Things I Love Thursday: Rainbow Stuff

If you're surprised to see this TILT topic, then you must be a new, innocent bystander on the streets of Whimsytown. 
There are no two ways around it. I suffer from rainbowphilia.❤️🌈
From my favorite t shirt as a kid,  doodling Mrs. Whalberg in ROY G BIV fashion on all of my pink notebook paper to backpacks and sweaters as an adult, the 🌈 is just something that puts a smile on my face. 
No one has ever really asked me why. Probably because I keep good company and asking that question would be similar to "Why is it that you like brownies again?" 
They're colorful, yet there's an order to the fun. (Enneagram Type 1, Wing 7, anyone? 🙋🏼‍♀️)
Other qualities include: being amazing, and fun, and beautiful, and day brightening and lovely and ILOVETHEM ILOVETHEM ILOVETHEM!!!
And according to current merchandise on the shelves and at least half of the Hanna Andersson and Boden catalogs, the 🌈 is having its 15 minutes of fame. 
So, fellow 🌈❤️ers...let's enjoy these days and soak in all of the 🌈 that we can.
There's JOY in ROY
As always (and because I love you), click the product names to go straight to the link to purchase. 
I don't want to get all crazy and say something extreme, but these tumblers would make the Isagenix cleanse day drinks palatable. 
If you know that I'm talking about, then you've already bought a 4 pack, and you're hoping for a miracle. 
Straws, lids, 🌈. This is a party for your beverages.
If you've been around Whimsytown for a minute, you've seen a backpack or two. Hands-free is so big time money when you're airporting, librarying, and living the dream that is your busy life. Our days are numbered, y'all. And if there was a pie chart of Things that are Functional and Also Pretty, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that gray Jansport doesn't get a piece of that pie. 
Apple haters, look away. This isn't for you. 
But for the AppleWatchers, this flair for your time piece might soften the blow when your watch reminds you that you haven't closed your fitness rings in 9 days. Or suggests that it's "Time to Stand!" because you're a sloth and need a life coach. 
SunnyLife has figured out how to spread joy through retail goodness if anyone has. This towel is just one of many fun and fanciful items they pimp for the sake of awesome. 
(Not 🌈, but check out THIS and THIS and THIS to see why SunnyLife needs to be added to your favorites tab. 
Got these for myself on my birthday. Felt dumb about that. Then they arrived, and I just whisper "you're welcome" to my feet every time I wear them. 
Great quality. Errbody needs socks. Fun sursy for anyone on the lookout. 
This is another one I can honestly promote. A little over a year ago, I somehow flubbed a burpee so badly that I jacked up my ring finger to the point that I can't wear my wedding rings. So, in the time period of hoping my knuckle returns to it's original size, I just buy cheapos like this. 
And I love this one. Going 4 days strong now and no green finger! This would be a fun ring for any girl. Even the ones who don't ruin their fingers doing burpees. (everyone but me)
We're kind of a pizza and paper plate type of host here at casa de Ussery, but we could easily transition into the dinner party sort if these were in our silverware drawer. 
The menu: funfetti cupcakes, pancakes with sprinkles. 
And marshmallow fluff. 
With donuts.
During the whole arctic freeze that froze half of our nation a few weeks ago, people were being advised not to leave any part of their skin exposed because they might get frostbite right there on the spot.
This scarf would have saved you. 
Not sure where you hail from, but it's been a wet few days here in the lowcountry and this beaut has had me singin' in the rain. 
My mama got this for me because she loves me. And because keeping your kids dry is just something we moms do. No matter how close to 40 they are and still run to their car without rain coverage, going about the rest of their day looking like a wet dog. 
Thanks for always lookin out for me, Mom. 
I drop my phone at least five times a week. And at least one of those times it sounds really bad, and I'm SURE the screen is cracked and the phone guts are going to spew out when I pick it up.
Despite my high drop rate, though, I still make pretty choices when it comes to phone cases, even if they don't look very durable. This is not wise.
But it is lovely.
And there is phone insurance.
Have you ever gotten too far out in the ocean to where the lifeguard had to whistle you back in? You probably should try that this summer to make sure no one misses your cool, new float.
Or if you're packing five families into a four bedroom lake house and there's a request to bring an air mattress?
Might as well own it. 
If you're a serial overpacker, this could help. Determination will set in and you WILL you....probably won't.....but
Or just say to heck with it and pack all of your boots in the big suitcase with these travel accessories that you need in your life. 
For other travel accessories, read last week's TILT post!
Do you get the yawns when you read to your kids? I'm not even one to get tired a lot but something about reading to my kids and Boom! Yawny McYawnerton's here.
Not with these crayon books! They're clever and 🌈 and you won't be tempted to skip pages on the DL. 
Leftover Makeover right here! 
I've always thought it was weird to see a framed puzzle. Why not just frame a print of that picture? And also, how bout not frame a puzzle on the off chance someone thinks you're bragging about your puzzle skills. 
Unless it's this. Save that Michael's 60% off framing coupon and get your puzzle on.
I get it. Rainbow isn't for everyone.
Because we live in a fallen world.
But for those of you who get a little smidge of happy when you see the colors assemble in strategic fashion...
And share it with someone else. 

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