Things I Love Thursday: SURSIES!!!

Today's TILT post is unlike the others.

Yes, you might see some fun things that caught your eye in the collage.
Yes, you might skip all of the commentary and buy some stufffff.

But...for today, we're gonna be some material girls abandoning the material world for just a second while we school ourselves on one of my very favorite Southern things in all the south of the Mason Dixon land.
Shockingly even more favorite than a Bojangles Boberry Biscuit.

Today we're talking about...


As any reputable teacher would do, I'm going to point us in the direction of Urban Dictionary:

Thank you, Stephanie Harris, whomever you may be. You recognized Urban Dictionary failed us all when they left this gem off the list and took it upon yourself to make things right.

Now...let's pause on the 12 people who thumbs downed the Sursy definition and are probably playing Dungeons and Dragons in their mother's basements wearing a Tweety Bird tee shirt they won at Six Flags.

Seriously. You people. Find a life and hold on to it with all your might. 
Back to the good stuff. Sursies.

I actually received one just yesterday when my friend's super adorable five year old daughter gave this picture to me. And truth be told, she's the inspo for this blog post. Something in her little mind has latched onto the weirdness of a grown woman loving unicorns, and she gifts me unicorn goodies on the regular.

And I couldn't love it more!

Obvi her artwork skills are stellar and well above the average five year old kid, but the heart of the sursy is, well...

the heart.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Technically, as Stephanie so eloquently explained, a sursy is a cheap thing given to someone as a little surprise.

But I'd venture to guess that if we polled the audience (except for those 12 losers in their mom's basements) we'd find that sursies are much more than that.

They're day maker, smile-worthy, joy-bringers that can turn a total crap day into at least a day we can make it through, if not actually thrive in.

People need people.

And I'm not gonna throw shade on sursies if they're just one of many ways we can express to a buddy, "Hey, friend. I love ya. I appreciate ya. And this little doodad (<-- ultimate white person word BTW) made me think of you!"

The following products are sursies I have either been lucky enough to receive or have been pleased to give. These are just 16 of 16 million ideas.

Because I continue to get requests from folks like "Where can I get #4 on your TILT post?" I'm trying something new to explain how you can do this.

Click the PINK LINKS below to find the product purchase sites.

And if you think I have it together enough to realize ahead of time that was going to rhyme, then you clearly do not have access to my children's homework reading logs or surveillance footage of my front porch from about 20 minutes ago when my next door neighbor who moved in last week just brought ME a home made strawberry pie.

Sometimes things just work out.

I've only had two minutes to think it through, but from now on, it's PINK LINKS.

1. I Hope All My Eggs Would Be In This Basket

First up. I have lied. I have not received an iridescent rainbow basket. Because if I did, I'd probably be at the Farmer's Market right now showing her off. Mindlessly buying veggies only for them to rot in this beautiful basket. 
Month old tomatoes would shine so bright in these beauts.
And I surely haven't purchased these to give to anyone, because selfishness would have intercepted them.

That's what we call a Self Sursy.

The heart was there, but the follow through is lacking. 
We must do better.

And that's what we call on The One for You, One for Me Sursy.

It still counts.

2. It's a 10

Someone gave this to me after watching me rip out half of my hair at the beach one time.

That's a Sympathy Sursy.

3. Satan's Popcorn

If you're looking to be a sursy recipient, here's some advice:

Make your preferences known.

Half of my rainbow collection has been gifts because I don't hide my obsession.

Compliment your friend on her earrings. Make sure to comment on the candle fragrance at your friend's home. This is not a guaranteed method, but flappin' your yap off about stuff you like never hurts.

Also, a friend introduced this to me once because she knows I heart sweet n' salty. I thanked her profusely but now can't decide if I want her picture in a frame on my nightstand or if she should be held responsible for at least half of my gym membership payments.

