Things I Love Thursday: School and Normal Life

In typical 2020 fashion I didn't even know today was Thursday until I was texting a friend this morning and was like, "Crap. It's Thursday."


Hence the late post. 


If you're new here, this is how it goes: 


It's Thursday. I overshare about things I love in an effort to give myself something productive to do, make your life easier/fun/funner and perhaps make you smile awkwardly at your phone/computer screen. 


If you see something you like, click the PINK LINK titles, and go get you some. 


No rhyme. No reason. This is 2020.


We don't do anything we want, but when we do, we do what we want. 
Yeah, we're good at wrecking bones on vacation. 


 Finn 2016 - St. Simons arm break via monkey bar fall

Charlie 2018 - Black Friday Partial Finger Amputation in Durham hotel door hinge

Jack 2020 - Rt. Radial Fracture courtesy of skim board


We've perfected the trash bag with rubber band shower maneuver, but when your son googles this himself, you're like sure. Why not? Broken arm swag.


We'll probably need it again anyway. Seems like we're on an every other year vacation ruining plan. 

2022? Come at me.




If you like gross pictures...




He was on the good drugs at that point. 

Here below he's angry that big cast was needed instead of little cast. 

Can't say I blame him. 








In the days of yore when Back to School was a thing, I used to get very motivated to turn around the slacker ship of Summer that we sailed on loser-style. 


Chore charts, healthy lunches, reusable things that won't kill the earth, baths.


I can't play. Never-ending Covid Summer has killed the buzz in this area.

However...there is a spark of newness in the air with two of the brood returning to school this week, so I'm reminded that I need to at least attempt to get things together. 


Here's a POST about chore charts, allowances and money management for kids from a couple of years ago.

But one thing is new to our system is Greenlight. We scratched the other apps.

Greenlight a debit card hooked into your bank account. 


Move money in and out of kids accounts.

Automatic weekly payments for chore completion (or not if they're lazy)

Give the card to your kid for swim meets and such and can monitor and control where they spend it. 

Because all four of mine would shamelessly spend their entire savings at a Parker's gas station on candy alone. And while I can't blame them, I can try to cut back on our dental visits and bills. 


Full disclosure, I'd rate our system an A- and our commitment to it a C.





School. And Finn.

No link provided. 

I just love school. And Finn. And Finn at school. And everyone at school. And learning. And Friday night lights. And school supplies. And friends. And even lunchboxes (before forgotten fruit episode #1)


Finn started today. Jack tomorrow. The littles after Labor Day, virtually.

Not by choice. But, c'est la vie, loves.


Here we go, y'all. Let's get after it. 




Commemorative mask photo. 



This Recipe

The Pinterest done sucked me in on this one. I needed a change up and something that at least 2/4 kids wouldn't turn their nose up to. 


Go halfsies on the brown sugar (can't believe I'm saying that)

1/2 or 0/0 the red pepper flakes if you have a spicy-aversioned crowd, but we liked it.

My sis in law added some veggies to the mix, and gave it a YAY.


Water Bottle That Doesn't Need a Straw

Good, sturdy water bottle for the kiddos. Straws not included BECAUSE THEY DON'T NEED ONE. 


Cheaper than a Hydroflask. Lots of colors. Price not cheap but not tear-worthy if they lose it. 



Colon Blow Pills


Sometimes you travel and your colon decides to go into early retirement. 


I've heard. 


These help. 


Rumor has it. 


Sorry. #realtalk, y'all. 


I love rainbows and clean colons. Sue me.

Welp. That's a wrap. 
Happy Back to School for those of you whom the Lord has shown favor. 

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  • You are too funny Erin Ussery!!!!

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