Things I Love Thursday: Overalls and Pie

Happy Thursday, friends. 
On a road trip again. Typing. I will get carsick...
Let's roll this out, and move on with our evenings.
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I'm a fan of overalls and have been on the search for some black ones. 


These are dark gray. Close enough. 


The fabric is lightweight. Fit more snugly than a farmer would wear them.  


Unless it's a hipster farmer. Which I'm not sure is a thing. 




If you're an organizing freak like myself, these are a traveling must.

I'm not sure how they're so magical, but it's as if you open up a clothing portal or something when you start cramming your garb into the abyss of these things. And then they fit into your bag or suitcase like a game of Tetris, and it's just a real thing of beauty. 


Charlie and Weston's clothes fit perfectly in these for a long weekend trip. 


Jack is now the size of a man, so he would have to pack a few. Maybe shorts in one and shirts in another or something. But I don't know because he packs for himself. And he could shove his garments into Ziplock for all I care as long as it's one less person's clothing I'm responsible for. Ladies, you know. 


Lots of colors. Different sizes. Search packing cubes. Not loyal to this brand per se, but if you ever get out of dodge, you need these in your life. 



Ever leave the hair salon and think, "Gosh, my hair won't feel or look this good until the next time I walk out of here." And then you pray it doesn't rain, that you don't sweat, that no one comes within a foot of your head, and that you sleep motionless like Snow White as opposed to your typical nocturnal wrecking ball self.

I thought it was the shampoo and conditioner that I'm too cheap to buy. But no. 


I'm not a good hair washer. Like I'm a failure at lathering. 

Hmmph. I'm blaming Covid. And childbirth. And virtual school. 

Saw this brush on Amazon. Was intrigued. Bought it. Like it. 

Especially on dry shampoo days. Really gets in there and gets stuff done. 




Sometimes Nash rolls in deer poop. 

There. I said it. 


On those days, he gets a full on bath. 


On the other days of general dog funkiness, he gets a few pumps of this in his perfect locks of canine love, and he smells as precious as he looks. 


This was a pleasant surprise. I'm a southern girl and I like real peaches. 

Not peach rings. Not a peach popsicle. 

But this is tasty. Maybe it's the clementine? I don't know. But it's a great Summer drink to sip while you sit on the porch and holler at your kids to put their shoes on because a neighbor posted a copperhead pic to Facebook this morning. 


For someone who doesn't commit crimes (at least not on the regular), I spend a fair amount of time contemplating my death row meal. 

This is, at minimum, an honorable mention. 

Few ingredients. No bake. Easy peasy. Crowd pleaser.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, y'all. 

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