Things I Love Thursday: Skirts

I'm not a fashionista by any means.
If there are fashion rules, I don't know what they are, let alone abide by them. I love the idea of playing dress up, but life and the way I choose to live it don't equal a lot of consistent, planned attire. 
Besides, if I wore pajamas, workout clothes, AND another outfit every day of the week, that's 21 outfits per week. And YOLO, so why spend so much of it doing stupid laundry?
There are some days that you need to at least look like you have it together, and even some days you just WANT to look like you have it together. 
So. For those days, and for this Thursday...
At all points between birth and today, it has been that I'm usually the only girl in most areas of my life. 
Childhood? one brother and all boy cousins
Current Dinner Table: four little boys, one big boy
This has had it's perks.
I've been able to sustain my own football injuries, stop flinching at intentional, public farting, and win Trivia night by knowing that The Big Unit refers to Randy Johnson. 
Being "one of the boys" is honestly just fine by me. 
I feel like my various boy tribes have included me equally, probably forgetting to some level that I even am a girl.
(Because remembering is intimidation, amiright ladies?)
But when I show up in a skirt....
my kids look at me like, "What. Are you trying to go to prom or something?"
Skirts appear to be the lady defining apparel item. At least in this house of budding testosterone. 
Uh-oh. Mama's got a skirt on. Better tell her she looks nice or like a princess. 
And there's a 1000% higher chance that Weston will propose to me if I'm in a skirt, so...#skirtsforlife
My point: Skirts can be super fun and not just for proms or weddings. 
Here's an American Eagle score for you. $19 on clearance right now. Snatch it up. It's a clasp skirt but has some elastic give in it so nobody has to skip desert in order to not blow their waistband out. Gosh...THE WORST.
Wore this to a friend's birthday dinner last night. White tank, sandals, dry shampooed hair from the gym. 
Kids when I left the house: "Are you going dancing?"
Nope. Just to another eating event.
See? Skirt versatility strikes again!
Also, sorry it's sold out. Just realized it today. Ugh. Feels like that time I saw Krispy Kreme was glazing with Nutella but then realized it was a dream.  
Another green option that would be fun in Spring, too.
Love the print. Not sure about the super elastic waistband because I happen to suffer from Chromosomal Torso Deletion Syndrome. It's that thing when God knit me together in my mother's womb He decided to set my torso chromosome aside for someone else who didn't want to spend countless hours laboring over dress or swimsuit shopping. 
A fitted waist with some sag to it gives an illusion waist for us CTDS patients. 
But for you Super Torsos out there, this could be your jam.
Black denim with a frayed edge. Could become your staple skirt.
This with a black tee/tank or graphic tee with a logo of an old band that you really don't care about. 
Free People have figured out cute and cozy. 
And also vanity sizing. 
So even if you hate this, just buy it with the plan of returning it so you can say you are now technically a size __, so you can go all in on National Key Lime Pie Day, which is September 26th. 
We all know a teacher who should have this.
I tend to throw shade at corduroy because the fear of a fire could starting from the thigh friction is real. 
But a corduroy skirt is in the safe zone!
Church up that concession stand volunteering with this number and some fun Adidas kicks. 
The next scariest thing to seeing a snake is seeing a snake skin. As if a slithering animal that can poison you with it's venom-shooting teeth or can constrict the life out of you isn't enough! Nope. Here's a layer of my skin just to remind you that while you may not see me, I'm most definitely here. Waiting for you to run barefoot to the mailbox. 
Anyhoo..snakes are the worst, but fabric makers tend to see their beauty. And stores are full of the prints these days. Embrace it. 
If I was going to a Clemson game this season and butt sweat wasn't a thing....
Sorry. More animal print. But this one does have a cute tie waist and slit, which might distinguish it enough from the others. 
More cord. 
But in a hunter green mini. 
Fun with boots and for someone who never bends over. 
I'd dance with me cheek to cheek in this thang. 
Fun and funky for sure. 
I once wore this to a small venue concert and an older fellow from the band came up to me and said, "Yikes. That was a brave move. You must be an artist." 
If the old people hate it, then it must be in, right? 
Anyone else loving skirts these days? 
Where are you finding your favorites? 

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