Things I Love Thursday: Random Things In my Amazon Search History

This is one of those weeks where I'm not sure where I'm going or where I'm supposed to be. So I just put all of the kids in their sports uniforms, get in my mom wagon and drive around the fields just in case someone has a game.

Dinner has consisted of pizza for the the kids who are most hungry because I never have enough cash for the concession stands, and yesterday I called one of our kids "Scout". You know...our dog who died before Charlie was born.

Charlie turns 8 in October.

Needless to say, this was not the week to attempt a cleverly themed TILT post.

So I basically just looked at my Amazon search history and picked some of my favorites.

If that sounds like a cop out, then worry no more. Nothing is wrong with your hearing.

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1. For the Party People

I am very, very drawn to all things party. 
Fun paper plates (cuz we aint fancy). Themed dinners (quesadilla night plus Latin hits). I'm here for all of it.

But then I remember I'm a terrible hostess, and most of the time the party supplies head back on the shelf.

I overplan the food every. single. time. In both variety and amount. I stress too much about scenarios. Like... There are 12 people coming and our dining room only has 8 chairs. As if we don't all know that the best meals are consumed while standing around a kitchen island among your besties. Then the planning overwhelms me, and I just say Honey Bunches of Oats and catching some games on TV sounds like a heckuva evening.

Apparently at one point I forgot about my hostessing deficiencies and considered a balloon pump a decent idea.

I'm assuming for a party that only happened in my mind.

2. Easter with Some Pizzaz

Now this is timely. Order ASAP!

Throw these on the lawn, release the hounds that are your children, and watch them demonstrate how to clean up. Just so you know what it looks like.

Because when you take them back inside and ask them to pick their pajamas off the floor and put them in the basket three inches away, they'll look at you like you're an idiot.

3. Confetti Balloons

Okay, so it's all coming back to me now.

I first saw these balloons. And then I decided I needed a balloon pump. 
Neither happened.

Because #hostesswiththeleastest

4. Fishing For Best Aunt of the Year

I'm always on the prowl for good kid gifts. Not for my own offspring but for my nieces and nephews. Because second to hostessing on The Worst Meter, sits my aunting ability.

Sadly we don't live near any of our siblings or their kiddos, so priming gifts to them on their birthdays has to count for something.

If I get a hug at Christmas I'll consider it well worth it.

Also, just putting this out there...Eliza, Savannah, Everly and Hadley, Auntie E owes you. 
Cause I want that hug. And I'll buy it if I have to. 


5. Classroom Clock but Pretty

I think I looked at these for all of the kids' rooms. You they wouldn't 
fall into analog laziness in this digital world.

Or suffer from hideous clock syndrome.

This reminds me of a school clock with a tish of flair. I still remember 
3:00-3:15pm being the longest 3 hours of every day.

6. Farmhouse Boho Rug

I like color. John likes resale value.

So our home looks like a muted canvas with pops of whatever I liked at Home 
Goods that month.

This rug was in the running for laundry room rug at one point. Not sure what 
happened, but boring blue rug is about to get demoted.

7. Rose' Gold Sandals

Again, rose gold might be half way out the door, but I'm clearly concerned with
those things considering I used the word "windbreaker" instead of any other
word that would have been better.

8. So Basic Tanks

I'm a sucker for a tank.

They're the perfect under shirt, pajama shirt, or shirt for all the guys who make 
the local news after the tornado touches down in their hood.

9. Trucker Hat Gone Lovely

I'd get this but then I'd need a trip to Hawaii to go with it. And that would really 
cramp our travel ball trips.

10. Should Have Been On the Glitter TILT Post A Few Weeks Ago Sandals

If Moses had worn these, the people would not have wanted to be let go. 
Im guessing these would have saved a lot of conversations with the Pharaoh.

11. Cereal Gets An Upgrade

Maybe I should get these for the nights I forego hostessing and settle for cereal. Wait. That's crazy talk. No one settles for dinner cereal.

It settles for you.

12. Crazy Necklace

I'm on the fence with this necklace.

On one hand, cute to pair with a simple white tee shirt and jeans to church it up a bit.

On the other hand, tangled Christmas lights.

13. Darth Vader Goes to the Beach

My soul may look like The Rainbow Connection, but my closet is basically an actual snapshot of the Grim Reaper's closet. Minus the scythe.

I love black for the beach because it accurately represents what I refer to as the Death March. Which is what it's called when you're walking the sandy beach path back to your car/house and the wind suddenly dies, and you're sunburned and filthy and starving and thirsty and too tired to suck your stomach in any longer.

14. That's a Wrap!

Gift bags are for people who have sense.

The rest of us enjoy putting effort into things that we know will be quickly destroyed.

But it's still so lovely. 

(Welp. It's settled. From now on, cleaning the house will be called gift wrap.) 

Rapping Paper

And it can also be funny.

Tupac might have to be the paper of choice this Christmas.

15. We Aren't Quitters Lunch Notes

We all know this is the season of Throwing in the Towel when it comes to school lunches and homework and projects.

But tuck this into your pocket for August when we're our best selves and the lunchboxes don't smell like old yogurt and throw up.

16. Guitar Strap for your Purse

Purse strap. Gone wild.

What's sitting in your Amazon search history that you need to revisit? Or delete. Probably those tinkle face razors because who wants to give in and say they're dermaplaning (NOT SHAVING) their face at all, let alone with something called a Tinkle.
Happy Thursday, y'all!
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