Things I Love Thursday: Summer Stuff and Not Cooking Dinner

Happy day, y'all. 

It's Thursday, and we're having a rogue cold day here. Like 45 cold. 

Known in the south as a "cold snap" or "cold spell." 

Perhaps today's THINGS I LOVE can remind us of the days of warmth and sunshine. Like all the way back to yesterday. 

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I like happy things. 

And I'm on a yellow kick. 

So after blitzing the Dollar Spot, playing hard to get in the 90s-inspired/junior-sized/Wild Fable section at Target last week, I'm not even sure I slowed down when I walked past the table of these. 

Just threw it in my cart without a care because when you know, you know. 


Also, I feel like the message is on point. 

In 2019, this shirt might have read "I'm Happy."

But we've seen some stuff, and now we know some things. 

If 2021 doesn't sit down, next year's version might read "Remember Happy?"

Today, ima choose happy. But since it's 45 degrees and I can't wear my tank, it's sort of a low pressure Choose Happy day. No one can really hold me to it. 

Cute. Cozy. Yellow. Bra Strap Friendly. 


If you follow @whimsytown on IG, you might have seen this. My friend gifted this to me, and she never lets me down with her sursies. I could do weeks of posts just with things she has gotten me that I love. 

This slim can confetti filled koozie from Packed Party is no exception. 

I love it hard, and have used it daily to keep my FitAid cool. Those are the drinks I buy that make me feel like I'm more serious about my fitness than my actually physical activity or physique would show. And they're yummy.

Again, happy things. 

It doesn't take much. 


Not sure about y'all, but sometimes (read: every time) when I try on a swimsuit and the top happens to work, the suggested bottom is something that:

1. is a thong. And just no. Never in a million Evers. 

2. fools me with the cute word "cheeky" but is basically Phase 1 Wedgie

3. looks like an adult diaper


4. resembles the high-on-the-hip bottom half of a Jane Fonda workout leotard.

Can I ask... Where are the normal bikini bottoms? Are they all on a container ship in the Pacific waiting out some bizarre Covid related something or other? Did Criminal Minds buy them for an upcoming episode about a weirdo who lives in his mom's basement and buys ladies swimwear bottoms? 

Is this just nature's way of pushing us into tankini land!?!?!?!?!? 

Anyway, here's the deal. This top is great. And it goes with anything. 

So that when you DO land on a good, normal swimsuit bottom, you'll have a top that goes with it. No matter what. 


One baseball game 30 min away. 

Two soccer games back to back. 

Seventeen noseeum bites to my ankles. 

Suffice it to say, I'm not standing in my kitchen to cook anybody anything. 

Discovered in a panic that Outback does family meals. 

Meat, 3 sides, choice of salad, and that brown bread that is bizarrely good. 

Beware the link takes you to our Bluffton location, so make sure you change it to wherever home is for you. Or if you mess up, let me know, and I'll be happy to not cook again. 


Grabbed this in the handy dandy Marshall's check out line just before heading to Florida last week. Considered that it might not work, might be expired, might harm me, but landed on desperation and moved on with my day. 

This slathered the bodies of 9 kids on the beach. No white streaks, no greasy mess, no sunburn. 

Never used anything like it. But I'm a fan. 


Brighter in person than in this pic. Make you look tanner than you think. Long enough that your thighs won't start a forrest fire from all the friction, but short enough that no one will confuse you as a Dugger. 

Enjoy the day. Choose the happy if you can. 😃 

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