Things I Love Thursday: Shorts, Sandals and When the Bananas Go Bad



Anyone else step foot on their porch this morning and say something like, "What is this nonsense?" with a hint of arrogance? A little peeved no one asked for your approval of these Winter temps in mid May?


Hey. I'm 40 now. Commenting on the weather is #howwedo.


Sup, folks? 


It's Thursday. 


Hope you have a good one ahead of you. 


In the meantime, here are some things I'm a'lovin'. 


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Word to the wise to any parents of littles out there: Once you gift your kids with the cozy fabrics of athleisure wear, they understandably never want to go back. 


Church, weddings, funerals, family photos? Good luck. They're going to hate wearing anything that doesn't include nylon, and you'll be lucky if they don't end up hating you as well. 


For my boys, this season hasn't ended. They still lean heavy towards comfort, and really, who can blame them? 


Found these at JCrew Factory a couple of weeks ago for Finn, and he loves them. Feel cozy but look good. Like maybe we somewhat could have it together. 


Operative word being "could." 






Grabbed this while getting Mother's Day gifts. For myself. 


60% off. 


TBH I haven't worn it yet, but I do love looking at it, and that counts for something. 


I think all of their jewelry is 60% off right now. 

Lots of cute, colorful earrings available. 






I'm not sure there is a difficult banana bread recipe out there, but what I love about this one is that it only dirties one bowl. 


I'm that level of lazy when it comes to baking. 


Actually using the over-ripe bananas is the big win for me with this, but the one-bowl feature just sends this recipe over the edge. 


I double it so that one loaf can have chocolate chips and/or pecans and the other is plain. 


Because agreeing on banana bread isn't how we operate.


If you're feeling super zany and calorie deficient, slather a slice with some Kerry Gold butter and toast it in the oven for a few min. 









I have zero hair knowledge but find myself consistently worrying/thinking about my hair. Is it too dry, too greasy, too dirty, falling out, stupid, gray?


Instead of doing research I just keep trying new things in hopes of feeling better about these queries. 


I got Insta-sold by an influencer on this one, and so far so good. 


You can use it 1-3 times a week. Supposed to help with heat damaged hair. Which I'm not sure I have, but I'm erring on the side of caution. 


Smells good and your hair will feel silky smooth. 







Found these as a sursy in the ongoing war I have with my friend. 


Challenge: Try to start a sursy war today. It will bring you joy at the most unexpected times.


If you don't know what that is, read HERE 







Someone said in the reviews that these are a Lululemon dupe, but I don't have the real deal to compare. Or the energy to fact check. 


I just know I like these shorts. 


Good waistband that doesn't create additional muffin top. The underwear liner thingie that doesn't create extra humiliation on squat day. 


Lots of colors to choose from, but I'm Team Black alldayerrday.




Enjoy your day. Start a war. Of sursies.


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