Things I Love Thursday: Outdoor Fun

My calendar looks like a total cluster. Full of things like awards ceremony, field day and don't forget to feed the children. 
This means it must be May. The world's colliding of end of school, baseball playoffs and normal life craziness. 
And if it's May, then guess what's next:


I've been at this gig long enough to know better, but I still get those end of the school year excitement squiggles.

And then I quickly remember that Summer ain't all popsicles and water slides. No ma'am.

Summer punks us on the regular.

And we gotta have some tools in the survival toolbox.

Today's TILT is all things outdoor fun. Or at least some of the things, because it was hard narrowing this one down.

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1. Probably the Tunnel You Get to Run Through Into Heaven

Saint Peter be like, "Right this way..."

And then you give your touchdown dance one last rehearsal before locking it down for all eternity. would be pretty amazing if everyone had their own unique 8 count in heaven. Like a secret handshake between you and God.
'Cept it's a dance.

Oh my word. Thinking redonk stuff like this is another symptom of MAYhem Lunacy. Check it. It's a thing. It has it's own ICD-10 code.

Hook this arch of rainbow perfection up to your hose pipe (Southernism), and kick back with your lemonade on the porch while the kids play.

It should kill at least 30 minutes of your nine hour day and only a fraction of your lawn.

2. Rollerin' with Your Homies

Pretty sure I spoke of this gem back around the holidays.

When you live in the Lowcountry you have to create your own elevation
changes..This does the trick.

And your kiddo gets tired from running up the coaster to reload the cart.

3. Sling Ball'n

We have this, and it's fun.

I have bought replacement balls and lost all of them, but it still manages to entertain the brood when we have them on hand.

Just go ahead and prep your "don't aim for the face" speech. Which basically is the same speech you give boys for anything in life. 
Baseball, guns, peeing....

4. Let's Go Swurfin' Now, Errbody's Learnin How

Santa didn't deliver on one of these because he saw that we already had a swing, but I watched the video on replay at a really nice toy store once and was sold.

Probably needs a helmet.

5. Chalk It Up

Can we pause for a second to just appreciate the beauty in this photo? 
Brand new, completely unbroken sidewalk chalk.

 At the Ussery house, this usually doesn't even make it out of the car before it's dropped and chalk shatters.

But they still use them to draw inappropriate driveway art, and we still pray for frequent rain to wash it away.

Summer staple!

6. 2019 Version of Skipping Rocks

Great pool toy for kids of all ages.

I'm lucky enough to have a friend group that turns random actions into competitions.

Like the other night throwing a water bottle into a 5 gallon bucket.

Suddenly there were teams and knock out rounds and petty comments.

It's an amazing dynamic that I'm lucky to be a part of. 
This thing would result in some pool warfare for sure.

7. Every Day I'm Shoveling

There are people who like the beach. 
And then there are beach people.
The ones who stay from sun up to sunburn.

The ones who know the plastic shovel at Walmart ain't worth diddly to dig the massive hole that your kids will play in for hours on end.

Quit fooling around, and get this serious shovel.

8. If You Drink Don't Drive, Do the Watermelon Ball

Click the link on this one.

The video shows all kinds of games it can be used for. 
Good reviews.

Also looks soft enough in case your kid likes to do that thing at the pool where you're talking to them, they see you, they hear you, and yet they immediately dive beneath the surface.

They can't hold their breath that long, so be patient, and aim well when they resurface.

9. Stand By Me

Great idea for the kids with an entrepreneurial spirit.

My kids would probably try to resale the stuff in our pantry for a higher price, but I know a few kids in our hood who would rock a good lemonade or cookie stand.

Then there's always the one kid who wants a kissing booth. 
Keep your eye on this one.

10. Frisbee + Golf

Another game "for the kids" but also "for the adults who will randomly start playing competitive games."🙋🏼‍♀️

A little change up here with something in the food and beverage category, but life is too short to let sno cones up in your indoor living spaces.

It's also too short to develop sno cone elbow which is what happens with that jank Snoopy hand cranker we all had as a kid.

Go industrial on shaved ice, and regret it no more.

Go All In 

Summer is for fun and food dyes, so just go for it.

12. Is It Football Season Yet?

One of the best things our kids have had.

Promotes leadership, teamwork, and get out of the house already.

13. Capture the Flag and Try Not to Run Into a Tree

Also a re-mention from Christmas shopping guides but with good reason.

Bedtimes in our house are very loose during the summer. They seem to vary more based on the parent tolerance to child behavior ratio than school start time.

The glow in the dark toys get their fair share of use in the Summer months, no doubt.

14. Splash Pad

Great for the little ones who aren't yet swimming.

And also for the moms who are sweating through their second set of clothes for the day and need something to blame it on.

15. Bubbly

I love bubbles. 
Just go ahead and file this into the same folder as rainbows, glitter, unicorns, and adult clothing that looks like things my little nieces would wear.

I can't be sure, but this bubble blower looks like it means business. 
No dilly dallying, stickers or bright colors. 
Just. Bubbles.

Kid Version of Bubbly

But play it safe, and just get this one anyway.

It looks less indicative of you being a weirdo who's serious about bubbles.

I thought my days of diving on a beach after a ball died with my volleyball career.

Til last month at Tybee when we were introduced to this good'n.


What's keeping you alive this Summer?

We need all the help we can get.

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