Things I Love Thursday: Painting Trucker Hats

Little different vibe today for Things I Love Thursday. 


But questions were being asked about these hats, and to be honest, I couldn't think of six things for the typical Thursday-style post. Things I Love fatigue???


So here we are. 


And these hats fit WELL within the realm of Things I Love. 








I'm 100% flattered that anyone else on this planet would like these hats, too. Let alone offer to purchase one. Foreal. It makes me so happy. 


If you're one of those who would like a hat, please continue to read. 


If you're like naw, then here's something funny to watch instead:





For the hat folk:


 I DO plan to sell some! 🎉 


Due to children with intense sport schedules and only 25% of them driving on their own, I'm currently a full time underpaid chauffeur. Sneaking away to my paint table doesn't happen nearly as often as I wish. 


So the hat purchase plan will look like this:


I'll paint some hats, and then post them for sale. 




If you're thinking, "Gosh that sounds like a terrible business model." then you're correct. 


Every time someone asks for a lobster hat that's actually a shrimp hat, I do a little mental cartwheel. Because a real cartwheel would probably undo all of the progress I've made with my physical therapist these past few weeks. 


It feels great for people to like things you make. It just does. And perhaps one day life won't be so hectic, all my kids will drive, and I can live at my paint table painting my little heart out, maybe even accepting custom orders. I would love that. One day.


Until then, if I can be lucky enough to check the creativity box AND share a few of these hats with y'all, then I'll consider that a win. 


Thank y'all for your sweet comments about things I paint. For this math/science geared brain who legit has zero real knowledge about art and a closet full of things I have painted and hate, it sure does inspire me to keep coming back to the brushes to give it a go. 



So, BOLO for hats on my @whimsytown IG account. That's where they'll post!

PS. If you have a fun, creative space to do something you love, find ways to make it manageable and sustainable. Because then you get to keep doing it without burnout/freakout/turning into a lunatic. 



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