Things I Love Thursday: Oreos and Other Things, Too.

It's October 1st, and I can't even believe it. 


Other than to heck in a hand basket, where has this year gone? 


As I was unpacking some Fall stuff from the attic, it dawned on me that next month I'll be throwing my back out moving all of the Christmas decor down the pull down ladder. 


Ain't gonna lie. I got kinda hype about it.'s Thursday. Let's talk about some things to LUUUURVE.


Anything below that LOOKS LIKE THIS is a link you'll want to click if you're interested in that product. If you have noticed, I try to rephrase this every week in hopes of landing on one that everyone understands. Without fail, I get messages that say "Where do I find the _________?" I'm sorry I have failed at making this more clear, but


Let's goooo!


Last Valentine's Day, "the boys" (John) got this for me. But in red. And I loved it so much that I got one in black. 


It's a lego brick heart. Pretty spot on for this boy mom and lover of quirky things. 


Also comes in white. 




Jean season is here!

Ever know you need to wear a belt, but don't want to because the buckle will bulk up under your shirt and make everyone think you have an umbilical hernia?


Well, worry no more.


This little gem is super flat and works like a charm at keeping those jeans up. 

Also, it's only $7. Anyone who has had to see your crack would say it's worth it.




Some people usher Fall in by burning pumpkin candle, drinking the spiced lattes and throwing mums on their porches with reckless abandon. 


Other folks grab maple Oreos while in the Target check out line and eat some on the way home. 


I'm other folks. 🙋🏼‍♀️


If you're a blondie, butterscotch, Werther's Original type of person, these might be for you. 



Last week I had lunch with a friend on the same day that I happened to spend ten minutes and two ounces of elbow grease scraping scrambled eggs out of one of our pans. My lunch date just so happened to mention that she has one of these, and that life is changed forevermore. 

These are the As Seen on TV copper pans that we've all seen. There's nothing surprising here. This pan just delivers on what it says it's going to do. 


No butter or oil needed to cook. No abrasives needed to clean it. 


This isn't sexy, but it's practical. And practical wins.





I'm competitive. I like goals. 

I stink at keeping up with water bottle straws. 

missing sock : dryer ::  missing water bottle straw : dishwasher 

This water bottle fits the bill. 

Lots of colors. Flip top cover. Hydration for hours. 



Calling all of my exercise buddies!

My beautiful friend, Maricruz, gave a pack of this to me to try and I have to say I'm a fan. If you need a little oomph to get your day going or a boost of energy to enhance a workout, check it the product called Rush. 

Clean ingredients without that awful jittery feeling that some preworkout mixes give you where you're not sure if you're going to benchpress 200lbs or have a heart attack. 

Enjoy your weekend eve, y'all. 


Whatcha loving this week? 

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