Things I Love Thursday: Rugs, Puddin', n' Easter shirts

Happy April Fool's Day. 


Be on guard, y'all. 


Gone are the days of Vaseline laced Saran wrapped toilet seats. 


These are the days of viral videos that will ruin your life. 



On to the things I love....


The Links are in PINK!



I was among the mothers shopping for the Easter clothes at JCrew yesterday, and other than one opinionated child of mine who turned his nose up at my selection, errbody got something they like. 


Including me. 


I got this. 


Sleeves rolled up, front tuck, jorts, Stan Smiths. Not for Easter morning, because it's going to be freezing here but would be fun at the ballfield.


This plaid is also used for other boys, girls, and mens' clothing for a matchy matchy lewk.


So I did a thing, and Weston and I will be twinning at some point this Spring. 








When I uploaded this pic to the blog it dawned on me that I have promoted a lot of skin cream. Which feels sort of gross to me right now. 


Sorry I'm nasty. 


But if you or your kiddo have eczema, dry skin, whatever, this is magical. 


Like overnight noticeable difference level of awesome.


If you break out with it, don't sue me. 


I'm just a mom, sitting in front of a computer, sharing things she loves. 





Our kitchen is the main thoroughfare of our home. The hub of activity and eating. 



And also the room that would grow the most on the bacterial petri dishes should Dateline do an episode of kitchens that feed boys. 


For that reason, we go through runner rugs about every year. 


This is a terrible stock photo from the World Market website, but trust me when I say it's cute, affordable, and hide stains well. 


Also thin enough to throw in the wash when your conscience takes over because you know how dirty they are even if they don't show it. 






The weather was Summer-ish this weekend, and I needed a pick me up. 


Perfect banana pudding conditions. 


This is unlike the Southern potluck Vanilla Wafer kind. 


Chessman cookies and cream cheese church this staple up a few notches and will leave you wishing they had worn their fat pants. 






I live in the land of noseeums and mosquitos and these incense sticks seem to help more than anything I have tried. 


The claw marks on my ankles and arms will tell you that I forgot to purchase this year's supply until it was too late. 





Another World Market rug because the runners above reminded me that I also love this rug. 


This beaut is in the study where Nash takes his morning nap. Where the boys receive longer than normal lectures of discipline. Where the little boys hide candy they don't want me to eat. Where we go to admire the fun rug.


But no studying whatsoever. Zero studying. 




That's the end. 

Enjoy your day!

Smile some, cause why not. 


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