4. Iridescent Mugs

Okay, so we're only 4 products deep and I'm dropping lie #2 on you. Also never given or received these, but these would be a great option to cover a lot of bases.

A 4 pack = a sursy for 4 different friends

Which entitles you to at least four "will you be my bridesmaid" asks.

5. Not a Breath Mint, But Who Cares

I remember sursying (<--verb form of sursy) a fellow high school cheerleader buddy of mine (Manessa, heyyyy girl! You coming to the reunion?) with a pack of these because I knew she loved them.
And because I knew she would share.

A Win-Win sursy.

6. Watercolorful Candle

Ever walked in Anthropologie and as soon as the Volcano candle scent hits your nose five baby elephants simultaneously die because of pitiful Things I Love to Things I Can Afford ratio?

If so, this may not be the sursy for you.

But if Anthropologie brings tidings of great joy, this is the candle that puts trances on weary shoppers lulling them into spending oblivion and Dave Ramsey Time Out.

I didn't sursy the candle, but I did sursy the hand cream version to a relative who loves the scent.

The hand cream just didn't show as well as this watercolor candle.

7. The Tumbler That Lies

My friend Casey gave this to me for my birthday.

Which makes that a birthday sursy.

Also known as a birthday gift.

8. Taco Cat Tank

This is for your weird friend at the gym who's just there to win at life.

9. No Shade Thrown Here

Someone compliments your $12.99 shades at the ball field while they're squinting into the sun because they forgot theirs?

Throw some in your shopping cart next time you're on Amazon and make their day, will ya?

10. Butter Lips

If you're not following @cristincooper on Instagram, now's a good time to start.

She's an influencer with sound advice and got me started on this stuff. No, she didn't buy any for me, and I didn't win a giveaway.

But she selflessly posted about it during a questionable time period where we were all concerned that they might not be manufacturing it anymore. Considering her high volume of followers, this was a very risky, yet caring, move.

So, we're totally counting this as a Cyber Sursy that led to a Self Sursy, which means Cristin gets a point for the assist.

11. Best Socks Ever

These were a $1 at Old Navy one day, so I bought as many as I could carry and just gave them out to people until they were gone.

Then, maybe two days later?, my friend, Lauren, says "Hey, I have something for you..."

These socks!

This was a Serendipitous Sursy.

12. Scrubs Green Sweater

 This is a future self sursy. Just saw this when looking for stuff online last night and didn't want to forget about it.

13. The Earrings Anna Kate Got For Me

Once a month I have the privilege of using my nursing degree while administering an injection to a friend of mine.

She's eleven.

She's winning at bravery and also sursying.

"Mrs. Erin, I saw these in Florida and thought of you."

MELLLLLLT my heart, kiddo. And totally up my earring game while you're at it.

14. This is a Spread Made out of the Delta Cookies

A college roomie introduced me to this years ago on a girls weekend. She brought it for the group, but I'm pretty sure she knew I'd like it more than the rest of the gang.

A Shared Sursy.

15. The Bracelet that Anna Kate Got For Me

I told you Anna Kate was crushing it! I've got some major catching up to do!

16. I Arted

Had my bestie fam over for dinner the other week and boom...

Supper Sursy.

In conclusion:

Take the #sursychallenge.

Don't bother looking it up because it's likely not a thing. But why shouldn't it be?

Next time you're in the check out line and the same brain that can't remember what day it is brings forth a memory that your girlfriend you're about to meet for lunch loves Peppermint Ice Breakers, maybe throw them on the conveyor belt and give nod to the sursy.

If you're really feeling bold, declare a #sursywar (<--also not a known thing) with a friend who is game. I'm in at least a year and a half long sursy battle with my girl, Tiffany. We've joked that one day it will get old, and we'll stop.

But today ain't that day.

Sursy it up, y'all. Surprise your people with a little somethin' that says you know 'em, you see 'em and you LOVE 'em!

 #ilovepeople #ilovesursies
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