Things I Love Thursday: Rainbows, Blankets and Earrings

Hey, y'all! Charlie's school-issued laptop is back from the laptop graveyard, and I'm super eager to share all the things I'm loving today! 


Why? Because it's fun and positive and fluff.  But mainly it's a distraction from the Hey Diddle Diddle song Weston's Zoom class is playing that is most likely the elevator music on the way to Dante's 9th layer of Inferno. Somebody make it STAAAAAAAHHHHHP.


Same as always, click on anything that's in BOLD PINK letters below to be transported to something fun and fanciful on the internet for your purchasing and perusing pleasure.



Even if you have some similar. 

Even if you don't like joggers. 

Even if you hate your butt. 

High waisted, muffin top friendly, virtual school chic', lightweight, lots of colors. 

New uniform. 

I got them in navy, but black is in shopping cart limbo as I grapple with "Do I really need another black jogger?" until I "accidentally" get some permanent paint stains on a pair of old black joggers. 






(Not linked because just go to the grocery store)


Ever do that thing where you have a super busy day, don't make time to eat, get home and then eat a random assortment of garbage while abandoning all things portion control related? 

I did that this week, and these chips were the first AND ONLY grab from the shelf. 

I figured that was better than 2 Oreos, cold chinese food leftovers, half a clementine, a spoonful of Nutella and a cheese stick as I am wont to do.

If you like chips, lime, and a swift kick to the tastebuds, these are for you. 


A little aggressive for a blanket title, sure. But I love you and want you to experience the joy that comes from these adult swaddle blankets. 


The temps are dropping. The pumpkins are arriving. The waistlines are growing. 


Might as well hide until Spring. 


**These make excellent gifts for those hard to shop for teens!!*




Y'all take a minute and refresh yourself on what a SURSY is. 



2020 is beyond redemption save the trumpet sounding and Jesus descending on a cloud, but a sursy aint a bad place to start putting a smile on some faces. 


Remember: Self sursies are a thing. Virtual school standardized test days, menstrual cycles, and kids getting lice are just a few of many times to play that card. 


I'm lucky enough to have friends who love me, know what sursies are, know what I love and these 🌈 beauties landed themselves on my ears this week.
(Thank you, Tiffany!)








I left my gym towel at MY AWESOME CROSSFIT GYM THAT I LOVE last weekend and was honored when my friends handed it to me and said "We knew it was yours because it smelled so good."


If you've been near me at the gym, you know that this has nothing to do with ME, and everything to do with THIS 👇👇👇


I big time owe my parents for telling me about this detergent. And also for raising me, putting up with me through middle school, putting up with my Donnie Whalberg obsession, not yelling at me when I hit the Hoyle's mailbox because of that ladybug getting in my car and freaking me out, and for putting me through college. 


A little goes a long way, so don't blow this off due to a slight case of sticker shock.


Start with your towels, sheets and then just start washing everything in it. 






A friend messaged me this week and said word on the street is that I'm a good source for home decor/design. After I cleaned up the coffee I spit at the wall, I had to gently tell her that whomever she heard that from was a liar and a fool. 



I know zero about home decor/design/function/etc. Like I legit can't even purchase a pillow without phoning a friend, polling the audience, and taking a physical challenge.



 Not trying to be negative. Just embracing that if my skill sets were shown in a Venn diagram, home decor would be outside of all the circles and somewhere in the blank space near car repair and bar muscle ups.


But I'm here, and I want to learn and be better. If you're like me, please follow @thenester on IG. She wrote this book, and she speaks to my heart, my brain, my budget and my schedule, which is no easy feat. 


Myquillyn has several books on the market, but this is her latest and I felt it was apropos for the seasonal changes we are all looking for. 


Check out @thenester and get this book! It's fun to read and gives such helpful pointers!

That's a wrap. 

Thank you for welcoming me back into your Thursday. 


Hope you find something here to make your day a little brighter. Or lighter. 


  • You have tempted me to need a second blanket. I really think we need another because I’m tired of fighting for mine. And I LOVE the Nester and have all of her books. This latest one is so perfect!

  • I have used that detergent for my sheets since we stayed at your house 10 years ago! But only my sheets… bc I’m cheap 😂


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