and while I can't say there's any wave in it, there are definitely some bends in it. Kind of like if you bent a pipe cleaner or something. Anyway, it doesn't look good. 



This little tool helps me get the bends out, lifts my hair enough off of the heat so it's as damaging as a flat iron. Takes about 2 minutes. 







Today marks one year of Steve Nash being an Ussery. He turned one in July, but came into our lives 365 days ago.

You can read about that HERE

It truly is a bittersweet story that just gets sweeter every day. 


My little velcro pup, I love you so. 




Many have tried, but NO, you cannot have him or buy him. Bryan and Molly Barrs, I'm talking to you. 



Since you can't have Nash ever, ever, ever, here is something pup related that we have loved since having him. 



His pee pee bells. 




There are many naysayers, but this sweet lil' genius dog will jingle these bells that hang from the inside of our front door to let us know he needs to do his business. 


Due to his paws being fashioned with the tufts of God's favorite angel's wings and his small stature, we can't always hear him when he runs to the door. So he takes his precious little paw and signals that it's time to go out. 


Maggie used them, too. These things are super helpful, and they catch on so quickly. 





That's a wrap! Whatcha lovin' on today?!?!



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  • Very teriyaki is awesome! We marinade skirt steak in it and Yummmmmy!

    Amanda Quance

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