Things I Love Thursday: School And Some Other Stuff

Hybrid school started today for my littles and I can promise you that there's nothing you will read below that I love more than that. 


208ish days since they have been in a classroom setting. 


They were ready.


For friends. For learning. For an adult face other than their Mama's mug. 
Hallelujah. Get ya learn on, kids! 


Here are some other things I LOVE today, but not quite as much as school.




Let's goooo!!




Hey. My name's Erin, and snapbacks are my jam. 

I wish I was the person who added hats to an outfit to enhance it, but I'm more the I forgot when I last washed my hair and I'm in a hurry girl. 

Until two days ago, my hats were stored on an open shelf in my closet. Somewhat folded and nestled into each other but mostly spilling all messy like on the floor. And that kind of stuff drives me nuts and also keeps me from wearing anything other than the hat on top because I just want to delicately grab the first one before they all tumble.


Like Hat Jenga. Or Hat London Bridge. 

Shocking to no one, Amazon to the rescue. An easy search of hat storage and these two babies are displaying my hats in an organized and tidy manner. 


Just velcro it to a coat hanger, clip ya hats on and BAM!

 I also used the limited number of clips to force a hat purge. It wasn't easy, but I'm down to 20.





These are seeing my little ones through virtual school days. During "brain breaks" where they get to rest their retinas from screen ruin, they'll rush to the Magnatiles to argue over their creative differences. 


Lots of "accidental" knock overs, but at least they're engaging with each other. 


Grandparents, if you want to be the favorite set of grand folk, keep these at the house. 



I wanted this as soon as I saw it come across my feed. 

The color, the texture, the booty coverage. 
Many colors offered. Some of which have matching pants. I probably could have been persuaded to get the set, but was worried I'd look a tish like a pimp. 




We've had this book since Jack was little and virtual school has provided the opportunity for me to dust off the cover and give it a whirl with Weston. 


I make it clear that virtual school is not for me. That teachers are my all time hero and that I am going to cut the entire school district's laminated projects from here on out, but I ain't gonna lie...

Watching Weston get the hang of some simple reading has been so fun. 


I admittedly know about as much about teaching a child to read as I do building a rocket ship, but alas, here we are. This book makes it super simple. No prep time involved. Just read the prompts and watch your little one begin to read. 



Hey, if you gotta wear them, might as well wear the good ones that actually allow oxygen to enter your nasal passages and lungs. 


There are so many patterns and colors to choose from, but with the holidays quickly approaching, I selected this one so that passerby can get in the spirit with my new lumberjack face. 


Adult and Kid sizes available. 


Tip: We'll see if this works, but I got THESE CARABINERS and hooked a couple of masks to the kids backpacks. More for me to remember than for them. 



I can take or leave Halloween, but I do like candy. So I decorate just enough so that if someone was wondering if they should drop some Reese pumpkins on my porch, that this is a safe place to do so. 


Weston and I put these up during a class break yesterday, and I actually kind of enjoy the Edgar Allen Poe vibe. 



Just peel the sticker and slap 'em on the wall somewhere. 


And maybe google pictures of how bats fly to make sure you're doing it right because you have issues.


PS. I still didn't do it right, but Weston helped and that'll be the excuse I use when I want to fix them. 




Anyboo 👻, bring on the Reese's!


What're you lovin' today? This week? Share!


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